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Hey, great perspective on another poor victim of the VRWC!


By the way, I saw Daschle on tv, and he said about the same thing you did.

Norman - for some reason typepad thinks it's an invalid url in the url box.

I think he was only trying to "improve" the image of his "package" for Jamie Gorelick. Why else would you stuff papers in your pants?

Cheney W. Halliburton & the Neo Conga Ball

<evil, curmudgeonly chortle>

Cheney W. Halliburton & the Neo Conga Ball

Yes, curse you Bailey -- er, I mean Liberal Larry, your comment script is rejecting any and all web URLs. Did Senator Leaky put you up to this?

Liberal Larry

The URL thing seems to be working now. It must've been a temporary glitch caused by Bush's sunspots.

Cheney W. Halliburton & the Neo Conga Ball

<steeples fingers>


Jackboot Bernhardt

Yeah, leave poor Sandy alone! He obviously was so tramatized by seeing all the young floozies going for Clinton instead of him that he became a compulsive pants-stuffer. The mentally ill need our understanding, not our condemnation!

Bad Commie

If we shoot him, there will be no one to feel sorry for.


My teacher said that every time you hear a bell ring, Sandy Berger stuffs another classified document down his pants.


if i remember correcty treason is a offense punishable by death.


Now, Cube, that seems a little drastic. After all, he only slipped a few documents down his pants and in his socks. I mean, who would want to look at those documents NOW, anyway?

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