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The Exorcist

And it's hardly just a coinkeedink that Pavorotti and O'bammo bitch Laden use the same hair and beard dye. There's no doubt that Bush's Big Grecian Formula 08 Buddies are involved!

Fist of Etiquette

From the linked article: "He's the president of the United States. You liberals are the nastiest, most hateful people I know. I'm ashamed of Seattle."

It's nice to know that is just a funnel for the fascist racism coming out of, and sees fit to regurgitate whatever company line is fed to them by the Bush White House. Please never link to them again.

And to the Seattlite that is "ashamed", you're an ignorant hick. Bush stole Florida in 2000 and he stole Ohio in 2004, so he is most definitely not the President of the United States. Please die soon so the rest of us don't have to read your hate speech.


Were there any people at the anti-Bush demonstration saying:

or maybe:


or maybe:



I'll never watch foosball again.. ever.

This fits right in the plans of the Rovania nation builders Lawrence. No Foosball, No Tenors, No Saxophones, No Dixie Chicks, No Tapping in the Bathroom, No idiots wearing Foosball jerseys.. No.. NO.. well you get the idea, if not.. don't worry
The made for tv will be "Friday Night Reich".

Dangerous Dave

I knew there had to be a connection between Bushler and Pavarotti's death. Pavarotti had immediate access to singlepayer nationalized healthcare, so he would have lived forever had it not been for Bushler. He looked pretty fuckin healthy to me in those black and white pictures they released of him.

As for Bushler, I think he's rested and ready to trample the Constitution again by running in 2008. It's gonna happen since he can likely do so legally since he was actually doing a body double for Al Gore from 2001-2005. Fucking asshole! IMPEACH! IMPEACH! IMPEACH!


I like Bush...


From the article: "To learn that two of the most popular Seahawks are strong (Bush) supporters ruins the season for me and my family," wrote another.

Bush destroyed football!

Clearly, the only compassionate and reasonable recourse for my PNW brethren being held hostage by Bush in their own hometown is to bomb the hell out of the Kingdome, just demolish the whole thing. The Seahawks have been permanently tainted by Hasselbeck's betrayal, and we need a fresh slate. Then they can build a new field, sponsored by a good, home-brewed, grassroots organization. Just make sure it's not some telecom.

And get a new and more appropriate mascot--how about the Seattle Trail Mixes? The Birkenstocks?

The Exorcist

Oh, it's all so clear now.

Bush pulls bid Laden out of his bunker at the ranch a week before he addresses the nation about war funding. We get it, Mr. Bush. Have your turbaned ranch-hand make the EXACT same pitch to the American sheeple that the Democrats are going to make next week, just to make them look like backstabbing traitors.

Well, understand this, Mr. Bush. We progressives would rather see America turned into an obliterated mosque than for you to be right.

You had damned well better believe our elected Democrat representatives will do exactly as Bin La(D)en instructs them and toss the troops under the bus. So you and your baby-killing troops can just kiss our collective yellow-asses if you think we're going to give you another DIME just for the purposes of America winning a silly war.

Dangerous Dave



If Bush can resurrect OBL with some cheap beard dye and an over-starched Gilligan's Island hat that Dob Denver used to wear, then surely he can bring Pavarotti back to life so we can all sleep soundly.

I am sure some medical bong ventilation and a few magic shrooms will do the trick.

On second thought don’t waste the shrooms. Give them to me.

And, for Gaia’s sake quit wasting good rancid tomatoes on Bush’s limo.

The ergot on those rancid tomatoes, and a few house hold chemicals, can be made into LSD-25.

Larry, if you are going to hallucinate, do it right and take a ride with Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)!

Btw, Larry you seemed to have taken a few phrases from the Tall Dave’s site (the Hawk’s site).

For the love a Gaia, get off the shrooms and get on the acid.


I thought Nessun Dumbya was one of those hybred Japanese cars???///?!!!!?!!11!!!!!???????!

I thought Nessun Dumbya was one of those hybred Japanese cars???///?!!!!?!!11!!!!!???????
Posted by: DoubleU

Clever, Clever!
Woke me out of my stupor.

