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Then how do you explain DicKKK Cheney's Gay Lesbian daughter, Mary, who likes other Lesbians?


Without gays, there would be no hair dressers! The Rethugicans may be okay with having to do their own highlites, but I'll be damned if I ever will!!!


I see a real pattern here. Nearly 87% of the pederastic acts in the Catholic Church were performed on male altar boys by homosexual priests. I'm starting to rethink my opinion that homosexuality is genetic based given the success of the Catholic Church in creating homosexuals. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Kiki B.

Hah! It's all Mel Gibson's fault. If he wasn't a Catholic who hated Joooooos, Fondly wouldn't have become gay.

And in light of this, I think that DicKKK Chainy's lesbian daughter who practices Lesbianism(way more Progressyve than Catholicism) should surrender to her Lesbian tendencies.

Hey! Wait a minute! DicKKK Chainy's daughter is GAY???!!! Since when? Why didn't anyone bring this out in the last election? I mean, being gay and all, she should really want to be outted in public, so she can be queer and proud of it for all to see. Also, it would have blown GW's chances to steal another election. Bummer!


I think it's the big pope hat. I get a hard on every time I see it.

Fist of Etiquette

I think it was alcohol first, then clergy, in that order, that turned the congressman "that way".

Menstrual Rainbow

Many Nuns are lesbians from what I've seen, particularly that order of nuns that goes to frat parties to take their clothes off for money. Mind you they're probably not full time time nuns because sometimes when I see them they have their nurses and police woman uniforms on instead.


I just had a thought, what are we going to do if Mark Foley really comes out of the closet and claims he's actually a Democrat?

UN Doctor

Well, if he comes out of the closet and makes that confession (think NJ governor's tear filled plea for understanding), then he will keep all his perks. As a progressyve, we can't ask for more than who has 'seen the light' even if he was on his knees and up to his ears in it, and has come home.

We will love and support him. I bet he gets Barney Frank's number out of it...


There's always room for Fooly in our neck of the woods,after all we understand what motivates the libedo,dont we?


I already have a pet/lyfe partner baboon named Mohammad (piece of luv on his red rashy cute ass) now I guess I'll have to get a Foley hamster as well...



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