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Nancy Pelosi

I could not have put it more eloquently myself, Larry. Bravo! And did you know that Al Qaeda has already pledged not to drive automobiles any more?! From now on Al Qaeda members must travel by donkey or else face execution by means of beheadal! Are we worse than they? Well, perhaps we are....but there's no reason why we shouldn't strive to emulate them. Sorry, but I have to cut this short, I've got to repark my SUV's.
Best regards,
Speaker Of The House,
Nancy Pelosi


None of us will be free while Haliburton lives.


Well, it’s a start.

But, when will Ward “1/16th Indian” Churchill become governor or at least get his tenure back? He is one of Colorado’s most important citizens!

It will be hard for W. LeRoy Churchill to explain those 2 years of suspension on his resume without some type of elevation in political status.

Why stop at governor?

I say W. LeRoy Churchill would make a fine VP to Hillary.

Kinky Bee

Gaia must be proud! At least she will have one cool spot on her while the rest of her burns like Hades. Wait a minute!! Isn't Denver already freezing cold and snowy a good portion of the year? Stupid Global Warming!!


Carbon-neutral macht frei!!!


"..Wait a minute!! Isn't Denver already freezing cold and snowy a good portion of the year? .."
Yes Kinky, but since they are at least a mile closer than most, it is quite brilliant for them to take the lead.. plus they ARE closer to the ozone, therefore a bit MORE responsible for the whole mess anyway.

But our fellow Denveryans DO have a choice, they can "think of it as penalties..or 'market signals'..your choice"

Isn't it really amazing that our newest undocumented citizens have the foresight to come pre-packaged with diversity, they also refuse to drive...that's somewhere between 12 and 20something million cars off the road.

I, for one am proud as hell of our progressyve leaders..They must be sad, unable to lead 'average lives' at present...equally unable to exemlpify our
responsibilty to us first hand. I just hope the weak-minded Bushites can see a little past their wallets when Gaia needs a little help with the A/C.

Fist of Etiquette

It's June and Denver is covered in snow. There was already one tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico, and they're expecting that's just the beginning. I even read that temperatures are steadily dropping right now in parts of South America and Australia. And here in the eastern United States, it has become noticeably hotter just in the last six months.

Direct your gazes upward, ladies and gentlemen (and anyone in between). That thing coming rapidly at you is the sky, and if don't do precisely what your caring and very knowledgeable civic leaders order, you will be not only be adding to Global Warming, but to their general funds as well.


Well all this stuff in Denver just might lead to concentration camps for Jooooz...


"Mayor John Hickenlooper has made the "climate action plan" a centerpiece of his second term in office."

Yes, but look who is in charge of the changes. If Hickenlooper isn't a Natsee name, I don't know what is.
Of course, he would be concerned with emissions to the point of anality.

Freud would be pleased and Susan Sonntag could rest that she has been recycled into worm food.
Sorry Larry, I know you loved her desparately, and doing Andrea Dworkin was a fantasy you'd had for many years, but well, there it is. Even in death they are nurturing Gaia. It doesn't get more truthy than that.


This kind of news makes me want to cum a rainbow!

Gaia will spare Denver and the other inlighted citys that move in this foward thinking direction.

What we need is to have Al Gore and his envormental Khmer Rouge to enter the citys of ameriKKKa and force everyone out to the countryside to work in the fields to throw off their shackles of consumerism. Sure, it didn't work when Pol Pot did it, but it would work now because Al is 96% smarter and caring than Pol Pot. Al Gore is envormental brother Number one!

The Exorcist

What's the name of that pro football team that plays in Denver?

"Waaaaaeeee down insyaaade"


Broooookoze! Youuu neeeeeed meh! Denk DAAAAAAAAAA!


What was the Zeppelin song where Plant sez, "I wanna be your backdoor man."

The Exorcist

That's still Whole Lotta Love towards the end of the song. It's a nod to this guy that probably never made 8-cents off Zep, The Stones or those other opressing opressors who oppress.

"Back Door Man" is a song written by Willie Dixon and originally performed by Howlin' Wolf (released on Chess Records 1777, 1961). The Doors later covered the song on their 1967 self-titled album. The song has also been covered by the Grateful Dead, Shadows of Knight, Bob Weir, and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

The phrase "Back door man" refers to a man having an affair with a married woman, presumably while the husband is away at war, using the back door as an entrance & exit symbolically.


There's a jody call from WWII that goes like this:

When you left eye begins to twitch,
And you skin begins to crawl,
You can get your bottom dollar,
Another mule is kicking in your stall.

Kinda fits the whole them of equine love.

Peace out!


Ain't no use in goin home
Jody's got your girl and gone
Ain't no use in feelin blue
Jody's got your sister, too

I'm gone take a three day pass
I'm gone kick young Jody's ____ either ass or 'sound off'

depending on who's runnin' the show and who's on the parade

It's proabably safe to say Jody and Backdoor Man are some
strange way... probably incest.
you know..backdoors and all.


OK, we were kicked out of a swanky Italian resturant in Aviano, IT for singing this song to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean":

I fucked a dead whore by the roadside.
I knew right away she was dead.
The skin was all gone from her tummy.
The hair was all gone from her head.

And as I layed down there beside her.
I knew right away I had sinned.
So I put my lips to her sweet pussy,
And sucked out the wad I shot in.

Sucked out! Sucked out!
I sucked out the wad I shot in, shot in!
and so on.

They loved us.

(I hope no one here is offended because I posted about hetero sex.)!

I did not know that Colorado was a swing vote state for the '08 elections? From what I gather that is were all this carbon/ozone/warming/money/.../votes is going isn't it?

The Exorcist

Holy Shi'ite, Guthrie!

WTF have you been smoking? This is a family program, or haven't you noticed my mammal-to-mammal love theme?

BTW, I would've sworn f*%#ing dead whores was necrophilia. But if that's hetero sex, SIGN ME UP!!


Exorcist, a preference for heterosexual activity is soooooooooo passé. Get in line with the progressive thinking.

The Exorcist


How many times has your colon been perforated by Misster Ed, Brutha? How many times have you been in the Emergency Room this month?

Until you've been harnessed and saddled in the barn as many times as I have, you are holey unqualified to talk to me about progressyve values!


Sorry, I don't have any cadences that talk about equine love, but I know a couple unpleasant ones.

See baby Ahmed playing on the porch,
Napalm turned him to a screaming torch.
See little Ahmed sitting in the yard,
Napalm left him blistered and scarred.
'Cause Naaaaa-paaaalm sticks to kids
It'll teach 'em not to do whatever they did.
Napalm sticks to boys,
But first you have to coax them in with toys.
Kentucky fried children,
May sound mean.
Kentucky fried children,
Taste like gasoline.


Does Denver plan to tax airline passengers using the airport? That'll be great for tourism.

The Exorcist

Airport? I'm still waiting for someone to remind me what the name of that pro football team is. Which I'm sure required a tax-increase for the stadium to be built. If I could just recall their name.......


See my post @ 11:05.

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