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Would somebody please feed JR. immediately!!???



i am you have any stem cells to help with that problem?

Cheney W. Halliburton & the Neo Conga Ball

I can just picture ol' man Cheney chewing the stuffing out of his sofa cushions in rage over this!

Joke's on you. Instead I chewed up my donut cushion.

Cheney W. Halliburton & the Neo Conga Ball

When are you @#$!ing going to enable italics!? Now I'm pissed off again and no donut cushion to chew up. Lynne, where's my Nixon plush doll?

Scott R

Don't be dissin' Abe Vigoda.

Liberal Larry

Scott - I have a signed 8x10 of Honest Abe over my desk, and I'm a little sore that he wasn't asked to speak at the convention. Instead, John Edwards devoted the entire evening to that jingoist Bob Hope!

"Hope is on the way! Hope is on the way!"

Um, John - Hope died a year ago. In fact, July 27th was the one-year anniversary of Bob Hope's death. Despite Jesse Jackson's desperate attempts to keep Hope alive, he's GONE. Get over it!


Hey! Abe Vigoda is 83 years old and still making movies. The last movie John Kerry made was 30+ years ago, back in Viet Nam! Abe is the man!

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