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Whoa! Angela Lansbury's thighs are spotty! The things you find out on this blog. I am shocked I tell you, simply shocked!

Metaphor Early-Post Warning System



Larry, I imagine there are times you wonder if the sheer brilliant depth of your satire reaches or is appreciated by any of your readers (like this post's nod to Rather's heavy and hilarious use of simile). Let me assure you, that though quiet, I am one of many regular readers who appreciate just how dad-gum genius and layered your posts are. You sir have a gift. May you continue to wield it in the pursuit of debunking all that messed up right-wing thinking.


Hi Larry and all,

I just discovered your blog and I love it!

Carson is right Larry, you do have a rare gift.

I couldn't stop smiling, chuckling and outright laughing over and over. You are a brilliant satirist and with humor you say so much, so well.

I have put you into my favorites and you can be sure that I will be a regular, as well as spreading the word on other blogs.


Well, once again Bushitler strikes. I have no doubt at all Rovegoebels is behind this attempt to make Mr. Rather look like the downstairs tenant in a 2-story outhouse. Mr. Rather has been all over the Bushites like a duck on a June-bug for decades and they've finally managed to discredit them. Or so they think.

All (ahem) correct thinking people know the truth though. So as the blame and false charges rain down on Mr. Rather like a cow pissing on a flat rock we should all keep in mind who's really behind all this.

Bad Commie

Roversgoebels. Heh. I think Bush-Hitler should confess to personally setting up Dan rather by typing the memos himself. Bush personally sat down and copied the old memos into word. Just like with Burkett, BushHitler is destroying Dan Rather's health because Hitler Hates Healthcare.


Peace Pout!

Another nation heard from

Lar, hon, have you ever thought of donating your DNA?
Just think! You wouldn't have to raise the children, the state would and your genius could be passed on, until cloning was perfected and another 'you' was created.

Oh, please say yes! Just like the movie, "A Boy and His Dog."

Kool-Aid Drinker

Calliope, your comment about "the downstairs tenant in a 2-story outhouse" is profoundly insensitive! On behalf of people everywhere who have to live in outhouse basements, I am offended! I demand you retract that comment and apologize publicly!

We'll discuss your punishment after we've judged the sincerity of your apology.


I'm still shocked about Angela Lansbury's thighs! Now I have a question: What does the downstairs tenant in a two story outhouse look like? Oh, wait, never mind! I get the, "picture."

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Yet again, it is clear that the jackbooted thugs of the Asscroft brigade, under the direction of KKKarl Rove, have managed to misuse the PATRIOT act to once again quash the civil liberties of good Americans, this time Dan Rather and the staff of CBS. Thanks to warrantless entries and computer seizures, there is nothing to stop the regime of Bu$Hitler from secretly entering the homes of Democrat faithful, planting false evidence on personal computers, and then using those computers to send pro-Chimp propaganda to the unfortunate victims in the non-Fox press. How else to explain this debacle? Does it make any sense at all that someone as brilliant as Burkett and as professional as Rather would blunder so blatantly? I think not. The only possible explanation is that Asscroft operatives broke into Burkett's house under the umbrella gestapo protection of the PATRIOT act, used his computer to produce clever forgeries which, while telling the truth that all the world already knows, would by their form suddenly shift the burden of proof from Shrub and all of Daddies cronies to his accusers, and then set up Dan and CBS as patsies. The only question left to answer is, what did Halliburton know, and when did they know it?


My apologies Kool-Aid Drinker.

I'm saddened, saddened that under the stress induced by the Bushitler regime I made such a statement. I'm deeply sorry. In fact I now realize I've even offended myself!

This is what the US has become. A place where someone like Kool-Aid Drinker can't even come online to an enlightened liberal website like this to be inspired by Larry without having to face insensitive comments from the likes of me. Again, I apologize. I am deeply sorry. Really, deeply, sorry.

Kerry in '04! He'll make downstairs outhouse dwellers proud again!


In order to fully understand how Bu$hithead and his Third Reich junta are conspiring to turn Amerikka into a facist imperialist dictatorship and crush the working class and steal all the oil for Halliburton then set up a X-ian puritan theocracy, you really have to smoke a huge bowla primo weed, then repeat this every few hours for a whole week.

La Femme Crickita

I think Kool-Aid drinker needs to take this to the UN Apologetics Council.

VIshnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Careful, Calliope, the Asscroft gestapo is monitoring you via the PATRIOT act, so anything you say will be recorded and used against you in your military tribunal.

La Femme Crickita

We are all wearing our tin foil hats, courtesy of Larry.
I know mine is working because I am here, reading, and growing, no longer a victim. the truth will make you free.


Fuck you , Numb Nuts

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