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you are one sick man


Oh man I'm sorry you had such a bad day with the fascists Larry. Wasn't there a peace march or something you could go to afterwards? Doesn't sound like you managed to get high or anything. :(


Keep up the awesome work :D

J at TAotB

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


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Juan Carlos Cruz

True: Memorial Day's celebration is a sin, a big sin alas Ancient Roman Empire or any fascist ancient empires where they threw christians, jews and poor people to be eaten by lions. This is what Memorial Day is all about, i thought that US was a christian nation, hmmm

sail boat used california

Uno spazio per dire la vostra sull'operato del governo e dell'opposizione.


We are killing the rainforest


People from other countries have to, don't have to learn English if they want to live here


What do you contribute to society ?

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hello buddy great post about Crappy Memorial Day, I really appreciate your help!!

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