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Let's see if I've got this right: you're saying that you're easily distracted by small glittery objects, have the attention span of a mayfly, will sell out your convictions at the drop of a double-sawbuck, and can't figure out how to complete a ballot.

So what exactly here is such a gol-durned secret?

La Femme Crickita

He is saying that because he is a liberal. He will sell out for anything.

Peg K

Hey Larry --

Just sounds as if now you're gonna go to hell; voting for GWB.

Too bad there isn't a worse punishment for ya.

Maybe I can think of something.....


That was hysterically funny! From start to finish! By the way, I'm originally from Chicago. Wink, wink!

J at TAotB

Best yet, Lar. (Don't ya just hate it when people do that? Shorten a name that shouldn't be shortened? ;-)

Thanks for the submission to the PhotoShop Doonesbury post. (

Have a GREAT Friday the 13th!


Did you see any police cars near where you voted? The Civil Rights Commission investigated voting irregularities after Schrub stole the election, and one thing they found is that African-American voters were intimidated away from polling stations, because sometimes there were police cars parked nearby. Did you see any of those, where you were?


I simultaneously watched Yentl & The Passion of the Christ... am I Judatholic now? Mazelmaria!

Cheney W. Halliburton

Larry, how do you know that what you remember from before the flash of light is what really happened? Has it never occurred to you that the flash of light was from ABCCBSNBC calling Florida for Gore before all the polls had closed in that state? Have you never considered the possibility that this astonishing message might have so derailed your state of mind that it turned you from what you were -- perhaps even a lifelong Republican with a shrine to Nixon in your bedroom in your mother's basement -- into what you are?

Can you say with certainty that it didn't happen this way?

(This is how we got Kerry to claim in public that he was in Cambodia on a secret mission for President Nixon before Nixon was even President. [evil, maniacal cackle])


If Larry's gonn reveal HIS deep dark secret, I guess this is the right time and place to reveal mine:

You know that hyperlink in Larry's article, "obscene"? Well, I clicked on it.

And I lingered over the image that came up. A bit longer than I'm proud to admit.

. . . Dang, man . . . That was HARD to face up to.

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