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hannah marshall

I think this site is great, i am writeing a persuasive essay on gay marriage and i thought it would be powerful to have quotes from the pres. thanks!


you idiots can say all you want but the fact remains that bush is our president :P HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA you all suck! just thought i would let you know that.


hey its me again... I hate gays!


What kind of people are we where we won't extend special privilege to a small group of citizens that participate in acts with one another that most Americans find disgusting and immoral. It fills me with embarassment to claim citizenship in a country to honors the majority-rule belief. How does that help a rejected liberal doctrine to still keep total power? I'll tell you, it doesn't! When the founding fathers declared their independence from England, they were definitely fighting for the god given right for a man to marry another man, regardless of whether or not any of them said it, or actually were not. Taking a ceremony thats considered sacred by many, corrupting it, and then shoving it down their throats is the only way you can get through to those Bushbots. Someday the small precentage of whiney Americans will put down their hemp and throw off the shackles of the oppressive Republican Party and hire a bunch of lawyers to argue and bend the letter of the law. Someday.


Yup, why should straights tolerate queers huh? After all, straights aren't engaging in anal and oral sex in epidemic proportions are they? LOL fuck you breeders and fuck the abortion community! Nothing more funny than a white heterosexual woman with AIDS! heterosexual with AIDS!


Why are people leaving comments hoping it will piss a librel off?
I'm not going to take a strangers comment to heart and cry in a corner.
anyway, I think the ban on gay marriage is ridiculous. The simple minded thought that only a man and a woman can completely love eachother is not something a president should NOT be able to decide for a couple. Also really what does it have to do with anyone else but them. It's just selfish to try and force it to go away just because someone doesn't agree with it.


This is America, so let us go over some things. The first amendment to the constitution guarantees the freedom of relgion, to believe in what you want IF you want. You don't have to believe in anything and it is a crime to force one's beliefs on another if they do not believe. The President, whom I did not vote for, is breaking the law by trying to pass this bill. The sad thing is that the whole system is so corrupt that is doesn;t matter if a person in power does something wrong. I believe that homosexuality is wrong. But I have no right to tell another person that because I think it is worng that they must listen to what i have to say. We are in America, where people's right are golden. Hate gays if you want, love gays if you want, but realize that you have no legal say as to their ability to marry.


i am a lesbian.....hate all you want. But i am still gonna be with a beautiful ass intelligent asian gurl...I think bush is just being a man.....ignorant....we should let her take over..and maybe a women will give you all some real since....I am gay...and my brother is gay....and i hate having to fight for who i love....You people are here to live your live your life....why choose somebodys elses decision.


Okay Bush pisses me off... You all stop shoving critisism down everyones throat. Gay people are still going to be gay if you dont pass it....This is bullshit... I am a woman in love with a woman.If i could have found it with a man i would have done it... It would be alot easyier on me and everyone else. Dont you thinnk i like notbeing able to go to day school and not be critisized about who i care about.Maybe it is wrong..and it is not correct maybe it is even a sin in gods book. But If god did not like it he would have not created all of you just think about that. But we just so happened to have found it with the same sex. But love is love. You cannot stop a man from loving another man.. nor shall you stop a woman from doing it either. I will be damned if i cant marry my companion at the age of 20 cuz Bush doesnt want to make it legal in florida I will not put up with having to travel to diffrent countries so i canmarry my wife...but when i hit the states the marriage certificate from another state does nto matter.. I want to be free in my free country...our free country..why cant we all make the best of it..and be happy what we have and stop worrying about how other people live.. Maybe you all who are against it need to let light in your life. Just to show you not to judge everything you see.


I'm gay and I think that's the most stupid thing I've ever herard! have you herard the new song from pink called der mr president? checkit out!
He has not right to tell us gays or bisexuals what the fuck to do! I hope he burn in hell where he deserves

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