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Intellectual Conservative


Oh, and I think KB was in the news ..,2933,434004,00.html


Rush Limbaugh has anal cysts.!

At last a fresh subject!

As far as the money issue goes, don't you know these hippy leftover SLA types don't have any money. Unless they robbed a bank. Obama got most of his campaign money (and a house) from Fanny May and Mac just like thousands of first time home buyers, and will be getting more with the 700B that Joe Citizen just signed a check for. I heard he planted an ACORN or something like that at his house.

I ran across some propaganda that he has ties with all kinds of people who want to bring about change in this counties government.

With that in mind I am setting up a fund raising effort to help poor, depressed, down on their luck, failed descision folks. Just send you money to;

P.O. Box
O U 8 1 2

I always say if I can get enough money then the government will kick in matching funds. Oh, and its tax deductible.


McCain is finished.


If Barney Frank can give Fannie a good screwing then it's OK with me that Ayers planted a few Acorns in some judge’s Bunghole.

Sure, three of Ayers friends died from an ass full of nails - butt that is beside the point.

In fact progressives should be quivery all over.

Go for the Big O!

And, don’t trust anyone over 30!

mandible claw


IC I'm pretty sure this was one of the Oyrish trolls.


"...if I refused to participate in any progressive organizations that had a known domestic terrorist on it's board, I'd never get anything done."

Wait one minute! Are you trying to imply that you do get anything done?


McCain is finishsed.


Okay. Now hold on a minute. Just when did this "election" thing start?


Is ACORN the Money Tree? Why didn't anyone tell me?

Shouting Thomas

What's going to happen to BlameBush! now that Chimpy BushHitler is about to leave office?

Who will be to blame once that fascist is gone?

Are your ready for the Obama presidency. McCain is toast!


That would be terrific name for the site: BO instead of BB.

Fist of Etiquette

If you don't think that the Bush Administration will be to blame for every downturn and minor setback during the sixteen years of the Obama Presidency, you are a moron. Barack is going to be cleaning up Bush's messes with his appeasement mop for decades to come.

Luckily, we're already seeing some of Obama's success starting to form in Iraq. By Inauguration Day, the press will be able to report he has completely turned around Bush's quagmire.


McCain is toast.

Menstrual Rainbow

"This is all ancient history, anyway. Obama was only 8 years old when Ayers was planting pipe bombs at Military dances. "

Try telling the Repugs that, they totally smeared me when I ran for congress just because Charles Manson was my campaign manager. Yes he has a contraversial past as many left wing activists do, but these events happened when I was 8 years old.


What did they smear you with besides your innocent association with an avowed Satanist and serial killer?
On another note, Michael Moore learns the true meaning of patriotism in his new movie, 'American Carol.'
Even Rosie O'Dorkell gets in on the fun. An American filmmaker wants to ban the 4th of July. Three ghosts from America's past take him on an unforgettable journey. Much hilarity ensues.


Say goodnight, Johnny. It's President That One to you.


Say goodnight, Johnny. It's President That One to you.

Fist of Etiquette

I certainly hope it's President The One! I really don't want to riot. (Although, I could use a new television set...)


"I don't know about you guys, but if I refused to participate in any progressive organizations that had a known domestic terrorist on it's board, I'd never get anything done."


Fist of Etiquette

I've said it before and I'll say it again: John McLame is a hypocrite!

He complains about Bill Ayers innocently bombing things to try to put an end to the Vietnam War, but isn't that pretty much the exact same thing McCain was doing those years? And as I recall they both got locked up for it, but at least Professor Ayers got his "terrorist" label knocked down to "60's radical" status.

(God Bless/Damn America!)


Not only that, Ayers is a tenured professor, while McSame is a Senator-for-Life, like Ted "splash" Kennedy. Their 'Golden Parachutes' are almost as comprehensive as a CEO's severance package.


I just called Wells Fargo. I told them to blow it. From now on, they should send my mortgage statement to John McCain, Real American Hero, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

The Exorcist

..."if Obama refused to take money from every America-hating Marxist who supported his candidacy, he would have only three cents in his war chest with which to fight the dishonorable John McSame."

Come now, Chomstein. You're seriously misunderestimating KKKidByrd's KKKoolAid Stand operation in NagasaKKKi.

That's 3/5ths of a cent.


That would be terrific name for the site: BO instead of BB.

Posted by: feelthelove

How about BH Blame Hussain?
Or BB Blame Barck, NO! to close to Blame Bush!
Or BM Blame Michelle aka Bowl Movement ;P

McCain is toast.
Obama is jelly.

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