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I received a whispered phone call that said "seven days" when I was watching a movie the other day. On 10/25, it'll be "seven days" until the election which is "seven days" from today. I'm scared, Larry. I'm real scared.


Someone in your family may be suffering from dementia, but it isn't your grandmother.

Cheney W. Halliburton

Dammit, Larry -- you made me spew 18-year-old Scotch all over my monitor!

Dick Cheney

I know where you all live. Soon we will have "Liberal Larry" classified as an Enemy Combatant.

Big Brother IS watching, and I am most displeased.


Excellent work, Lobo.

Gotta keep them grandparents in line, ya know.

Liberal Larry

We'll see just how pro-Bush Gramma is when she gets drafted.

Cheney W. Halliburton

@"Dick Cheney"

Looks like we have an imposter.

I, Jedi Kerry

Need not fear, Grandma! When I am elected President, I shall be your only Lord and Savior. I shall make the dead walk, pacify the Middle East, cure the lame and sick, all in 6 days.


I think Bush has large stock in Alpo. He wants to take away grandma's social security and medicare so they have to have their medicine and resort to eating from Fido's bowl of Kibble's and Bits. DAMN YOU SHRUB!

Kerry of course, will change that when he takes office and uses his magic "cripple healing wand" and raise the taxes of those of us who don't need our money to 90% and be able to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and make sure Grandma lives to be 300 in a single bat of an eye!

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

It is vitally important that we get the truth out this election, even if we have to impersonate people and say things they don't really mean in order to do it.

Bad Commie

I'm preemptively helping my grand parents right now to make sure they NEVER EVER hacve to deal with this kind of problem.


Whew! Larry, I am so relieved to see you back with the liberal program. For awhile I thought we'd lost you! One of your best!


those dirty repukes.

I have a GLBTG friend in the hospital right now, he's recovering from AIDS. Not only was I not allowed to see her, but some right winger actaully wouldn't let me park in the handi-challenged parking area. Prick.

You are so right Larry. If these REpukes had their way , they'd melt old people down for their oil.

I can't wait until someone shoots one of them.


Fuzzy Bunny

Best line: From Larry's own Grandma: "You little shit, how'd you get my number?"

Oh man, I'm in tears. A grandmother hiding from her grandson!!! How do you come up with this stuff????

Cheney W. Halliburton

Fuzzy, it's all true -- every word of it. You don't have to believe me, just ask Dan Rather.


Jedi Kerry,
I must confess that I am curious what you intend to do on the seventh day, after you have saved the world on the first six? The hegemonic RepubliKKKan party along with Darth Cheney, Bu$Hitler, and the Shrub family want you to believe that some "omnipotent" God rested on the seventh day, but you won't need to rest on the seventh day, will you?


(chugs the sacramental wine)


I heard Bush was gonna kill two birds with one stone and draft Social Security reciepents to fight in Iraq. I know because Ted Rall told me so! LOL

Kevin W

Just think of all the problems that could be solved in this country, today, if only America's seniors were honest people.

It's time, oh great ones of the "Greatest Generation", to stand up for truth, call a spade a spade, and do what Liberal Larry's grandmother finally did: get your liberal grandsons/granddaughters who went off to a fancy college that you paid for before rejecting their religious upbringing, growing their hair long, demonstrating against the military and for their homo friends, and smoking grass--remember those ungrateful bastards? Anyway, get them on the phone, and tell them they're little pieces of shit.

Swiftie 4 Kerry

My grandmother is a Republican, and they told me I was a little shit for supporting Kerry. I told them that, no, even though I disagree with Senator Kerry on the actuarial computations in his Medicare rescue plan, I support the man because he took a bullet in the ass for me in Vietnam, saving my life. Or, actually, saving me from getting the bullet in my ass, as he was directly behind me at the time. And I promised her, John Kerry would take a bullet in the ass for you too, grandma. If he happened to be right behind you at the time, anyway.

I think I changed her mind.

Cheney W. Halliburton

John Kerry took a bullet in the ass and lived? Some would say that proves he's the Antichrist. Taking what would be a lethal wound for anyone else whose brain is ... down there ... and surviving?



And you didn't ask her if she had AlGore in a can?


You know, Bush is withholding vaccine in return for votes. Think about it. It is an election year and the elderly have already been frightened by John Kerry into believing that their Social Security is at risk, so why not with hold shots? That will get those stubborn old people who defeated the original Hitler to vote for his clone.

Pass the bong.

Chuck Heston

Canceling SSN, withholding flu shots from the elderly...isn't it obvious? This is all the setup to a "near future" drama...



Kerry didn't take a bullet in the a$$. He got a grain of rice in his bicep.

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