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Robert From NC

Oh God, you evil man, you!!!!



You don't have to be a liberal to think this is going a little overboard. We have such a cult of celebrity-worship that it extends even to people the news media hates. And as interesting as all this Cold War rehashing is, I'm really starting to miss news coverage about what's going on right now. Like you, Larry, I was a kid at the time, so this is really all History Channel stuff for me.

The Man

You know, I bet Shrubya just organized all this media hysteria over Reagan to distract from the Abu Ghraib scandal. Of course, the horrific photographs didn't get anywhere NEAR enough coverage anyway, thanks to the right-wing dominated press.


All of your comments are uninformed and ridiculous. I too think the Abu Ghraib scandal was terrible, just as I think cutting a guys head off on camera is terrible. A little context is in order here. The fact is, whether you are on the left or the right, people liked Reagan. The sad thing is that regardless of all your banter and slander, you can't do a thing to change that. Sorry folks. People liked the guy. Hopefully we won't have to wait until 2030 for Clinton to kick it. Tomorrow would be fine by me just as long as Hillary is with him.

Liberal Larry

The funeral wasn't entirely without entertainment value. I liked how Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather peppered their running commentaries with lines like, "...but for many disenfranchised blacks, the 'shining city' never existed" and " comes Michael Reagan...never really got along with his father. Now a right-wing radio commentator." My favorite was when the talking head said something to the effect that so many average Americans came out to show their respects for Reagan, but yet you don't see any of the homeless people who were hit so hard by Reaganomics. Amen to that. There's a homeless guy on the corner who has been there since 1984, thanks to Reagan. He's so poor, he had to panhandle through 8 years of Clinton's Economic Boom just to remain a bum. Chalk another one up to the Gipper!


Maybe that bum should get off his ass and actually try to get a job. If countless illegal aliens in southern california can work in the "black market" I'm sure he could too. But no, he's waiting for Kerry to get into office so he can get a hand out from ol' Uncle Sam. Woo is me. Boo hoo. What the hell ever happened to rugged individualism? I'll tell you what--big government and hand outs. Be careful what you people wish for. There are a great many Russians who would be happy to tell you about the wonderfull world of communism. I'm sorry to enlighten you, but class is a motivational aspect of society. Without class, motivation doesn't exist.

Peg K

Suddenly I find a reason to not be despondent if I die early.

I'll get to miss Bill Clinton's funeral on TV!


Gawd Larry. That post was great. I'd pick a favorite line but it wouldn't do justice to the piece.

Thanks for the laugh, but I'm sending you a bill for my ruined keyboard and monitor. 8^D


Ahh, Larry... you know you've really nailed it when you get angry comments from those nutty right-wingers. Sounds like they want to start a war for oil or imperialism or something.

J at TAotB

Glad to see you are still fighting the good fight, Larry.

Careful though, push the envelope a little further out and the Left might actually begin to understand "sarcasm" and "satire" instead of just nodding and agreeing with your posts.


""sarcasm" and "satire""

J at Taotb,

you know nothing, as far as i am concerned Larry speaks for all the liberals, he sounds just like Dean, and Kerry on a bad day.

as a side not any one check out and see who the Onion said kerry would pick as veep.

Liberal Larry

Don't be silly. Everyone knows he's going to pick Max Cleland's severed limbs as his running mate.


Aren't ya going to make fun of Bush Senior jumping out of the plane now, or talk about the Clinton portraits? Update update update!


Larry you can neither spell nor do math.

There is a congressional election in 2030 and a presidential election in 2028.

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