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I thought the restraining order was for Tenacious D.


Lurch in love. Talk about loving the alien.

Besides, he doesn't "have a nice shag carpet." It belongs to the family.


Dim the lights? How much would you have to dim the lights before hitting the rug with Terazya seemed like a good idea? Maybe Mary would have to have a bunch of those gin-raisins too. A lot.


I was a little offended by Teresa's comments on the raisin thing. Because of Bush's Draconian economoics policy, the only alocohol-soaked raisins I'm getting are the one's I can pick out of Hagen-Dazs's Rum Raisin Ice Cream when the clerk isn't looking. I only do this because, under California law, I suffer from low appetite, am undergoing chemotherapy, and have severe glaucoma. That leaves little money after I purchase my medicinal chronic. I'm not changing my vote because of this, but Teresa shouldn't flaunt her expensive, gin-soaked white raisins like that.


I love your site; but comparing fatness to lesbianism is a little grotesque.


Cheney W. Halliburton

I'm angry at Kerry because my daughter and I have a great deal in common. We spend a lot of time together. At the beach, oogling the bikinis.

I, Jedi Kerry

My comment about Ms. Cheney was to illustrate that I know who has superior genes. All you racist, homophobic redneck Bush supporters are inferior because you don't accept the fact that homosexuality is natural.

I should know. After all, the Holy Prophet Edwards has stated that Christopher Reeve will walk again some day, (we'll have to raise him from the dead first).


With Stem Cell® Research, Christopher Reeve shall rise and walk again, Max Cleland's severed limbs shall sprout anew, and Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter shall once more seek the favors of male companionship.


Larry, you sick piece of crap, that was brilliant.


Come on, we all understand that mentioning Mary Cheney was a brilliant and clever debate tactic designed to scare off any homophobic Christian types (sorry, that's redundant) that were thinking of voting for Shrub. Now that they know there might be a real-live lesbian defiling the White House carpets, they won't DARE vote Republican! And we don't need to ask whether she wanted her name used in that manner... she's gay; of course she would want John Kerry to use her name and sexuality in any way he saw fit in order to throw Bush and her father out of Washington DC!

Swiftie 4 Kerry

How quickly we have forgotten the true victim in this whole sordid episode--Jim McGreevey. Who, until two weeks ago, was John Kerry's favorite homosexual. Supportive wife, an Israeli lover to whom he outsourced the New Jersey anti-terrorism, French-looking and -sounding. Now, he's a nobody.

Damn lesbians. As long as Ellen, Rosie, and now Mary Cheney (a conservative, no less!) are around, those poor gay guys never make it to the front page of the Post unless it's a scandal.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Actually, Mary Cheney WAS straight, until the chemicals released into the ecosphere by HALLIBURTON mutated her genes.

The Babe

And usually the gay guys are involved in either a property dispute or sex change lawsuit with Edwards on retainer.

mike've completely spoiled my lesbian fetish with that horrible "Terayza on Shag" image. Awww...geeze, don't put a ketchup bottle there! Ick.. I need to go wash out my brain.


Is not it clear that the Great Goddess is trying to send Darth Cheney a message and show him the Path of Truth, but that Darth Cheney has hardened his heart, and will continue to kill and eat lesbians, gays, old people and babies?!?




Damn.. wrong thread. My bad.

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