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Stinkin Bush and that VRWC. Just imagine all the crickets that will drown! I am depressed!


You're a jerk, Liberal Larry, I had the same idea and you robbed me of it.


FYI, he's dumping the radioactive waste under the "pristine Nevada wilderness.

Cheney W. Halliburton

But I thought you liberals were all in favor of restoring Florida to its pre-Columbian splendor.

And come on -- you like a fever swamp as much as the next leftie. Admit it.

Scott R

It's a Vast Right Wing Weather Machine. Originally called the 3DBB, it was invented by Phineas J. Whoopie and soon stolen by Chumley who, much like Bushie, liked to play dumb but was really an evil genius. Oh, it's true bucko. I read all about it on the DU website.


Do you idiots really think BUSH caused the hurricanes that hit Florida....if he is that powerful, how can you even think you have a chance getting that bum Kerry elected.


one more thing.....Grow UP you pinko commie s*it-for-brains...remember what someone said a long time ago..."What Me Worry?" and, Hey, what's up with that Fatso Algore???? Wow, did he pack on the pounds.

I would like to blame BUSHie for the Great weather we have had for the past 2 months...can I do that?

I wish we would have MORE Global's great! Hey, tell those Watermelon Greenies that Global Warming is coming to a City near by...SOON!


I think you guys have actually lost it now...Bush in control of the weather???You better put up the Bat signal or contact the Superfriends since only Lex Luther has that power and you are definitely in a fantasy world...Kerry will lose and so will Hilary.


Watch as the liberal movement crumbles, and reveals the soliloquy of the dead and dying. This is all they have left, pitiful and sorrowful. So run little liberals run and hide because America is headed for a revival of the greatest kind.

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