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Cheney W. Halliburton

"Martin Luther Queen!"

ROFLMAO! I can't stay in character after that one. Priceless!


"Jim J?" Subtle....

La Femm Crickita

Oh I am gonna get you...I am hurting so hard from laughing that my abs have abs. I wonder if he was the driving force behind the ruling that NJ took on the Boy Scouts. I am amazed he didn't titter and simper all through his press conference and then sing "Wind Beneath My Wings" to his lover.


"IT'S A SHAME, isn't it, that in this day and age, a happily married man has to keep his gay lifestyle a secret from everyone, including his wife, for fear of losing his job"...

... when a gay lover blackmails him for employment and perks and threatens to out him and sue him for sexual harrassment when the largess goes away? Oh, the straight people are so oppressive. Poor gay American McGreevey and his gay Israeli lover! It certainly is all about their preferences---

Bad Commie

I'm going to be triple sexual just to piss off that evil fascist hitler bush.


Folks familiar with New Jersey politics, of all political persuations, have made it clear that Gov McGreevey faces a multitude of criminal indightments. Departure from office was inevitable, with only the 'when' and 'how' up to speculation.

It's such a shame that the Governor has to out himself, in such a high-visibility manner. Why is he FORCED to tout his gay nature? Because he needs to seek some shelter, under the mantle of that opressed minority, in order to deal with the future vile onslaught.

The heritage of New Jersey's UNIQUE political approach is going extinct, as surely as the Dodo bird's fate. It's a dark, dark day.


"Because he needs to seek some shelter, under the mantle of that opressed minority, in order to deal with the future vile onslaught." How about, because he's a cowardly S.O.B. who is afraid of being held accountable for his dirty political deeds?
Sounds like New Jersey rivals Chicago for sleazy politics, eh?


Big Gay McGreevey? He's super.. thanks for asking!

Or "Queer Gov for the kosher love"

Cheney W. Halliburton

How will Tony Soprano ever be able to face his friends from across the Hudson?


I'm going to back off my usual criptic charm here and just say his wife made me sick. Standing there holding his hand and smiling like a jackass. I felt like slapping her...instead of just standing there she should have decked him right there in front of everyone.


Calliope: I think I would have like to have seen that, too!

one who is nameless

She was probably on meds. She might have done a Hillary on him with the bulging eyes and lack of breath and he couldn't risk her not being there at his Big Moment.
"I did a political doody, so she will wipe my booty."


OT but... You've been nominated for best Democrat blog. (blog that gets the most votes wins! So everyone vote for Blame Bush!!!) see here:

Cheney W. Halliburton

Damn it, Jewels -- and I thought I was wicked.


Just another special donkeycrat blown out of the closet.


Yeah, it's at or DILBY


If America wasn't so homophobic gays wouldnt be forced to deny their nature by marrying the opposite sex in the first place.


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