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Peg K

Truly wonderful to watch the master at work. (That would be YOU!)


Heh, thats good stuff man!

I'm still chuckling over the woman with the stuffed animals...

J. Fielek

Superb! Excellent post! Nice job!

Um, did I tell you it was good?


Terrific post!

La Femme Crickita

I...I...I...*swoon* *Recovering slightly* You and Peaceblossom. Oh it is just too transcendant for mere conservatives to understand what being in his aura...his prescence, MEANS! I will forever be changed by this entry, and vow herewith to go to the next book signing and write about every single nuanced moment in my journal. I KNOW I will get an A from my prof THIS TIME!
She was mad at me because I was dating a non transgendered man, who had not 'come out' as a lesbian in a man's body, so this time I know she will be pleased...
Oh...oh...oh...I...I...I...*faints again*

John Climacus

Fabulous post about a man whose fabulosity has still not been fully appreciated, but this brings us closer.




Good stuff!


I was just at a web page mentioning Clinton's foreign policy towards Iraq.

On foreign affairs, Clinton was actually very hawkish and interventionist... His administration was a period marked by "liberal internationalism." Many of my fellow conservatives rightfully criticized Slick Willie for his hyper-interventionist policies, and this was one of the biggest criticisms that our military had against Clinton as well.

I addressed this issue in my comment (Comment #6) at this entry at the 'Boots and Sabers' blog.

The Clinton administration was not a time of peace, but rather, a time of promiscuous warfare and military intervention. The foreign policy of the current administration is rooted in the neoliberal geopolitical philosophy of the Clinton administration. Even some conservative and Republican supporters of the current Iraq war have pointed this out.

I addressed this issue in a past blog entry, on the pro-war Left:

In accordance with their Wilsonian, utopian, liberal internationalist, and statist philosophies, many liberal and Democrats, including some key members of the Clinton administration, have been supporting the Iraq war... while many of those from the Bush 41 and Reagan administration have been opposing it.

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