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Let's see how much hate I can spew...

"Your arguments are vapid, your ideology is a symptom of Kreutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and no one with half a brain cell to his or her name would vote for anyone you support."


Sorry to unload on you like that. It's been building up ever since I discovered this blog, and I had to vent or explode. And I find exploding both unpleasant and messy.

And loud. Hurts my ears.


Seriously, isn't hate mail hilarious? I actually got a terrorist threat from someone in Great Britain last week, saying that he would "chill the blood of the American nation" because I said that Iran shouldn't have nuclear weapons. Well, isn't that the perfect argument why they shouldn't?


Boy -- you want to talk about hate mail, some guy just left a comment on my blog alleging that this site is a "joke."

Even I couldn't work up such venom!


Really, how dare they!! This is serious stuff, people. Listen up and listen well! Thank G-d there is a place like this to read the real TRUTH !!

Carry on.


You are a DOO-DOO HEAD!

Better go wash my mouth out with soap.


"infact if i myself had the chance i would *spank my monkey* and that shit head is a promise."

I'm betting he keeps that promise - several times a day.


Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

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