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The Exorcist



Sloppy Seconds !!!!

How can something like this be going on ?? Here we are on the Eve Of a New Conversation, and we drawn back into the dark ages by none other than firemen.

These are supposed to be the people who offer us safety and rescue from harmful things..not press us into a corner about what is acceptable diaperage. That is the responsibility of Commission on Community Re-Development..I think.


Sneakers with a tutu? Is he mad?

The Exorcist

"Sneakers with a tutu? Is he mad?"--Crikey!

Mad about meat, mad about men and mad about Ben. Yes, Cricket. He's mad alright.


Fireman, flamers...a perfect match.

That pic is a caption contest waiting to happen. Of course, since buggery will never come close to giving them their dignity back, I vote for a 'hurt feelings' lawsuit.
Lots of crying and whining and Silky Pony Boy to channel for them.

The Exorcist

Hoses, roses....where's the snatch?

Kinky Bee

/moonbat mode off

What in the name of all that is good is a Fire Station doing participating in a Gay Pride Parade? Is that what our tax dollars go for? Also, that chief should be fired on the spot, and I totally support the firefighters who were subjected to such a disgraceful sight

/moonbat mode on

Kinky Bee

Picture Caption:

"Cum and get me, Luscious. Oh, the sneakers? Well, my pointe shoes hurt my feet too much, and the heel broke on my stilettos."

Kinky Bee

/moonbat mode back off

Good Grief! I am truly embarrassed for those gays. Have they no shame? I mean, I know the Bible mentions that they are "inventors of evil things"(Pardons, Dodger), but my Lands, this is totally disgusting.

/moonbat mode back on

Kinky Bee

"firefighters Chad Allison"--one of the firefighters filing the lawsuit, and "allegedly" uncomfortable with what went on. Oh please! His name's Chad Allison,. That's a gay guy name, if I ever heard of one


It’s sad when a fireman will not voluntarily rush to the scene of a gay bath house party on main street hose down some queens burning with heat.

I am sure Bachelor #3, Jayjay, felt unsatisfied those mean homophobic firemen!

Public servants - my @ss!


Bachelor #3: Jayjay is a socially conscious liberal whose forte is a pina colada enema that'll knock your @ss off

I Blame Bush!

Don Imiss

This is why I am glad homosexuality is being taught in our nation's schools. Homosexuality should be mandatory for straight and gay people alike.


Are any members (and you know what I'm talkin' about) of the Film Actors Guild speaking out for the Enlyghtened Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, Persyns of Alternatyve Lyfestyles?

Fist of Etiquette

If those firemen didn't want to be exposed to alternative lifestyle choices, they shouldn't be living in San Diego.

I really like how typepad underlines and bolds links. It really invites the eye to jump to them when skimming an article. I went right to "lather up" and "feathery buttplug" and "thong-wearing bikers"...

Oh my, you'll all have to excuse me. I think I have the vapors.


There should be some kind of warning on some of those links you posted Larry.. I was on the phone with my probation
officer when I clicked on one of those.

I have no idea WHY these 'rearless' firefighters are so in a tizzy.. I distinctly
recall an episode at work....

*freak in the street mode off*

when the EMTs brought a man into the E.R. with his wife by his side,
who was having angina. It sounds sexy..but it's not. His chest/abdomen films showed what the Rad-tech reported to us as what looked like 'two beer cans' in his rectum..
Later, after his wife stomped out of the hospital screaming "Don't EVER come home!", it was revealed he had a giant, black dildo lodged so far in his body the tip was touching the apex of his heart.
Apparantly, he had the thing bolted to the side of his garage wall, and it broke off during his 'before dinner' self joust.

I almost got fired for refusing to take him as an admission.
*freak in the street mode on*

Some folks are just too much, if you know what I mean.


Sure, when our Islamic Overlords take over they will kill gay people in our sports stadiums by hanging, stoning and pushing brick walls onto them. but remember our sisters will look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!


All those hateful FyrePersyns should be forced to attend dyvyrsyty training so they can learn how much they have in common with those GLBTBND members they rejected:

They all enjoy sliding down a nice, shiny pole.

They all know how to handle a high pressure hose.

They all enjoy wearing macho outfits.

They know that spraying a frothy foam all over the room is sometimes the best way to deal with extreme heat.

None of them is afraid to get some of that frothy foam all over them in the name of duty.


John Edward's campaign manager, Dick Slick, woos a group of voters with his rendition of "Happy Birthday, Mrs. President" at today's Iowa caucus/straw poll. Says Slick, "If I'd known they were going to misspell both 'cock-us' and 'pole', John would never have come. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course he would have."


Damn bold.

Fist of Etiquette

I agree. That was damn bold of you to make that comment.


I think that CAIR should sponsor that event instead. That would show these intolerant bastards what real tolerance is! I mean, Mooselums luv gays right? It's the Religion of Peace after all...


Oh...come now people. Thith ith all about eckthpozthure. I mean jutht look at my
lyfe partner up there! He ith happy for the firtht time sinthe he took Liberal Larry'th courthe in midget thtuddieth(like my pun?) and the kama thutra. Justht one big roll in the hay and in public too! Even nambla can't get away with that!

*thathayth off*

Well, if CAIR were involved, they would just give them a shove in memory of ChIraq's Phrench mistake.


I'm sure that the guy at the convenience store down the street is gay..and equally as sure he is Mooslim, I think. Oh who cares ? I'm just happy someone is finally
bringing this whole thing out in the open.

I just look forward to a day when all our gay friends and convenience store clerks can dress and act any way they want, anywhere they want.

It will be the crowning achievement of democracy as we now know it.

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