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In this ex-felon's opinion this was your best yet, Larry.


Ok.. right comment thread.. I won't mess it up this time...



Praise Rousseau, your post made me feel like I was there!! It's seems that The Force is so powerful in Nader that it twitches his very flesh in its eagerness to escape.


I've always been a Rasputin guy, but this is compelling. I think maybe Ralph's got that dirty zietgeist going, and maybe you've captured it perfectly.


Maybe Nader's just been playing too much Sims.

spd rdr

I just threw up.


Whoa! Way too philosophical here! Someone please pass the bong. Then call Vishnu so he can help me sort this whole Nader nuance thing out! Gaia help me!

Cheney W. Halliburton

The mental image of Ralph Nader naked would have stopped two or three of my pacemakers if I hadn't already survived the mental image of Teresa Heinz Kerry as "sexy."

'Cause after that, I had an automatic defibrillator installed. It's saved my life four or five times a week already.


Your formative years as a liberal are when you were having your head repeated slammed against the dashboard? Hehehehe.


Um, Repeated-ly. I may or may not have had a few head injuries in childhood as well...


I signed the petition to get Nader on the ballot (Gaia bless the poor tree which voluntarily gave it's life for such a noble cause) in Ohio. Those uneducated, corporate, fascist, whore, sell-outs said he still didn't have enough signatures to be a real choice this November.
Luckily I still have time to register in the other 43 states so I can make a REAL difference in this year's election!

Pile On®

I am in something of a conundrumomy. I don't want to pollute our rivers and streams but I like crapping in toilets. It is hard to read the Villiage Voice when you are trying to precision poop in a mayonaisse jar.


I'm going to make my first post here a nice, well-placed shot in the foot. Huzzah!

I voted for this guy last election. There, I admitted it. What do I fault for such a travesty of a voting choice? Well, I think that there was still some residual bong resin from my twenties left between the synapses. Plus, the girl I was dating was left of Noam Chomsky. Oh yeah, it was also before 9/11.

Now I must run and weep bitter tears of shame. And eagerly anticipate that fine day, twelve days hence, when my redemption shall be realized with one vote, for one man--one letter! Dubya.


Good stuff, Larry.
I attended a lecture of Nader's a couple of decades ago. Thankfully, he didn't get nekkid- just prattled on about that car.

MbsszI KzqqxG

Whoa! You've disclosed FAR too much this time!

Liberal Larry, you must return to the mother pod...... IMMEDIATELY !!


Pile On® - If you use the industrial sized mayonaise jar, you can almost fit a toilet seat on it.


Hey! You're not converting from a Kerryite, are you?? What would Clinton think? Why not just vote for Nader in one or two, and Kerry in the rest of the states you registered to vote in? That way, you could properly feel you've done your part to support both men.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Nader isn't just a thinker or politico, he is like a spiritual leader, a messiah even. And like the messiah of the kristjians who was nailed to the cross to save us from sin, so too must Nader be sacrificed upon the political cross to save us from the evil warmongering Bu$Hitler. For it is written that in sacrificing himself, Nader will be reborn as President Kerry. And just as the kristjians have their holy spirit, so too can we expect the spirit of Nader to become part of the triumverate of power as we see President Kerry, Senate Majority Leader Rodham-Clinton, and Chief Justice Nader. That's right, Ralph. Drop out and endorse Kerry, and the ultimate appointment is yours for the asking. What better way to figh back against the KKKorporations than to wipe away their so-called "rights" from the bench, with no reprise from Congress, the President, or the will of the people? It is all coming together now... Kerry, Clinton, Nader, standing together as our holy trinity against the despicable beast, antichrist, and dragon of Babylon mentioned in Revelations, or better known as Bu$Hitler, Halliburton, and the military-industrial KKKomplex. Can there be any doubt as to the truth of this vision? It came to me on only my second hit, so it must be strong indeed. Now I must reflect more upon these truths. I shall retire to my sweat lodge to commune with Gaia Earth Mother seeking wisdom and enlightenment in harmony with the spirit of the landairwatersunmoon. If you don't see any posts from me by this time next week, check under the flap and make sure I am still there. If I am gone, then my journey to the astral sphere is complete. See you on the other side.


"Senate Majority Leader Rodham-Clinton"....AHHHHHHH! Pass the bong, quickly! That thought just put me over the edge! Hellllllp! Somebody, grab my hand, I'm going over!!! AHHHHHH!........thud.


I don't know what this does to the entire triumvurate thing, but I read this week that the Sainted Bill Clinton now wishes to ascend to the throne of Sec-Gen of the U.N. Imagine it: Bill at U.N., Hillary at Senate. Nader as Chief Justice, and Kerry as POTUS. Qualudes couldn't damper that high. I pass the bong.


"Senator Kerry, I am your father."


Thank you Moonchild, but I'm afraid you are too late. I'm typing with one finger, lying in my hospital bed. Even with the morphine clouding my brain, I am despairing now that I will not be able to get out to the polls on November 3rd to vote for Kerry/Edwards. Please, next time, put down the damn bong long enough to grab my hand before I go over the edge!

Cheney W. Halliburton

Guys, this bong would work much better with some 12-year-old scotch...


Why screw up a nice 12-year-old scotch with burnt compost scrapings?


Never have liked scotch. Some nice, smooth, tequila? Now, you're getting somewhere! Could someone please pass me the Nacho Doritos? My movement is limited with all these traction devices!

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