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"Something smelled more rotten than a chunk of limburger in Courtney Love's panties. " Larry, you're just a stitch!

Yours Digitally

Look what Bush's cronies have wrought:

Thankfully, right there in the middle of the article (as of July 19, 2004 09:18 PM) there's an ad for WWW.STOPTHENRA.COM that reminds us of a greater truth! Let's hope those digital brownshirts leave that site alone!

Bad Commie

More ho hos! MMMM MMMMM munch ho hos.


I was about to ask what a Hi-Ho was. Anyway Swiss Cake Rolls > Ho-Hos cause they're all homemade and stuff and Ho-Hos are all corporate and have commercials and fall apart.

Caramel Ho-Hos are good though.


No nude protestors? That's the group I'd be trying to hang with.


larry you best yet

J at TAotB

Larry: "I knew these phonies were too well-groomed to be progressives!"

Hey! I resemble that remark! (


Nicely done, per usual, Larry.

J at TAotB

Woops! The parentheses attached itself to the end of my url. Try this one:

(Photos of the hated ProtestWarriors in Dallas counter-protesting the peace-loving libs who know that Halliburton is evil.)


Osama knows Halliburtion is evil too


Larry, it looks like Courtney Love has been reading your blog.

Cheney W. Halliburton & the Neo Conga Ball

Yo, Larry. We in the Neo Conga Ball are waiting to hear what you have to say about Sandy Bergler. Since your other buddies out there in left field seem to be keeping their heads down, it falls to you to defend ol' Docs-in-Socks.


I think the fashist governers were hiding up their in there glass fortress, because they are afraid to be among The People. They knew we would tell them to feed the people and stop hogging all the money.

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