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The Exorcist

The back of that AMC Pacer is getting more crowded with all those vegetarian side-dishes. I hope there's enough room for his 11 year-old wife back there.

Intellectual Conservative


Intellectual Conservative

Crud .. THIS close to being first .. LOL


Didn't Dennis Kucinich stand in for Jean Francois "Lurch" Kerry for some of his votes?

Dom Kinky Bee

"he's also one hooker short of a Kennedy Family Reunion."--LL

Crap! Missed that one...Sorry! Like, I can't be everywhere at once.


It’s about time some progressyve bend over and conduct some real metro diplomacy. I am sure we could be live in harmony while our 10 year old girls swing from construction cranes.

I am beginning to thinks Sweet Hillary is too much of a rightwing lesbian.

We need someone like Denny Kuntwitch with a rubber backbone to lead us to Holy Granola of Sharia law.

Safe goat sex can be made possible by Denny K.


"Certainly no one wants Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. But there's absolutely no reason to believe that even if it did, our two countries couldn't still live together in peace and harmony under Sharia Law."

That we could...but who would want to? Bueller?!

Mumblix Grumph

FRIST! Bill Frist, former Senate Majority Leader...remember him?

Yeah, me neither.

Hemp Flower

Dennis Kucinich/Ron Paul '08
"An Ostrich egg in every muffler,
A cotton ball in every bathroom."

Fist of Etiquette

I don't know if I can vote for Congressman Kucinich. If he prays to Mecca five times a day, and also prays to Alpha Centauri five times a day, how much time will he have left in the day to mold the country into the image of Cleveland, or to appoint Hugo Chavez to head the FCC, or to retroactively impeach Bush?

FoUSA's Spanish Cat

Under sharia law, with only a slit for her eyes, no one could tell Britney Spears is lip-synching.

or that her head is shaved,

Or that she is not wearing any underwear.

The paparazzi would sell much less magazines and papers,
we would save trees.

Under Sharia law, women would not be allowed to drive, this would cut our need for oil in half and seriously reduce our carbon footprint.

Sharia law would save the planet.

Sharia is green!

Che Gaiavera

"he's also one hooker short of a Kennedy Family Reunion."--LL

Oh, her? She's still in the car. I guess someone should walk down to the bridge and help her out, huh?

It's called diplomacy, folks - the same kind of diplomacy he used to free the green-skinned slave women of Orion and end the Argon Wars.

You can't possibly be suggesting that diplomats serve in a war zone!?

Dangerous Dave

I saw a UFO. Let me repeat that. I saw a UFO. I'm not fucking with you.

I'm just as sensible as the next guy, and I'm married to a young chick that's taller than me.

Where was I going with this? Um, um, um, shit.

I'm going back to bed. After I take a dump. You'd think that now that I'm married, my parents would have a bathroom built in the basement, but no. They can't afford to thanks to Bush's tax cuts for the rich.


George Bush hates UFO's...

Son of the South

Where's kb?

Fist of Etiquette

We've all seen UFO's. If you are sighted, you have undoubtedly seen an object, that was flying, that you couldn't identify. Perhaps it was too far off or visibility wasn't that good or you had just self-medicated. That's part of life.

Dennis Kucinich is the only one of the presidential contenders to have actually seen a flying saucer, no doubt filled with benevolant alien creatures here to give a message of hope to the one among us pure enough to hear it. And also to caution us to stop destroying our own planet with our wasteful ways, and to advise us to stop killing each other over our scant natural resources, and also to warn us about the Jews.



Life must be better in out space, 'cause the neo-cons have sure messed things up here:

1. Interfering with Hitler and his sovereign government

2. Interfering with Saddam and his sovereign government

3. Interfering with King George and his sovereign sovereignty....


"he's also one hooker short of a Kennedy Family Reunion."--LL
"Where's kb?"--Son Of The South

Connect the dots.


I have seen many UFOs in my bongwater. Scrying is something I don't normally do, but when the ganja kicks in, I can see the past, present and future as well as some really gnarly people. Not to mention a few galaxies who sing to me.

Son of the South


Bravo! (or Brava!, if you are of the distaff persuasion) - I was not sure if anyone would uncover my deeply-planted witticism.

I am not worthy.


Godless Commie

I saw a four foot tall hairy little critter with one big gigantor of a nose walking upright the other day. I am not shitting you people. Damn near blew my mind. I hadn't even had my morning glaucoma meds yet!

But - back on topic - you could read Chimpymchallibushitler's remark as a madman's threat rather than a madman's prediction -- as a warning to recalcitrant states, from Germany to the Motherland of the glorious USSR, that don't seem to share his crazed obsession with Iran. The message: Fall into line with administration policy toward Iran or you can count on the U.S.A. to kick you in the balls and start World War III on its own. And when it comes to sparking global conflagration, the U.S. knows what the fuck it's doing and attack on Iran might be just the thing. Yee haw! I am like, so there and everything.

So my fellow travelers, forget impeachment, we should all put it behind us. Straightjacket Bush and Darth Cheney should NOT be treated like criminals who deserve punishment; they should be treated like psychotics who need treatment.

Why you ask?

Because they've clearly gone mad. Exhibit A: We're in the middle of a disastrous war in Iraq, the military and political situation in Afghanistan is steadily worsening, and the administration's interrogation and detention tactics have inflamed anti-Americanism and fueled extremist movements around the globe.

Then there's Hitler (the one that's dead), whose struggle against the Jooos was unfortunately cut off before achieving final solution, was limited by not having the efficient technology available today. That four foot tall hairy little critter does not intend to make that same mistake. Just ask my new butt-buddy kickedinthebrain. He will back me up 110%. Laws yes.

Now I must but down bong and pull up pants.

The Exorcist

"Where's kb?"

KuFOcinich was the last one to spot him in the sky above Shirley's place.!

Well well, I guess we know who Larry is voting for this next year! He has mentioned Dennis (the Menace) Kucinich in two post these last two weeks and even went to one of his rallies. Funny I thought you were a Hillary girl/man? If you think about it he does look like what the menace would have grown up to be. No slight on those fond memories we have of the cartoon of our youth.

Did Dennis really see a UFO? I think I saw a UFO and thought it was a shooting star.

@Fist of Etiquette
If he prays to Mecca five times a day, and also prays to Alpha Centauri five times a day
I think instead of Alpha Centauri he would pray to Hale Bob Comet because he missed his chance to drink some cool aid and join those that did.

Che Gaiavera

4. Banning books like "AmeriKKKa Deceived" from and still allowing them to sell millions of Christina Aguillara CDs to Gitmo guards.

Kucinich/Ron Paul '08


The undocumented aliens in that UFO just wanted to do the work Americans refuse to do.Eliot Spitzer will offer them a driver's license so they can legally fly that saucer I am sure.

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