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And it is no coincidence that cars run on gasoline, which is made by raping Gaia Eart Mother for her precious bodily fluids--oil, for those of you hillbilly rednecks who never finished 3rd grade; black gold, Texas tea--oil that is brought to the surface by HALLIBURTON and the evil Bu$Hitler. So when you car fails to drive properly on the way to the polls to cast your vote this November 3, you know who is responisble for your disenfranchisement.



Funny, I thought Kerry supporters preferred to slither.

Intelligent Progressive

One way the Rethugs disenfranchised black voters in 2000, was by parking police cars within a few blocks of some of the polling stations (the US Civil Rights Commission held hearings, and this was one of their findings). If you see that happening on Wednesday, I encourage you to report it to the DNC (remember to report the license numbers of the police cars). Also, call your local 911 and alert them. Fight the Power!

Cheney W. Halliburton

More to the point, check your phone book. If there is even a police department listed, you should feel intimidated and stay away from the polls.

Liberal Larry

I have to walk past a police station to get to the polling center. Those places practically radiate intimidation. I can just picture the fascists crouched inside, waiting for me to pass by so they can spring out and disenfranchise me.

I have a few aces up my sleeve, though.


The guilty flee when no man pursueth


Well, I'm taking my slingshot to the polls on November 3rd. Ain't no lousy, fascist, "Goliath," thugs gonna disenfranchise this, "David!" Got a whole pocket full of big ROCKS, too!(had to take out the bottle of scotch)

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

And did you know that suppressing the African-American vote is potentially linked to Global Warming?

Impaled Professor

I can't believe you own a car larry, what would your old professors at UC-Berkeley think if they could see compromising your progressive principles now? Didn't you learn anything from that Nader rally?


Is there anything that CAN'T be blamed on Global warming, which is, in turn, George W. Bush's fault? Oh, wait! I forgot! That's what this site is all about, isn't it? Everything is Bush's fault! Forget I asked...

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Halliburton killed my dog.

Liberal Larry

Professor - do you know any environmentalists who don't drive?

Remember, it's not my car that's the problem. It's yours.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

I never drive, ever. Except for when I am shuttling my fellow travellers back and forth to trade summits and repugniKKKan KKKonventions so they can exercise their patriotic right to dissent. That's when the optional 3rd row seating in my--I mean, my family's--Ford Expedition comes in handy (we need the space for the cooler--you can never have enough soy milk on hand).

Impaled Professor

Good point Larry, I never thought of it that way. I suppose even our soon to be Environmentalist-In-Chief owns several SUVs.
(or his family does, or someone just parked them in his driveway or something)

Cheney W. Halliburton

When global warming has turned Nome, Alaska into a paradise beach destination, we Republicans will have Alaska's electoral votes FOREVER! AH, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


Wait a minute...


Who's cheating in Philly?

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Brothers, Sisters, non-gendered-but-socially-acceptible-siblings, we are coming down to the wire. Tomorrow is November 3. There is little time left for us to mobilize our base and prepare to hit the polling places like the Allies hitting the beaches of Normandy. Come tomorrow morning, we can expect there to be walls of angry, bigoted, hillbilly redneck white male repugniKKKan oppressors lining the entrances of the voting booths, armed with water cannons, ready to grab us and chain us to the back of their confederate-flag-bearing pickup-trucks. WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED! Unity is our greatest strength. And conviction. Unity and conviction are our two greatest strengths. And our ruthless hatred of Bu$Hitler, Halliburton, and the Asscross junta. Three. Our three strengths. AMONG our strengths. Anyway--we only have 24 hours left to prepare the onslaught. And if that doesn't work, we'll sue. Now, to put our minds into focus, let us all spend the rest of this day in transcendental meditation upon the spirit and soul of our precious GaiaEarthMother that we may send positive Karmic waves to our saviour John F. Kerry, may he govern us now and forever as we continue our voyage as passengers on SpaceshipEarth. We must all focus--let there be no distractions to break our concentration as we commune these final 24 hours. Have no distractions. No television. No radio. No internet. Shut out all externalisms that we may cleanse and purify our souls before the final battle begins tomorrow, at dawn, as the polls open on November 3.

This is Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess, and I approve this message.



Vishnu, I have my slingshot in one pocket, and my rocks in the other! I'm all ready to go! See you at the polls tomorrow!


There. I did it. I walked in front of a mirror and intimidated myself. Is this actionable?


Call Kerry's lawyers!


Hey! Where's my bottle of scotch!? I took it out of my pocket to put my slingshot in, and now it's gone! Cheney!!!!!

Cheney W. Halliburton

Oops, sorry. Just practicing my vote-stealing technique.


andi G

Don't panic folks, you shall have your vote - i'm sure i saw one or two up for grabs on ebay!!

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