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HALO is short for HAL liburt O n.

It's all just another plot: keep the ignorant masses entertained, to blind them to all the ongoing debcales of the Bu$Hitler junta.


These titles are obvious metaphors. Halo the one and only Albert Gore. Halo 2 is clearly John Forbes Kerry. Diablo 2 you ask - who can that be? Well, he nickname rhymes with pimp and he just stole his second election.

Now you tell me which one of these titles the exit polls say was more anticipated - Halo 2 or Diablo 2? Of course Halo 2!! Exit polls never lie! That said, just wait four years until Halo Squared (codename "Hero Hillary") comes out. All the Diebold cash register machines in the world will stop H-squared from trouncing the latest edition of the Diablo series.


I can't believe those pathetic losers would stand in line for a video game. Ha! Don't they know that the world has moved on without them? Why, you can DOWNLOAD far superior video games than Halo any time you want! For instance, last night I started downloading World of Warcraft. Now THAT game is going to be worth waiting for. It is now 39% downloaded, so I'm sure by Thursday morning I will finally get to emmerse myself in the rich, textured world of online RPGs. Yes, once this thing is done downloading, I can once again lose myself in the land of Orcs and Necromancers and Trolls and Dark Elves. Thank you, God, for not making me anything like those desperate Halo-loving losers.

Pile On®

You aren't getting any since Peaceblossom left are you Lar?


Halo sounds like the biggest scam since my ex-friends talked me into playing "Evercrack". I played for hours at a time, and I've gotten better highs from smoking oregano.


"ginseng colonic"

hahaha... ewww.


"I read what you wrote up there," I cooed.

Too funny...I am wiping tears and using Tiger Balm on my aching abs. It is Bush's fault that my abs hurt. If he weren't re elected, I wouldn't be in this pain and at your blog this early in the morning.

Loved the Chomsky dither at the end, comparing religion in its old wasted selfish screed being incarnated anew as government and how we must somehow synthesise our former actions dictated by pastors to the state and run by bureaucrats.

I wish I could Chomsky. That neofascist Cassandra has us doing self flagellation for WINNING!


I bought a box full of Halo (the originals for $19.95 each), wrote a number 2 on them with a sharpie and sold them for $39.95 outside the Best Buy before they opened to the line of geeks. Then when the store open, I took my obscene profit and went in to buy the real one, of which there were plenty since the geeks had run home to play there new one. Ha, I love capitalism.


Wow, even after a few hits from the bong, I wasn't able to realize how this piece blamed Bush for anything. Thanks to Cricket for clearing it up for me! Now, if you'd pass that Tiger Balm....


Larry has a job????

Cheney W. Halliburton

Larry, I really hate to tell you this, but you are a first-class wuss.

Yes, that's right, you have achieved a level of wussiness superior than your fellow travelers. You are the bourgeoisie.

Go back and nail that clerk.

Liberal Larry

But I'm only half way through GTA!


Cheney W. Halliburton you insensitive psuedo conservative! He just poured his heart out on losing Peaceblossom to the Bush-is-elected-I-must-live-in-Canaeda-now Exodus with the parting of the Red States Borders, many people now enslaved by the re election of Bu$Histler have had whole families torn up.

How could you? *sob sniff*

Oh, pass the bong.



Friend of USA

You are a good writer Larry , some of your stuff is hilarious with or without the buzz of the bong...
But I think you work for Bush.

In fact ,I KNOW you work for Bush.

But I can not say more for now...


Thank you G-Units of the suburbs. I am guessing that you all live in suburbia, own a PS2 and play Grand Theft Auto. Then claim to be a gamer even though your most likely horrible. HEY LETS GO BUY MADDEN FOR 50 DOLLARS EVEN THOUGH WE COULD GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY FOOTBALL FOR FREE OMZZZ!

P.S. Your an idiot for turning myranda down. Any chick who plays games rox.

P.S.S. I hope to god this is a joke because if its not your a complete idiot for giving away 60 dollars and dare I say the best game ever.


I must object. I am a "Halo fan boy" and must therefore defend my gaming habits. To begin, RPG’s are for those to pathetic or inept to BEGIN possessing skill. Instead, they rely on +20 weapons and Armor that makes you immune to all damage types, as well as having enough hit points to absorb any damage done.

Furthermore, I was not impressed by your attempts to act… ACT like your IQ isn't sub par at best. Face it, when you type Neo-anything nobody gives you any credit.

I have played Video Games all my life. I BEAT Halo 2 on legendary 12 days after its release. I did that in 4-5 hour segments. I didn't skip school, call in sick to work, miss church, and let my grandma die just to play. It is a game. Unfortunately Gamers like me have acquired an unnecessary stereotype of being pale skinned, dull-witted, mindless pieces of human flesh designed to be manipulated by subliminal messages.

EVERYONE who posted that Halo/Halo2/Diablo2 was acronyms for something else are not only the intellectual equivalent of paramecium, but also conspiracy theorists and a SAD excuse for a human being.

Before you decide to post a textual rebuttal let me tell you one thing... I'm never reading here again. You claim to be open minded and objective. In all actuality you are closed minded attempts at an intellect that believes using a thesaurus for every "Blog" is going to give you prestige. I am truly sorry you exist. You should not be allowed to reproduce.

Dweeb B.

My God, that was you?

That day, walking away with two dislocated arms, but one, sweet copy of Halo 2, I saved my sister from her Hell-sent halitosis and yet I still felt as empty inside as that other poor fool's stuffed cat.

Your words that day rang so true, though, and yet I had forgotten them.

Had I only read this post before taking these pills, I might have turned my life around...

Halliburton CEO

I fallowed a link into this disgusting excuse for a blog. What are you, a communist? I hate Bush, but he’s a hell of a lot better then Kerry would have been. I’m a Canadian for god’s sake, and we’re known for our hatred of Bush. American politics are as fucked up as any other capitalist country (look at us, we had Crèachen), but that’s no resion to bad mouth capitalism. I say kill both Bush and Kerry, and have Rev. Sharpen vs. Schwarzengger in ’08. Just because your pissed at Bush doesn’t mean you should take it out on the Gaming Industry. Go move to China and work in a child labor factory making me some more copies of Halo 2, which by the was kicks GTA:SA’s ass. Thank you, fuck you, good night.

PS. What the fuck is wrong with you? A gamer girl comes on to you and you giver up for GTA? Go buy a 2 player game and have her come over and play with your joystick. Oh, wait, buying something is only done by capitalist. And of course that’s something you hate. God dam communist. Only thing they are good for entertainment value, like running down student protesters armed with signs and ideas with tanks.


Ok, as I like both GTA and Halo 2, I still say your are stereo typing the fans of halo. I dont think its fair to think that all gamers are geeks that never see the light of day and dont have a relationship. I will agree though that there are the nuts out there that do that kind of thing. and personally, I really didnt care about the presidential election.
Thirdly If I had a choice between GTA,HALO 2.....I would say Need for speed undergound 2.


If you took this article seriously... you are the most idiotic person to walk the face of the earth. Yes I mean you dweeb b.


woops halliburton ceo. weird commenting system...


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