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Ken McCracken

As I read your blog, I thought to myself "wow, the only thing seperating this from the comments at Democratic Underground is that this guy actually writes complete sentences."


You know, I've been feeling a little sick myself lately, ever since Bill Burkett admitted that Joe Lockhart tried to get those "fake but authentic" memos from him. I bet Bush is sending out a virus over the TV airwaves, using his control over the FCC.

spd rdr

No technicolor squirrels were injured in the making of this post.


"I was going to rock concerts back when you were still waiting for me to come home and change your diapers"

Now that's a great visual! Looks like mama raised you right, Larry!

Supernatural Rabbit Scribe

Your Momma's so fat that she was diagnosed with the flesh-eating virus and the doctor gave her 30 years to live...


That's it. I've suspected that Larry and Ranbutan were actually one and the same person for quite some time, but now I have conclusive proof.

This is how Ran predicted my life would a lonely hospital bed, dumped by my husband for a younger woman with huge mammary glands and a trust fund, riffed by my company and without medical insurance, just another poor deluded pawn of the richest 1%.


I don't know Cass... Larry is funny.


Good point baha. Although Ran can be pretty funny too. But not side-splittingly funny. And unlike Larry, I don't think Ran is intentionally amusing.


When do we get a book from good'ol Larry and what would the title be?

MAnn Coulter

My mom reads Mother Jones too, just bought her a subscription for her birthday...

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

What is going unsaid is that all of this is clearly affected by the presence of fluoride in the water supply. We all know that fluoridation is just one more instance of the military-industrial complex taking over every aspect of our lives and eliminating our right to choose. What is fluoride? I took chemistry at Berkeley. Twice. And I can tell you with one look at the periodic table that fluorine is one of the worst, most reactive and dangerous substances there is. The sodium fluoride in our water is only one step down the table from hydrogen fluoride, aka hydrofluoric acid. That's right. ACID. So what happens when the contaminated water gets into the blood stream? That's right. Technicolor squirrels. Chemicals. And guess who supplies the chemicals? It all loops back to Halliburton.


this is a very strange story and how can you possibly blame Bush for a mostrosity like this

Liberal Larry

"When do we get a book from good'ol Larry and what would the title be?"

1. I don't have time to write a book.
2. Liberals in the Mist.


You are the most ignorant idiot I have ever heard...


Jeez you all are idiots!

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