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Yours Digitally

You mis-spelled the movie's name. It's called 'Disbelief', but you got the plot right.


You are brilliant!

La Femme Crickita

You also misspelled 'atrocities.' You know, for a liberal you are spelling like those dumb right wing crackers you know the ones who live in trailer courts and refuse to apologize for being descendants of White Male Europeans? Not only that, they are the ones responsible for the mishap in Beslan.

Those Trailer Court Supremacists sure got those towels in a twist. You called it and I just know that you are the new Liberal Guru.

Fuzzy Bunny

"Mikhail Moorkov"...

Oh man, that is GOOD!!!


Hey! Fuzzy Bunny said what I was going to say!

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

It's all just a clever ruse on the part of Putin, who knows far better than to stoop to bushitlers level in taking on terror like a hegemonic superpower imperialist. Putin is just trying to lull bushit into a false sense of security, reaching out with the proverbial olive branch of war, so that he can then withhold political support and weaken the selected president when his Halliburton controllers, ever in search of more oil, demand the invasion of Venezuela as the next stage in the so-called "war on terror." Putin is cleverly setting up chimp for a big, big fall--just as soon as France gives the green light.

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