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Mike the Hippie

FINALLY! Somebody comes out and says it!

I mean, how arrogant could the American "liberation" forces be? It the French needed "saving" then why were they so friendly with the Germans? Hmmm? Isn't "Vichy" French for 'brotherhood' or something?

And all those Higgins boats that our "boys" (those guys looked pretty damned old to me too) used to get ashore were terrible on the environment. They were loud, smokey, and spilled oil and gas all throughout the waters off the Normandy coastline. And all the blood that these so-called "liberators" spilled into the sand had a MASSIVE impact on sea life, in particular the green-spiney barnacle that is indiginous to the Normandy area.

Even then it was all about us, our blood, and the oil. How arrogant can Americans be?! If it wasn't for us, Hitler wouldn't have been so bad. But all our oppression enflamed the "German street" and AMERICA was the reason World War II started. You reap what you sew I guess...


I like the pic of the guy "napping on the sand". I guess he must have "napped" quite awhile before they scraped him up and buried him?




Only a right-wing Nazi fanatic would want to strip the umlaut from strudel, or adhere so rigidly to some made-up "rules" that were probably invented by some Dead White Guys.

J at TAotB

Your are obviously a brilliant man (we can forgive you that gender because of your obvious brilliant brilliance).

Thank you for so consistently showing those nasty Repuke freepers how wrong they are.

I cannot imagine how they stick to their precious "arguments," "reasons," "facts," and "logic" in the face of such a genuine desire to help others understand.

Damn racist, sexist, homophobic, racist, lying, corrupt, greedy pigs, enemy, freeper, homophobic misogynistic, inhumane, racist, freaks. They could really use a lesson in compassion!

Mike H.

Uh I came in here by mistake, I'm...uh...sortof a
conservative...!But not too much!...really. Could
someone tell me how to get to the main entrance? I
promise I won't tell anyone about you guys. This is
some kind of secret society isn't it?


"FINALLY! Somebody comes out and says it!"

Ditto, Mike. Only Larry has the courage to face down the myths propagated by the reich-wing. That's why I come here so often.

John Kerry in 04! HE'LL get rid of those crummy B1 bombers!


These are very good points, Larry. What most rightwing nitwits fail to remember about that period, is that the French had made their peace with their German neighbors, and were existing together with them, when a huge swarm of American rednecks with their ships belching black smoke flooded onto their pristine beaches, making reconciliation impossible and prolonging hostilities. And the Nazi's were bad? What about us!?


Yes. Excellent points. Oh if only the Nazis could have held out a little longer. We could have erradicated all the European jews. You guys are fucking mental. I'm not too keen on the current war, but WWII was a good fight. The French didn't make peace. They were forced into submission by a German wehrmacht that steamrolled their asses. Your version, Larry, is laughable, but without any historical merit. Hitler had not pulled his troops back. He was dupped into believing the attack would occur somewhere else.


Yeah, way to over use "arrogant," trying to sound smart. Hitler anticipated an attack way North of Normandy. His planes would spy over Britain, and they'd report seeing large divisions of 'tanks.' They were just balloons. Patton was ordered to act like there was going to be an attack across the shortest part of the English Channel, when they were really going to attack on Omaha, Utah, Sword, Gold, and Juno Beach. Hitler was such a stubborn bastard, and he didn't listen to the people that were saying the attack wasn't going to be there.

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