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The Exorcist

Slamming homos? Oh, I gots to be 1st on dis one.


Four-Star Homophobe Slanders Gay, Babykilling Troops

Homophobe?! A phobia is a fear; I sincerely doubt that the good general is afraid of homosexuals.


I couldn't have loved my son more, unless he was gay! That's all.

Gaylord Perry

In a gesture of solidarity with the gay community, I say to our commander in chief, "Mr. President, bring our gay troops home now"!

It makes me shudder when I think how many gay people have already died as a result of this war!

Fist of Etiquette

Bush strikes again.

The good general was just blindly following the orders of George W. Bush (like Bush is a king or something and has been given some divine right to order the military around, without Congress, but don't get me started). Bush ordered General Pace to create this controversy to distract from Bush's failed troop surge policy, Bush's failed economic policies, and the fact that Al Gore won an Emmy for "Happy Feet" (a documentary that directly challenges Bush's failed energy policy).

So the tin soldier just blurted the first redneck thought that came to mind, and we all pounce on it like it's the last size 13 pair of stilettos on the shelf. I expect more focus from Congressional Democrats and the leftwing blogosphere.

But what more can you expect from General Pace? He's someone who was too uneducated to keep himself out of Iraq.


What's wrong with havin' gay queer fag homasechels in the military? I hear tell that they don't like to leave their buddies behind.


Hey... nobody has accused him of being a closet homosexual yet!!!1!!!1 This is rule number one is someone disagrees with a pro-same sex activity.
Sometimes I wonder if you are all really closet neo-cons.


We must surrender in Iraq so we can bring our gay troops home to flourish in the bathhouses and give the Iraqi male goats a break.

And then we can put the rest of the homophobic stormtroopers on trial for war crimes.


Jesus must have been gay since he was always telling his disciples to turn the other cheek. That's what my lesbian priestess keeps telling me from the pulpit. But then she's always saying how Jesus was actually a womyn.

In either case, disprove that you kkkonservative KKKhristian Rethuglikkkans!


Good point DoubleU.

Methinks he doth protest too much. Pace doth protest too much, too, but Methinks is just sooo over the top with it. I mean, does anyone actually believe this "morality" crap?

Pace had better wake up and learn that jingoistic slogans like "Semper Fidelis" and "Uncommon valor was a common virtue" are cute but meaningless, and that the Marine Corps ethos is a living, breathing set of principals that should change with the tide of popular sentiment!

Oh, and he should legalize marijuana, too.

Fist of Etiquette

I'll also pick up that gauntlet, DoubleU. I mean, do you see that outfit the general wears, with all those brooches? He's just one sash and tiara away from being RuPaul.

I don't know but I've been told, foxholes at night get mighty cold.
I don't know but it's been said, my NCO gives mighty good instruction on unit cohesion.


If being gay is wrong, then I don't wanna be right...


(Good to get a comment in before the flame war start up.)


Just look how those nancy boys from sparta fought. They were all swich hitters and they did a pretty job at killing peaceloving persians.

I'm so mad at Gen. Peter Pace’s remark that I'll throw him on the boxcar myself!!


He should be beheaded for insulting islam! Err... wait, wrong topic!

He should be girly slapped for insulting gays!

The Exorcist

"give the Iraqi male goats a break"-LB

Male goats! OH HAYELL YAYESS! That's all I needed to hear. I'm re-enlisting.

The Exorcist

"(Good to get a comment in before the flame war start up.)"-Wavy Davey

I have it on good sources, a fellow Halliburton employee, that the trolls have been dismissed. Of course, the trolls have no life so I'm sure they're working diligently to find a new pc to use to get back to impressing us with their brilliant world vision. But for now, it's just us military-bashing, yet troop-supporting, Bush-blaming, gay-flaming, goat-taming progressyves.


"I don't know but I've been told, foxholes at night get mighty cold.
I don't know but it's been said, my NCO gives mighty good instruction on unit cohesion." - FOE

You slay me every time, FOE!

Verity Kindle

Wait, you're not allowed to quote the Dad from Little House on the Prairie! You hippie blasphemer! I'll kill you! lol


Well, his half assed 'confession' wasn't fully satisfying.


Couple Accused of Seeking Sex With Girl

"PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland couple arranged to trade marijuana for the chance to have sex with a 5-year-old girl, the authorities said Tuesday.

Federal agents arrested Christopher Dudley, 27, and Rhea Hamm, 22, in Woodland, Wash., where they were to meet the girl _ a fictitious character created by an agent who met Dudley in an Internet chat room."


"Federal agents arrested Christopher Dudley, 27, and Rhea Hamm, 22, in Woodland, Wash., where they were to meet the girl"

Who are WE to pass judgement on people's lyfestyles? Fascist! It's none of our business what people do in their bedrooms! How do you KNOW that little girl doesn't want to have sex with those people. You don't. You didn't ask her.

Besides, this is just another of Bu$Hitler's ploys to focus our attention on frivolous issues which are none of our business.

Our businees is to regulate how much money people make. We should be focused on the destruction of our society by ridiculously high levels of executive compensation and the profits of Big Oil which are driving giant income disparities which are destabalizing our society. Neither I nor any real progressyves UNDERSTAND why Big Oil should be allowed to keep its windfall profits and why CEOs are paid tens of millions of dollars. And our lack of understanding these things qualifies...nay...COMPELS us to require government to change them.

Focus on the REAL issues, Bubba. Don't start sticking your nose into other people's bedrooms.

The Exorcist

Gotta love the FBI posing as little kids on the internet while deviantcrats are lurking for a thrill. Even better is the treatment these democrats receive once they go to prison. Toilet plungers, ice-picks and the Jeffrey Dahlmer mop-handle is an old favorite too.

That is entrapment. Using bait. Wait'll the ACLU finds out about this! How dare that FBI agent tease them...and then trick them into giving up their glaucoma meds. Even NAMBLA should be equal opportunity there.



Jeez, the next thing you know General Pace will start slamming prostitutes, adulterers and those persyns involved in mutually consenting incestuous relationships. This guy is a Neanderthal.

Menstrual Rainbow

Look as someone whose LGBT society was decimated when a submarine recruiter stole our gay male contingent by promising them the chance to experience something that was long, hard and full of seamen for the next five years, I have to say I agree with the baby killing general.

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