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I just can't wait for the "Jersey Girls" to start whining and bitching about how our Beloved Mikey is exploiting 9/11 images for political gain. I just know they're gonna start moaning and grousing any minute now...

retired military

I have no intention on seeing the movie but I did see a trailer on TV where it asked why was Osama's family allowed to fly out after 9/11. Hmmm last I recall Richard Clark said it was his decision and went no higher than him.
Moore is an idiot who thinks Americans are stupid. You prove him too right.

Star Carlton

The movie is great and shows how corrupt the government is. If anything - to me - it shows that Old Bush is really the evil mastermind behind selling out America to Saudi Arabia. When Kerry wins - they need to ban all bushes from the whitehouse. The roof is on fire - Burn mother burn!!!!



My truck's "Check Engine" light came back on. I'm beginning to think it might be Bush's fault, but I can't think why he would do that. Any ideas?


This movie, was good, for me to poop on!!! Michael Moore is the most shameless propagandist since Joseph Goebbels and has the build of a fatter Hermann Goering. Moore is a jackass for thinking that he can snow over anyone with a brain that can decipher truth and BS. Although, that doesn't stop too many of you liberals from seeing it. Go ahead and waste your ten bucks here. I prefer to waste my $10 seeing Spider Man 2 which is also BS and fiction, but does not claim to be truth. Enjoy seeing Fahrenheidt sink like a lead weight, jackasses! Have a great day.

Liberal Larry

Nick: Michael Moore is a statesman and a Man of the People. He sees through your right-wing lies and awakens the world to the glorious truth: that Bush is simultaneously a mindless puppet controlled by Paul Wolfwitz, and an evil mastermind who fiendishly plotted 9/11. Of course, you dittoheads already would know all this if you woke up and stopped letting a fat blowhard do all your thinking for you.

McGehee: Bush broke the fan belt on my mother's '95 Jeep Cherokee, so I wouldn't put it past him to fiddle with your truck. Chances are he did it when as your back was turned when you were talking to that hooker.

J at TAotB

Fahrenheit 9/11 is the best movie that has ever been made.

How could you lousy ClownHall-reading racist homophobic Repubichairs ever hope to counter the impeccable movie making skills of Grandmaster Ninth Level Michael Moore (+2 saves against Neocons)?

Michael (praise his holy name) PROVES, did you hear me?!!, PROVES that Bush and COMPANY (pun intended) intentionally TARGETED orphans and innocent terrorists in Iraq, Milwaukee, and western Nevada!!!!

Imperial Grandmaster Bush enslaved the Military to make them EAT LIBERAL CHILDREN! Only their JEW masters are more despicable!

I once heard on DU that Athlete's Foot was created in '74 by Cheney in his basement!

Someday, Larry, by the grace of . . . well, anyway, SOMEDAY the Repukes will figure out that their not RIGHT!



That was not a hooker. She was an intern!

Though, since you mention the fanbelt on your mother's Cherokee, I had to replace three of them on a '91 Cherokee I got from my mother-in-law. But I wasn't talking to a hooker then either, so it couldn't have been Bush.

Must have been Cheney.


"Moore is an idiot who thinks Americans are stupid. You prove him too right."

On the contrary, Moore -KNOWS- Americans are stupid (Bush is in office, proof posted). However, they also, out of moral superiority, like to think they are doing the right thing, so by presenting information in a SKEWED way, he can 'trick' stupid Americans into voting against Bush (think of it as taking away some of Bush's supporter base).

Bush loses, everything is great. End justifies the means, and Moore knows what his goal is. Americans ARE stupid, unless the material being discussed is tv sitcoms and baseball standings. That's all the fuckers in this country care about, so Moore is saying 'if that's how you want to live your life, then I'll exploit you. thanks'.

Intelligent people won't be misled. If you are worried about Moore's impact on the election, blame the willfully uneducated, those who can't be bothered to follow current events.

Ayn Clouter

That was no crow, it was the notorious Raven itself, borrowed from Poe to terrorize attendees at Moore's movie by Ray Bradbury, angry over the Blimp's snitching a title from him. Ray meanwhile is in hiding from Cyrano, revived and sent after him by the Bard of Avon, angry that Bradbury stole the title of another of his novels from MacBeth. As Our Noble Leader might say, Oh what a tangled web we see ourselves as others misquotation us. Flash: I think a source is going to leak me a scenario for the Blowhard's next movie, which I'll post on my own website within a couple of weeks. This time it will be OPENLY fiction, but still anti-First Family.

Liberal Larry

Ah, but this raven wasn't gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. He was simply anti-Michael Moore, only this and nothing more.

Yet Poe's birds nor Doyle's hounds could keep me from seeing this film. Not Elliot's baby-faced bats, nor Shrodinger's cats, nor Pavlov's dog, nor Orwell's hog, nor Verne's squid, nor Jerry's kids, nor rain nor sleet, nor dark of night will stay this blogger from spreading the Divine Truth across the web like King's plague or Madonna's legs.


Hehehehehehe :0)

La Femme Crickita

Mommy, make Liberal Larry stop. I have tears rolling down my cheeks and my tummy hurts from laughing. He has Bush pegged.


I think you saw "White Chicks" by mistake.

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