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Still Hating

You guys hate fantasy really don't get it? They get rid of the poor performing students so they don't bring down the average. Bushies do the give-up thing, they consider disadvantaged kids as already done and not worth spending the money on. You think they are going to rewrite their little tests to make them culturally fair?

Haliburton might have missed out on this one, but McGraw publishing didn't. When schools perform at a certain high level, they get funding for new text books and supplie that they buy from big publishing companies like McGraw, who is of course a huge Bush campaign donator.

You guys are hilar, throwing out the bootstrap theory again...if I close my eyes hard enough, every one has the same chance and everything is peachy!!

wait for it

wait for it



Whoa! Looks like you hit a few HOT BUTTONS with this topic, Larry.

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