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Fellow posters, help me out here...Why do I find this idea so frightening? "Tonight, I'm going to try to "live blog" the Shrub's speech."

Cheney W. Halliburton

Oh Larry, you are a BAD boy.

Heinrich Himmler

The photograph might not be "true" or "real" in a technical, legalistic sense, but it speaks to a greater truth, with 100% complete accuracy, and I think we can all agree that, at the end of the day, this is what matters most.


Mr. Himmler, could you make that a little less clear, please? I almost understood it!


Like dude, I soo totally didn't need to read after I saw the pic -- Righteous investigator gerbalism!! You rock Larry!

CoLoRaDo KiT cAt

So what you're saying Larry, is that
Hitler was a baptist preacher?
I bet if you do the math just right
Zell (Z=Omega) Miller comes out numerically as 666!

I'm sure glad to be a New Age Orthodox Agnostic Angliterian Quaker. I don't have to worry about any of this scarey stuff.

And now I know what the RePakyderms have really been saying then: "Give em Heil Zell!" *shudder*


"Jimmy Carter [...] allows himself to be dwarfed by the podium."

Buy that man a bigger podium.

La Femme Crickita

Whew! What a hottie! Dat little mustache just does so much for me...I LOVE a Nazi in uniform! I am going to faint!

La Femme Crickita

Oh, and the schwastika red that matches Republican Red.
TOOOOOOOOoooo divine! Be still my beating heart! Janna Mae, you are going to have some competition on this Billy Bubba! pant pant

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