Anyway I was going to say . . . I started falling asleep with this yarn that Larry spun. Your right I did not make that free speech meeting. I thought it might rain. I don't like it when it rains. That's way I don't like Washington even though I was born there.

I am sure the Shrub will figure out a way to stay in office. I even heard he might do a shock and awe to Iran before the 2008 election and claim he can't leave office until that fight is all over with. Which could be decades.
Clever, Clever!

Kinky Bee

"You can therefore wager your left testicle..."--LL

Ummmm...I can't find mine. All I have is a set of brass balls. Will those work? I mean, brass could be worth more than a testicle, depending on who you are.

Kinky Bee

"good, home-brewed, grassroots organization"

You better believe the home-brewed grass is awesome, Stoorat!!

Kinky Bee

"I thought Nessun Dumbya was one of those hybred Japanese cars?..."

I do believe you are thinking of the INBRED Japanese cars. It's easy to Confucius them, if you aren't intimately acquainted with them. To get intimately acquainted, simply tap your foot, and they'll come a-running.

The Exorcist

In a whacky world of Democrat hypocrisy, Star Parker breaks off a little sanity...

Liberals love the sin and hate the sinner

Posted: September 8, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Coverage by the mainstream media of the Larry Craig scandal confirms again that liberals love the sin and hate the sinner. They've got both the Idaho senator and the conservative values he has supported in their crosshairs.

Perhaps it's relevant to take a moment and recall that the need for biblical guidance comes from the proclivity to sin. You don't need a map if you're hardwired to know where you're going.

But, for those on the left, a map isn't necessary because it doesn't matter where we are going. For them, a man going astray is proof that having a destination, and rules for getting there, is hypocrisy. The problem is not the fallen man but having rules to begin with.

Typical is Newsweek's Jonathan Alter, who writes with ironic sanctimony about GOP claims to moral superiority. Alter can hardly contain his glee at the prospect that the Craig scandal will undermine the family-values agenda of conservative Republicans. He goes on, with great haste, to write its obituary.

"In the long term, though, the end of the family-values agenda may be a blessing in disguise for the GOP. It has tied its fortunes too closely to evangelical Christians. ..."

But what does Craig's personal behavior have to do with the validity and relevance of traditional values?

Might we recall a basic rule of logic that points to the fallacy of the ad hominem argument? The issue is the substance and truth of the argument and not the person making it.

Let's consider the relevance of traditional values as a practical matter and see where the most damaging hypocrisy lies.

Democratic politicians, who now are quietly luxuriating in the Craig scandal and Republican Party woes, will tell us that what they're about is fairness, income gaps, two Americas and the poor.

Now suppose that the family values they are so anxious to usher out the door are key to addressing these very issues Democrats claim to be their concern.

In fact, they are.

The Census Bureau has just released its latest data on poverty in America. The intimate connection between family structure and poverty is undeniable.

Five percent of homes headed by married couples are poor. Over 35 percent of homes, seven times as many, headed by single mothers are poor.

Data, as reported by Douglas Besharov of the American Enterprise Institute, show that, in 2005, the average income for all American families with children under age 18 was $56,793. For those households headed by a married couple, the average income was $71,010. For those households headed by single women, the average income was $26,705.

The most healthy and prosperous American families are those in which traditional values are intact.

In an article in the latest issue of Commentary magazine, Lawrence Mead, a professor of politics at New York University and author of seven books on poverty and welfare reform, surveys thinking over the last 50 years about the causes of poverty and concludes:

"Although impediments to working may still affect some people, poverty is overwhelmingly a result of dysfunctional patterns of life. Families are poor in America in 2007 typically because unmarried parents have children and then do not work regularly to support them. ... It has become difficult to avoid the conclusion that serious poverty in America is rooted in the culture of the poor."

It's not news that poverty is disproportionately high among blacks. At 25 percent, the incidence of black poverty is double the national average.

Corresponding with this are disproportionately high black out-of-wedlock births and homes headed by single women.

When Daniel Moynihan wrote his famous report in 1965 identifying the warning signs of the breakdown of the black family, black out-of-wedlock births were a third of what they are today.

Do family values matter? You bet they do.

