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Masked Menace

Amen brother, we don't need noone coming up here disrupting our current power structure. Maybe we should start by trying to bribe a friend of His?


Hey! My great-grandfather, who was buried in Chicago in 1939, still gets to vote in every election! (as long as he votes democrat) Quit makin' cracks about my ancestors!


I was troubled to learn you've written about some imaginary land you call "Israel". It's The Zionist Entity damnit! Therefore I strongly suspect the only reason that He the Mossad agent might come for to this Empire is to blow up another two towers!

Cheney W. Halliburton

Actually, Jesus talks to a ... certain friend of mine, and apparently He's been boycotting U.S. presidential elections since 1976. Seems some other J.C. who likes to work with wood tried to upstage Him.

Brad R. Torgersen

I am laughing so hard, I am about to fall out of my chair! As always, Larry, you have a significant gift. KEEP IT UP, BROTHER!


Jesus will be very clever and he will vote for both Bush and Kerry. He will chose Bush as a World President because today the planet needs someone strong that will clean the dirt in this corrupted world,and Kerry will be a nice President for the whole North America because now Mexico and Canada, as third world countries are starving and their people are doing everything to be and work and live in Usa. So Kerry as more liberal than Bush will try to fix America, grow the jobs and taxes and relax its climax.
So Jesus will make happy both candidates and he will put them in the places where they belong, because today America and the World need a big Change.
Jesus will be going back and forth and advising them how to lead, and so the life on earth will change for better, because now there is a big mess everywhere in this sick and dirty planet.

La Femme Crickita

Our Lord will get rid of them both and take over.
I know, I gave away the ending. It was a little trick I
learned from televangalist John Hagee. "How to spoil the ending of the Book of Revelations."

Jerry Feelwell

As an avid follower of J.C. and a fellow-liberal, I'm afraid that J.C. would be voting for George Bush again.

He'd most likely register in a swing state and one in which His Republican vote would count. Florida would be ideal because George's brother makes sure that they count every vote, as long as it is for a Republican.

On the other hand, being as powerful as He is, He might try registering simultaneously in New York and California and somehow delivering hundreds of electoral votes to Bush. If He pulls that off, of course, it would be His most amazing miracle ever. My liberal friends and I are trying to find some way of stopping Him.

Very nice site. Will sure visit again.

Very nice site. Will sure visit again.

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