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If The Old Man had His Whore holding his...hand, then maybe he could get it up for the debate on Friday which would show that The ObaMessiah is over-qualified to run the USA because hanging flyers on telephone poles beats running a city and a state.



runner up


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.

(I've been gone for a while thanks to Bu$h and his hurricane.)


Third. If McLame quits the debates, poor Obama will be a lone one-legged man in an ass-kicking competition. Yes, I used this on another thread, trolls, so don't be surprised.!

My vote is for Larry.

I vote that Larry fly to Mississippi and fill in for McShame and answer all of Obama's questions. Oh, I know he really likes Obama but it would be the gentlemen thing to do.

Larry's logic is on par with Obama's change. I would even venture to say that logic like this is the pod to pea change. The two or beyond understanding equally and that is a good thing.


This is the only way Obama could win a maybe it's a good thing, depending upon one's point of view, of course.

mandible claw


Chimpy M-DebateDodging BabyKilling CattleShooting GenitalElectrocuting EarCutting WarCriminal Warmongering Neocon BeautyQueenVeepChoosing VettingFailing CorporateShilling Paralyzed Cancer Patienting Hearbeat Away From The Peeresidency-cLame, PeeResident Select of The Disunited Hates of ShameriKKKa, Commander In Thief, Greed-er of the Free (because he stole it) World of KKKorporate NeoKKKonLand.


The Obamanation is weird. He wants to tell the American people gezackly how he plans to not bail out the economy using the Chimp-change Dubya found in his Texas-sized taxpayer funded piggy bank...this evening, but he doesn't have a clue as to what the bail-out entails. Paulson is closeted right now with Bob Woodward, channeling Ronald Reagan.

The movie rights are next.


Sweet Hillary is not a cowardly quitter.

She never quit anything - except her run for the Presidency.

And, that was do to cowardly racists attacks from O’Biden which pushed her through the glass ceiling and caused Bill to take the White House silverware and the “W” keys from the computers as a gift.

Too Bad O’Biden won’t quit – because Hillary has got him beat by a mile.


Didn't you guys forget that the reason McCain quit really IS Bush's fault. Don't even have to look very close either. Why don't ou change the name of the blog to 'Bailout Bush'. His family has a history of this sort of thing, too. Good track record. Ask his brother.

Fist of Etiquette

So McLame is admitting he can't multitask, eh? Obama has shown he can fulfill all his senatorial duties and still campaign for president. If McSame can't run for the White House and vote "present" at the same time, that's not Obama's fault.




It's Reverand Right's fault.


Oops! "e"


Everything is Rev Right's fault. Particularly Wall St gobbling up predatory profits and bonusus while saying "f*ck my country".


Yesiree! McStain is a flip flopper! He's going to the debate tonight! Larry, you forgot McStain flip flopped when offered early release. He wanted soooo bad to leave that prison, but noooo! He wanted to stay in the clink with his soon to be rich oil buddies!


And we all know that being a POW is the perfect experience req'd for the Presidency.


*Especially* when you sign a worthless confession under torture. Don't we all??

Cheney W. Halliburton

Obama couldn't take time off campaigning because now that his sugar daddies from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are out of jobs, he has to find someone else to come up with the millions of dollars he needs to make it to Election Day.

I hear he's been sending e-mails to addresses like


McCain DIDN'T take time off from his campaign.
Ads running, needless to say, and the McCain people did not "temporarily set politics aside." In the five hours after McCain's speech, aides Nancy Pfotenhauer, Tucker Bounds, and Mike Duhaime appeared on Fox News and MSNBC five times, frequently criticizing Obama and Democrats.
Anyway, he's now been shamed into appearing at the debate. (Hopes the country forgets his promise not to until 'Deal is done')


I just have to agree with St Larry. Obama MUST get on television and reassure the American, African and otherwise, people that things are OK and that the government will once again fix the terrible mess made by the Repugnicans. After all, we cannot forget that President Roosevelt went on television immediately after the great crash of wall street and announced the bombing of Pearl Harbor. As we all know, his decision to bomb Pearl Harbor led to the greatest economic recovery in American history up to the Obabma recovery. And the rest, as they say, is Obammy history.


I do have one technical question. If I decide to vote for Obmambo rather than write in our precious sweet Hillary, can I only vote for the white half?


Don't we all??

Posted by: 24 | September 26, 2008 at 09:30 AM

Not unless you have been a guest of the North Vietnamese, or the Iranians, you breathtakingly arrogant ignorant slut.

Hillary counts for 2/5, and Obama is 3/5, so together they get one vote.


It’s not fair!

McCain quit quitting the debates!

He is going to debate the god like O’Biden!

As a progressive I am infuriated.

I am sure Karl Rove planned this.

What a back stabber!

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