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Sam B. Laden

Democrats like to exploit foreigners. Republicans, not able to tolerate the site of them, prefer to exploit their own kind.

Harry Baulzer

I support the Bush Administration and the war in Iraq, 100%, for I hate America and pray for it's demise.

Americans are a bunch of delusional, hypocritical, greedy bastards.


lol what an idiot he says that morals are bad

Jason...a worship pastor

Interesting article. When all is said and done, the true grace of Jesus Christ will overcome any right or left wing, liberal or conservative, Republican ro Democrat, fundamentalist or relative, point of view... Just my two and a half cents to the discussion.


This is a very witty and offensive outpouring of cultural strife-just my style-

Jess(1) dering

SYD: I can SO sympathize with you. My formerly church-going, demure, cookie-baking mother has turned over a new (mid-life crises) leaf. She is not volunteering for meals on wheels any longer, she's is doing deals on wheels , if you know what I mean. She's left Dad and us kids and is smoking and selling crack. I just can't stand seeing what's become of her. Maybe our Mom's will level out in time, before mine ends up dead or in prison and yours ends up..... umm, er... how DO they end up ?? Oh yeah, NOT fun loving..... Well , anyway, here's hoping !

Wishing it were so...

As I read your post I kept thinking to myself "this guy really *does* get it" ... until I realized you had written satire. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him think...


Is it possible these evil Christians are sub-conciously bringing about armageddon that they secretly hope and wish for every day? I believe so.


I think your site is hilarious and will link it on my blog but I have to say that if Jesus were still alive (and perhaps wasn't considered a terrorist by the Romans) I am sure he would advocate the manifest destiny style politics promoted by the current administration. As well, I am sure he would endorse cutting funding for healthcare and other social programs. The poor and the sick are perhaps just as threatening as suicide bombers.


dogshit is better than religion! sad that they look like turbans!

Beano Monk

The writing style of this author tells me just how much of a bigot he really is... Doesn't make him seem much different than the kind of people he implies hatred for. Lighten up.


Jewish people leave the USA to Israel in bigger numbers than from France.

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