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While I admire your attempt to sanitize the nation through religious cleansing, there are likely some Democratic Christians. Probably the best solution is to get rid of the Republicans. Maybe set up an internment camp for them in Montana or something.


Actually, resistance is UTILE. Every time "they" complain about our enlightened self-restraint, just explain how unreasonable and polarizing they're being in the most strident & rude way possible. Truth to power, eh?

Liberal Larry

Norman - there are democratic Christians. In fact, they're the REAL Christians. That's why I stipulated that only those Christians who allow their religious beliefs to interfere with our political agenda will be loaded onto metaphorical boxcars. Any Christians who believe the Ten Commandments are actually Ten Suggestions are no threat to us.


"Because while we insist on tolerance and diversity, we simply can't tolerate diversity of opinions." So true! Larry, you are truly a genius!


whilst eating my root beer popsicle i stumbled upon this article and nearly choked. hilarious, keep after those bigot Jesus-loving peices of fasicist dogshit, Larry ol' boy. Jesus did after all preach hate.. right?


Did you make this root beer popsicle yourself, or is there someplace I can buy this?

Richard Roma

This is the greatest site.....ever. I really thought i was on another hate bush blog, but I read this story a couple of times until i was red in the face - embarassed that i did not get the joke sooner. I am Richard Roma, the most hated "troll" at Indymedia.


I just read Alec Baldwin's comments at that DNC doings, and he said, almost word for word, what Larry did. For some odd reason, I find that worrisome. Maybe it's because I have a taste for a rootbeer popsicle...yeah, that must be it.

Cheney W. Halliburton & the Neo Conga Ball

Ah HAH! "Liberal Larry" is not our host's real name! I suspected as much!

Hey Alec, give a message to Kim for me, will ya? She and I met at an undisclosed location not too long ago, and she left her purse on the night stand.


It is unfortunate how badly you haev labeled Christians. I am a socialist myself as well as a very spiritual Christian. the difference between real Christianity, as captured in the TRUE essence of Jesus's teachings, and the Christianity of the right, is a strict fundamentalism. The religous right opposes islamic fundamnetalism while they support Christian fundamentalism. They all seek no transcendental experience of the divine reality, but rather a horrid interpretation of "the will of God", as if God's will can be formulated and bound in side a book, ha! Christians in themselves are not the problem, though i to have made this mistake, rather narrowmindness and ignorance to real morals and ethics are. Blessings.


fuckin fag shut up

J at TAotB

Gee Mike. You must be one of those "believe in it" Christians.

I know I am late to the party, but can I have a rootbeer popsicle, too? Or do I have to go to the committee and hope for a slice of gov't pie?


"The earth is flat, and anyone who desputes this claim is an atheist who deserves to be punished."

(Muslim religious edict, 1993 - Sheik Abdel-Aziz Ibn Baaz, Supreme religious authority, Saudi Arabia)

"punishment" for atheism in the Koran- BEHEADING!!


Stalin Lives In Boston

the difference between christian fundamentalists and muslim fundamentalists is very simple:


Dumbass Liberal

Nicely worded... love your blog!!

I keep telling my dummocrat friends not to worry... afterall the weather is quite warm where they are going in the afterlife and they will be with all their friends.

Truth is Here

the difference between christian fundamentalists and muslim fundamentalists is very simple:



That's the funniest damn thing I have seen in quite a while.

I love this site. Just happen to run across it looking for proof to give to my lefty Aunt. Guess I sent her to the wrong site again. Oops!


so funny...
republicans happily call liberals narrow minded but take no shame in telling anyone who disagrees with them to shut up fucking fag
and being a fag has to be bad, right?


Sam, In requards you your statement, "fucking fag shut up" You just made yourself look like an embesile. With that comment, I will disregaurd anything you say from here on out because I find you to be obnoxiously immature. For future reference, if you are trying to argue your point of view, name calling and slander is probably the worst route to take. This was a terrific article by the way :-D


Sorry sam! My posting was directed towards the child! aka: Mike


True Christian = Democrat? Yeah, I'm sure we all love to associate with slavers, atheist bigots and murderers.


"The religous right opposes islamic fundamnetalism while they support Christian fundamentalism."

Let's compare apples and oranges and then put it under one category called "religion."

Religious fundamentalists obviously support fundamentalism (amazing, isn't it?)

A tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny amount of the "Bible thumping retarded reichpublikkan dittoheads" call for a theocratic government.
Is Bush considered a fundamentalist? Most likely, he adheres to the fundamentals of Christianity, and probably doesn't go to the Universal Church of Tolerance headed by a lesbian pastor.
Does Bush want to send all of the students in the public education system to Bible camps...I don't think so...(sorry Liberal Larry.)


"You just made yourself look like an embesile."

I love irony.


was the war in europe (39-45) a battle against hitler or a battle of the greedy right against socialism.Lets be honest the jews have never been so rich or powerful , and as for mosad the nazis had nothing on them , nothing is immoral to their cause ,including royalty. rob


Excellent article. Try living with an overzealous Christian mother. In essence these people are completely brain-washed, my mother is no longer the lively, funny, Led Zeppelin-lovin' Child of the 60's. She has become another Christian Zombie, a shadow of her former self. What can I do to help overthrow these "Christian" fucks? I plan on joining a local Democratic group for starters. For those of you who are familiar with Star Wars, and have seen Episode III, I think Palpatine has some great strategies that should be taken into consideration.


Syd have you considered pulling a "Schiavo" on your obviously fake Reichpublikkkan Kkkristian mother?

The world would be a better place, would it not?

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