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Well, you've done it now, Larry. Rumsfeld is going to have poor, innocent, not to mention, ANCIENT, Jack Elam picked up and hauled down to Guantanamo! I hope you're satisfied! Stop giving those evil Nazi repugs ideas!!!!


Uhhh, scratch that...Elam died last year...or did he???

Liberal Larry

Yeah, and they said Al-Zarqawi was dead, too.

Dubya the War Criminal

I like your theory. I was also suspicious when I saw the pictures of faux Saddam's "capture" last year. First of all, he was quite well-to-do in his day, and it didn't seem realistic for him to be so grizzled and bleary-eyed (not to mention the fact that he was in a hole in the ground!). Hussein boldly declared that he would go down fighting, but when they found [so-called] him, he was holding a pistol, but didn't use it. Things didn't add up.

I wish all of the American sheeple were as tough to fool as we are.


JannyMae, you have to remember that Jack Elam died in nearly every role he ever played. Of course he could act dead as part of Bush's nefarious scheme. And he'll undoubtedly die in his present role too.


McGehee, Wow, I never thought of that!


>Uhhh, scratch that...Elam died last year...or did he???

You mean... the same year that they pulled the fake "Saddam" out of a hole in the ground to make it look like they "captured" him? Yeah, that "coincidence" just proves Larry correct once again!

The Devil You Know

And could Elam Hussein's appearance have hastened the death of Marlon Brando? Very insightful...


Is Marlon Brando really dead?

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