They may be a matter of principle for conservative Republicans, but they are a matter of life and death to America's poor and particularly to America's poor blacks.

Whatever Larry Craig was doing in a men's room in the Minneapolis airport has little to do with the relevance of these truths and their importance in our country today.

Democrats and the left may enjoy exploiting Craig's misfortunes and using this incident to try to undermine the traditional-values agenda he supported for 20 years in the U.S. Senate. But by so doing, they hurt this country and the very communities they claim to want to help. So, then, where does the most damaging hypocrisy really lie?


"Democrats and the left may enjoy exploiting Craig's misfortunes and using this incident to try to undermine the traditional-values agenda he supported for 20 years in the U.S. Senate. But by so doing, they hurt this country and the very communities they claim to want to help. So, then, where does the most damaging hypocrisy really lie?"

Now you've got it. Satire requires a subtle touch,
kinda, metaphorically speaking, like Bush's hamster hands, only not as squishy soft.

Fist of Etiquette

First, Hasselbeck argues with Rosie O'Donnell and forces her to quit The View, and now he's having secret meetings with George Bush? I smell a big rat.

Aunt Jemima, livin' wid' Uncle Ben

Eggs O'Cyst,
How DARE you malign us Democrats! Family values are what we say they are. You are getting uppity, claiming that marriage is important, and out of wedlock births matter.
As long as we are the Nanny state, force you to pay punitive taxes with the threat of
you losing your liberty and property if you don't pay, you can't complain because
abortion on demand takes care of those little 'slips.' So does welfare, which allows
men to avoid responsibility to their partners and their children.

Sheesh. I recommend some serious swirly time for you to realign your way of thinking.

The Exorcist

Actually, that's Super Star Parker maligning demonkkklans. As for me, maligning dumborats is too mild. For instance, I'm pro-choice when it comes to unwed mothers giving birth to baby democrats out of of wedlock. It may be one of the most effective of preemptive strikes against the enemy. If you fire up the Hoover 18 years before they become a threat at the voting booth, then you don't have to waste all that time and money waiting for their death penalties to be carried out.

It's called compassion.!

@The Exorcist

Good post about Star Parker. Now we progressives can properly take this argument apart and hit him over the head with it. Normally your post are quite blue and unmentionable. This was the bluest and the most mentionable unmentionable.

Now let me think were to start . . . what would Hillary say . . . Oh, Oh, how about Reed! or Kennedy or the DNC?

My head hurts.


I typed "moonbats" into Google, and this website came up! Spot on! A show of hands please: how many of you realize that you are full-throated barking moonbats? No one? Just as I thought. Enjoy your loony, socialist, fantasy dreamworld. Thank the Creator that your Disneyland exists only on the internet, and not in the "real" world! (Just to piss you off: Semper Fi!) Love and kisses, Macaronea

The Exorcist



Let's get something straighter than Senator Larry Craigay here, Macaroni! We are 21st-Century Democrats and we don't pay our respects to the military anymore than we do America! We are the ones that have figured out that if you just sit down and talk to the terrorists, instead of killing them, you could make them happy. And making them happy is what we are about, LIFER!

If you haven't figured out that we are willing to sacrifice any number of Americans in order to please terrorists then you have a hell of a lot to learn about being a Democrat in the 21st Century.

Needing Advice

I am shocked. I clicked on to 'Monday Morning with Liberal Larry' only to find a post I had made last night is missing, not to mention more than half the comments in the 'Hurricane kb' spot are gone too. What could have possibly caused this? I know Larry is a worn out sex therapist for midgets and doesn't care if comments fall off his
blog, but why oh why can't I read them all? Can you help me?

Missing the Post

Dangerous Dave

You will learn, young man. I was once a Jarhead too but since visiting this site twice an hour every day, weekends included, I have become enlightened to the fact that amerikkka is not worth carrying a rifle for and the Democratic party has accepted me as one of their own.

And as for Disneyland, it is a fascist corporate enterprise that is a larger threat to the world than Bin Laden could ever dream to be. Think of all of that carbon being emitted every day at that shithole. The monorail alone likely sucks up more electricity than Al Gore's guest house.

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