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Intellectual Conservative


Intellectual Conservative

And Thank Heavenly Father .. NO MORE GIANT NADS CHASING US!! :)


Stick figures hurt womyn at every level and in every country. Just make sure you schedule some time at my back door.


This chyld is clearly left behind. How many trees had to die for this chyld to illustrate its violent, counter-green revolutionary fantasies? The chyld and its family need to be immediately arrested and sent for re-education at Algore, the chicken hypnotist's, Tennessee camp. If Algore can work such wonders with poultry, just think what he can do with a mere humyn!


Just a reminder: I'm feeling much better after my labotomy/anal cyst removal and my lucky charms are open for business. The line starts at the back door.


I blame the NEA.

And now, a word from Mike Huckabee, Chuck Norris approved.


I like getting fucked up the ass by Hillary Clinton's gigantic, sexy, nigger penis.

Menstrual Rainbow



Menstrual Rainbow

The above post is an image of stick soldier mocking the genitals of a stick Abu Graibh inmate.

Intellectual Conservative

In the case of an Abu Gharib detainee it might be more like this O-.< .. a little tiny one at that

Che Gunevera

In light of this, I feel we should surrender in Eagle Point.

Che Gunevera

I blame the entertainment industry. This kid probably grew up listening to his folks' old Pearl Jam albums and took Jeremy to heart.

But Big Crayon isn't without some share of the blame, either. Their catering to the coloring nuts, the National Colorbook Association, and other Rethug special interests has created an environment where crayons can fall into the hands of anyone, even those who cannot stay within the lines. Clearly the 1st Amendment was never intended to enable six year olds to carry around a 128-pack of Crayolas.

The Exorcist

"Clearly the 1st Amendment was never intended to enable six year olds to carry around a 128-pack of Crayolas."

Not to mention the 2nd Amendment.


Sue Crayola and RoseArt companies. The chylde is getting lead poisoning.


If the child's mother had practiced her constitutional right of privacy, this wouldn't be an issue.

I've been gone for awhile. Who is this "KB" fellow?

And why is he writing better material than Larry?


Captain America was only punching that perp out! He always settles problems with his
fists, never with guns! As a sidekick (see semi-autobiographical real life movie 'Sky High' for full details), I have every single comic book episode carefully preserved
in acid free paper and adorned with nifty stuff from Mrs. Grossman. Even Batman and Robin never used guns. They ALWAYS duked it out and if they lost, they had Batman's
utility belt, which, due to Batman's AMAZING powers of prognostication, had the Right Stuff for them to escape to the Batcave and Aunt Harriet's milk and cookies.

Fist of Etiquette

I blame Hollywood. Actors do so much to raise awareness of how everyone else is destroying the environment and work so hard to explain why Republican wars are bad, that they just don't have time to show young people that Hollywood and Hollywood alone is uniquely qualified to show mock violence for the entertainment delight of the stupid flyover masses.


In 6th grade Sweet Hilary was a constipated math student. Butt, she over came all odds and worked it out with a pencil.

Now, she is a brilliant politician!

Pencils work!

Che Gaiavera

I knew if I put 2 and 2 together enough different ways, I'd figure out that Halliburton was behind this latest bout of school violence.

Crayons are made of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum (As anyone who drives a diesel in cold weather can attest).

Petroleum is stolen from peace-loving brown people by the Bush Junta through its illegal and immoral wars of imperialism and theocracy.

DicKKK Cheney is not only Dumbya's VP, but he once worked for Halliburton and his daughter is a lesbian.

Ergo, Halliburton is responsible for all this Crayola terror.

This is another example of how Bush's war is creating more terrorists.

no more bs

what a pleasure to read a few posts before the tsunami of k-bullshit sets in

Fist of Etiquette

I'm going to have to go with Tipper Gore on this one and blame rap lyricists.

Dangerous Dave

I was horrified to see the jingoistic Captain America comic book that shows Captain America attacking one of our "enemies". We all know that Hitler had no WMD's and was not a threat to his neighbors. He also was not harboring Al Queada. My horror was suppressed when I saw that it was from 1941. How our nation has improved since then from the barbaric, simplistic, black and white, good vs. evil rhetoric. Remember, this is the era that produced George W. Boosh.


Actors do so much to raise awareness of how everyone else is destroying the environment... - FOE

What I don't understand is why you don't have your own blog, FOE!

A lot of Hollywood actors do commercials in Japan, which most American audiences never find out about. Leo I'm-a-totally-green-environmentalist de Crapio did one where he said that you can't let a few dead dolphins stand in the way of progress. Which means he's completely sticking to his principles - his own wealth.


This kid will be killing kids in Iraq in 15 years.

Moonbat mode off:
If he just wrote a poem about the evils of capitalism, the Oppression of the Church/evil white man, they would have thrown a parade for him.

La Sylphide

As an artiste being funded by the NEA, I can also rate the privilege of analyzing children's artwork because of my feelings. This child is reaching out at an early
age to show through his primitive crayon rendering, the futility of being marginalized.
If early intervention isn't done through Headstart, PAT and NCLB, he will grow up to
be like kb.

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