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sorry, Larry, but I have figured you out: you're a true conservative.

i see how you are attempting to make conservatives look good, by making liberals look like raving, foul-mouthed lunatics.

I can imagine the typical Rush Limbaugh clone stumbling upon your site, and then showing it to all his acquaintences, saying, "See, I tole you so. Them Liberals are just plain vulgar and stupid."

Score 1 for Larry against the Liberals. Good job, mate. argumentum ad absurdum rocks.


Liberal Larry

I've never been so insulted in all my life. How DARE you question me? Max Cleland lost two arms and three legs on the Vietnam battlefield, you racist neocon!


hm. Profound sense of the obvious. yep, that's me.


>sorry, Larry, but I have figured you out: you're
>a true conservative.

What a disgusting thing to say. How dare you question Larry's love for America and support of the troops? How can you be so insensitive, as he pours out his heart on these pages, as to call him a greedy oil-soaked tax cut beneficiary? Damn you, Jep... if that's your real name. I'll bet you're Rush Limbaugh in disguise.


Ignore Jep Larry, he's just another reich-winger trying to discredit you. The power of your writing scares them, the cowards.

Another well written thoughtful piece. Like you I was inclined to ignore the whole Reagan thing until last night when I went to KFC. Have you ever gone to KFC and wanted to get your chicken in one of those buckets they always show on TV? Did you? No, of course not. Why? Because (obviously) Halliburton has taken all those buckets to sneak the oil they're stealing out of Iraq that's why. You can't even get one of those buckets anymore. That damn Bush. Oh...what were we talking about...oh Reagan! Good riddance I say. My dog threw up on the bed right after the news had a story on Reagan the other day dammit. And did you see the size of that hearse they used to haul him off? No wonder gas prices are so high. Gas prices. AIYEEEE! Damn Bush, damn Reagan, damn the whole lot of them.

Johm Kerry in '04! He doesn't drive an SUV! Well...except the one at the farm in Iowa or whatever, and that's Theresa's, not his.


oh yea that is a great pic, i really shows how reagan was actually losing his mind much earlier than anyone knew.

He only got lucky with that communism thing anyways.


Jep = Jeb.... Damn Shrubs!

Jackboot Bernhardt

"He only got lucky with that communism thing anyways."

yeah, I mean, jeese, all those great minds like John Kenneth Galbraith and Arthur Schlesinger and tons of professors kept telling him that the Soviets were about to play nice and he just didn't believe 'em... that's why everybody in the entire Western world just yawned in 1989 and weren't surprised in the least. In fact, it would've happened sooner if Ronnie hadn't won the 1980 election -- the Kremlin was about to declare a new government founded on peace, love and warm puppies so long as that guru of world understanding, Jimmah Carter, was reelected. Thanks to the Radical Religious Reich hijacking the White House, we had to wait a whole decade more!

Unnecessary War Jim

Don't link Reagan with this petty site. Even his son doesn't want to be associated with you hard core Bushies...oldie but goodie...

Liberal Larry

I've always like Ron Jr. While the whole world was fawning over his father, only junior had the courage to dance around in his underwear and call Pops a fascist.

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I have always think that Bush is very somethings!
I never thought he were capable of guide USA to a better future!

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One particular incident is still quite fresh in my mind. It was the early 80's, just after Reagan had declared ketchup a vegetable, condemning millions of children to hunger and starvation.

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