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We liberals have to be careful about disrespecting other war heros, even in the republican party. Franks, Mccain and Powel all served honorably and we need to respect that, regardless of the fact that they have chosen a party that surpresses Americans from having Free health care, the right to choose, and gives all our money to the rich.


Wow, Larry, I don't believe I've ever seen one of your, "editorials," generate so many comments before. Here's another one to add to the tally!


Make that another one. BTW LL - your Chronicles of Riddick comment over at Jet Noise has forced me to become a regular reader... you da man!


"try to explain how he knew she was Laura BUSH when she wasn't even married to the Shrub yet."

Your knowledge of these Texan warmongering rednecks is sooo limited. Everyone knows that they all marry their sisters. It's all in aid of keeping all the oil money in the family.

John Climacus

Larry, Larry, Larry. This is all fine and good. But if you really want to get at the root of the problems in our military you need to go after the Seals and the Rangers. Those nitwits are crawling in the muck and risking their lives every second of every mission and they rarely end up on any political platform - BUT THEY ARE THE SUBJECTS OF AN INORDINATE NUMBER OF HOLLYWOOD FILMS. Who sent out the memo that we will only make stars of suicidal morons? When was the last time you saw a movie about a swift boat veteran who married into unfathomable wealth, and got umpteen medals in the process? It's a conspiracy, if you ask me.


Wasn't one of Kerry's medals for a yeast infection?



La Femme Crickita

Well where is Jimmy Dean when you need him? doddering around the country selling mostly fatty sausage meat.

I wonder if the Kerry campaign will dare to run "PT 109"
as 'their' song.

Yeah, that's the ticket. The Kerry Campaign needs a good theme song.

Cheney W. Halliburton

And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house!
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful wife!

Same as it ever was.

Common Sense

Dear God, you're absurd.

Don't Liberals ever see the big picture?


This is the most idiotic nonsense I've ever had the misfortune of reading in my entire life. All of you who talk your garbage about the military and the brave soldiers, especially the special operations forces, who defend your right to express this bs should be ashamed of yourselves. I know few of you libs believe in a god so dig this, let me break it down to your level, if we are just swinging dicks on this planet and there is no higher power, than I'm glad that I am contributing to something higher than myself. Serving in the military I might have the opportunity to fight and die for this, the greatest country in the history of mankind. Who made more of a difference in 1944, the unkown soldier who went over and served the cause before disappearing of the face of this planet or the propagandist who sat here vomiting out baloney about their opinion that won't matter a damn sixty years from now. You sit here and spew out your propaganda nonsense, eat, sleep, shit, and welt away your existence. If you aren't contributing to this country, which you obviously aren't, then all you are doing is using up valuable oxygen, fresh water, food, and resources that could much better be utilized on somebody with some goddamn ethics who gives a shit about this country and will go out and fight for it. So why don't you do us all a favor, skip your meeting with your therapist tomorrow and go drive off a f***ing cliff. Having your views about politicians is one thing but to bad talk our military just shows that you all are a bunch of ignorant sons of bitches. If you want to post a reply post it to one of your moron counterparts, I stumbled in to this website, couldn't believe what I read and felt I had to counterbalance this page with a little bit of sense. Don't reply to me because I will most definately not be downgrading myself again by coming back to this website just to check out your thickwitted rebutal. By the way, I'll be going over soon to defend your freedoms, while it's doubtful I'll receive a bronze star and silver star in four months, I'll feel comfortable knowing that I'm not going over there as a fortunate son and that I will earn any medals I get.


Oops! Another one who doesn't get it. Hopefully, he feels better, now that he has vented!

La Femme Crickita

This is SATIRE! I too, got taken in a few months ago and let Lib Larry have it, and he, like the noodle spined liberal that he isn't, let me vent.

Re read it. Please. And then go over to the rightside
bar and see all the conservative blogs he is linked to.
He has a warped sense of humor but it is so very necessary when dealing with twits like John Kerry.

VRWC member

Keep hearing that Bush sat for seven minutes after being told "we have been attacked". What he was actually told was "an aircraft has just crashed into the world trade center". After I heard the news I thought it was a terrible accident....until the second plane hit. I guess Dimocrats are able to tell right away whether a plane crash is dubious, or an accident.


Kerry would have jumped right up and gone and found bin Laden and hugged him to keep him from plannin any more attacks!

The Blog Policewoman

Janny Mae,
Your post has no place here. It belongs in the 'Kinder, Gentler War on Terror' comments section. And you forgot to mention how nuanced that hug would be! First of all, Skerry would ask the Supreme Sheethead 'why' he did it, in an effort to 'seek understanding.' Then he would relate some nonsensical trivia about his own personal jihad on the US and his own days as an urban terrorist
and Kook Extraordinaire, and how he was part of a cell that actually plotted to take the lives of members of Congress, but they all chickened out at the last minute.


Policewoman, I was responding to VRWC's comment, the only way I knew how! Good points otherwise, though!

Blog Policewoman

Janny Mae,
You are just the best, and show the spirit of what having fun taking swings at liberal is all about.


It surprises me how stupid many of you Kerry supporters are... I bet none of you were thinking of Bush so hatefully during 9/11... Nope, I bet your were praising him. How soon we forget. I guess that characteristic of flip-flopping is something you all identify with and I’m sure that’s why you’re in love Kerry so much.

If you think Kerry is so great, then name ONE thing notable he’s done in the past 20 years he’s sat in the senate… He’s had has chance for the past 20 years and now you idiots think that if we make him president then he’s going to come out with his great plans to make the US better? Yeah, he must have been holding it all back for this presidency!

So you think Kerry is a hero for earning 3 purple hearts in 4 months?? Give me a break. After he got out of the military he came back and joined into the public bashing of those soldiers who were LOYAL to their country. Kerry isn’t even qualified to run for president of the local Moose lodge but as long as there are leftist morons in the world taxes will remain high and our defense will remain weak.

If you’re all are looking for a REAL American hero, I suggest you look at Tommy Franks. That man has more patriotism in his little pinky then Kerry will EVER… I know if it were ever up to any of you idiots we’d have sent Jessy Jackson over to Afghanistan and Iraq to defend America.

Bush is a real leader… Get used to it…

dave  elcess

its because of men like tommy franks that lets you write opinines because we have free speech in this counyry thank god he was on our side i was there in 1967 did not know franks but wish i did we did the right thing in vietnam as we are doing in iraq freedom does not come cheap and for all that did not serve you should so you would understand i gave over 30 years to the navy and iam proud of every min thank you dave elcess ret master chief usn

ur mom

ur an asshole dumb crack whore


Wow, you are not well read. I love the quote when referring to Tommy Franks and his 3 purple hearts "it took him 40 years to get them." Wow, you are truly a dumb ass. Wounded in Combat 3 times equals being a chicken? Have you ever been to combat? I've been to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once...served over 1000 days in combat. Never received the Purple Heart. I have received 3 bronze stars but I guess Im just a chicken shit because it took me 3 deployments to earn them. I had no idea that the goal of me deploying every other year was to be injured....if Im not injured while fighting Im not successful. Hilariously idiotic!

One more thing....would have been difficult for George Washington to receive the purple heart. The original Purple Heart award was instituted by George Washington in 1782. The Purple Heart as we know it today was reestablished in 1932 to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the birth of George Washington.


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