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dick craiglow

I may be one of those who voted for George
Bush, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the musings of a Kerry fan.

I read you every day and laugh like crazy at
your take on the world...please don't head
north...America needs you.


Did you have to do that? I have tears rolling down my face here! Superb.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Larry, I will always be here for you, and my biceps aren't even bulging.


"We got room for one more, if you don't mind sitting on Alec Baldwin's lap." LMAO!

Cheney W. Halliburton

Larry, why weren't you at that school in New Jersey? I told you to be there, waiting on the roof.

Dammit, this guy has more lives than the villains in ten slasher-movie sequels!


Hey, Cheney! Cue the evil, maniacal cackle!

Pile On®

Larry you give me hope. You have got yourself a healthy dose of moxy, and don't even get me started on the cut of your jib!!!


How will Larry make it through the next four years? I fear for him.


I too have heard the siren call of back bacon, Bob & Doug McKenzie, and waiting six months for a bedpan. I might succumb one day, but it will not be today. Thanks Lar.

The Babe

I too have tears rolling down my cheeks at the tender scenes. It tears my heart out to know that Larry is going to sacrifice himself like Rush Limbaugh has for the cause of liberalism. You are one righteous dude man, and deserve a fr%$#@(*ng Congressional Medal.

Pass the bong

Mourning dove

Hey, we all gotta eat, don't we?

Cheney W. Halliburton

Janny, the cackle is for special occasions. Like when one of our right-wing death squads actually manages to DO ITS JOB!!!


"They should be loaded up onto boxcars and sent away before they turn the whole country into a fascist state."

In the past few weeks there was a slight dropoff in the number of trainloads of boxcars, loaded with wimpering cokeheads and despairing liberal family members. I wonder if the traffic will resume soon.

I don't think Bu$Hitler made any attempt to reverse the decline in our local smokestack industry.

Have a happy day.


Larry, that was the saddest thing ever. I'm glad you're sticking around, fighting the good fight. And remember, every time you miss Ashley "Peaceblossom," just think to yourself, "Hillary '08."


Just to make a clarification - women don't have Adam's apples. Hence the name.


Absolutely Farooking Priceless!



Hillary definitely has an adam's apple.


Didn't they hear any of the melodramatic hyperbole from hysterical homos?


If you're trying to mock the media's assertion that Republicans used gay marriage as a wedge issue, it'd be more effective to revise that "hysterical homos" label, as it's only shoring up the very point you're trying to demolish.



That's WAY better than Annah takes Fiver!!!!

Friend of USA

100 % organic and inexhaustible supply ...

Larry you are f*** 'n hilarious man.

It's funny also because it is not that far from reality ;
Some of them actually drink their own piss !

There is even a book out there on the subject ,I think I saw that on Larry king ,or some other very late talk show ,many years ago ... no joke.


Larry, aren't you the guy who called the Phil Henrdie Show about "Peace Cookies?"

Hmmmm... on the other hand maybe you ARE Phil Hendrie.


Life is short, and this aritcle saved valuable time on this Earth.

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