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Impaled Professor

Once again Larry, you have hit the nail on the head. Wallace and Byrd are racial equality trailblazers who are have set a fine example to the american people. I'm sure there would be no way that Condo-skeeza Rice would have been in one of their cabinets.

spd rdr

Oh my.

Promise to share your mail on this post.


"When the Shrub gave his rambling victory speech on November 3rd, he promised to reach across the aisle and unite this sharply polarized nation."

It's absolutely amazing how some Bu$Hitlerites are NOW claiming that reaching across the aisle should include some action by the Democrats -- instead of the reaching and uniting being the TOTAL responsibility of the RepubliCraps!

Dumbya and his stinking FINKS, dumping on us good guys!!

They have no shame.

Pile On®

Its not really fair to say she is no Jocelyn Elders. I mean really, that kind of mind comes around once in a generation....provided there is some sort of luck involved.


And Joycelyn also wore condoms on her head. Truly a trailblazing pioneer, she knew how to portect her thoughts and mind from them other white folk who would attempt to seduce her to the Dark Side of the Force.


Rofl spd rdr. I second that.


I agree, the mail must be shared =)

Ott better watch his back... this is really starting to creep me out, Larry can't produce a "blah” post...
(I don't mean to raise expectations or try and hold you to some standard of mine-it is just creeping me out)


Late at night and in places 'whitey' fears to tread, I've made many, many purchases from our minority friends, and I've not heard one of them offer any support for Condi. I think I'll ask them what they think of having 'one of they bitches in charge' next time I'm down there, and I'll report back. Wish me luck guys!

I pass the bong.


Yes. Pass the bong and share the mail.

Kool-Aid Drinker's Domestic Partner

What? Republicans? Say it isn't so!

My beloved Kool-Aid® Drinker didn't tell me where he stored his supply before he left us. If there are [gag!] Republicans in this tyrant's administration, I don't want to go on living!


Oh NO! Pwesident Bush is fiwwing his cabinet with a wot of wascally Wepublicans?! How dare that fascist think he can do what he wants, just because he happened to, "win," the election! How dare he do what Clinton did, and put all his, "own," people in cabinet positions! Outrageous. Someone ought to investigate this! Has anyone called Dan Rather??

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

well it's obvious that Bu$Hitler, rather than seeking the most qualified people for the job, is pandering in an attempt to steal the minority vote. I mean come on, Alberto Gonzales? You honestly think he was picked for his abilities? No, Shrub just wants to be able to point and say, "see, I picked me a Hispanic person." Except he won't be so eloquent, probably mispronouncing "Hispanic." Or "person." You simply can't convince me that there wasn't a single white protestast male out of all those Harvard and Yale law school graduates floating around the capital with a better resume than Al. And Condi? Wow, get two special interest groups with one nominee. Three, if you count people with bad teeth. If Chimpee was really trying to get the best person for the job, wouldn't Richard Halbrooke be up for a Senate review right now? But what do we get? We got us a "Aunt Jemimah" whose best claim to credibility is that she once studied under the father of Madeline Albright. Why heck, if that's your measure, why not give Madeline back the job? Now THERE was a precedent setting Secretary of State! And what will Condeeee do to help undo the damage of the Iraq war? Nothing. To turn us back towards the Kyoto protocols? Nothing. We are handing over the keys to State to somebody for no other reason than to convince feminists and civil rights advocates that King George II cares about the little people.


This is your most inspired post to date. Excellent job, Larry.


Wow, Vishnu, thankfully, I never thought of it that way. Madeline Albright back as Secretary of State?! Ahhhh! Oh NO! I'm going over the edge again! Helllp!!! Cheney, grab my hand! Cheneeeeeey!! *Thud*


I am again typing this from my hospital bed, with one finger, while I hold the keyboard between my traction devices with my knees. Vishnu, you will be hearing from my lawyer. Fortunately, John Edwards, out of work--since he has given up his Senate seat, and lost the Vice Presidential bid--has agreed to take my case. He agrees with me, that you should never have scared me that way! The pain and suffering is already substantial, as the morphine has not kicked in yet. Fortunately, I still have a large supply of Cheney's 18 year old scotch. It tastes awful, but does a number on the pain. Ohhhh...I gess the morphn is kikkking innnn...zzzzz

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Now John Edwards would have been a much better choice for attorney general. He is an accomplished lawyer. And he does need a job now.


Well praise Gaia! We have to stop the rethuglicans from muscling in our property: Blacks.

All good democrats should come together and declare sole ownership... I'm ready for a civil war over this kind of thing.


Vishnu, you are just plain evil. Never have trusted you vegetarian types. Fortunately, as I am strapped securely in my traction devices, I can not fall again. However, John Edwards will definitely be contacting you about the bill for the psychiatric treatment for the trauma you have caused me by suggesting John Edwards as Attorney General. Wait a minute! Oh no! A paradox! Ahhhhhhhhhh! NURSE! Please bring more morphine!!!! The time space continuum has been disrupted!


I bow to you, Liberal Larry. I don't know how you keep it up day after day. Write a book containing your best columns and I'll buy 10.

Cheney W. Halliburton

<whops JannyMae upside the head with his very own personal whopper>

That oughta protect you from relapsing to the liberal side, Janny


*groans* Oh, thanks, Cheney. Once this ringing sound in my head stops, I'll feel much better. Hopefully, I'll be out of traction and in a wheelchair, in time for the inauguration. *hic*

Randy Mott

Does anyone have good links to how the US is using Iraqi oil under the occupation?


i used iraqi oil to burn those 4 representatives of the occupying infidels in the great peaceful democratic city of fallujah.... oh wait that wasn't me. well i did bring the marshmellows and the were deeeeelish. unfortunately the "higher ups" decided to bomb me and my bhurka wearin wife's ass back to allah land....i mean la-la land. it was most painful and i do indeed intend to repent for my sins. perhaps i can hold up a white flag and when an unsuspecting babyfaced american walks up to take me into custody i can pull my weapon and destroy him or perhaps detonate my new designer Zarquawi belt. it's all the rave at dinner parties....and raves for that matter. what were we talking about again?.... oil!!! ask Koffi Annan from the UN he knows all about those wily Americans and their scandelous oil programs.


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