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You forgot "Playgirl". And "Dawn", "The News", "Jang", "Nawa-i-Waqt", et cetera.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Don't forget my blog!

Speaks Truth to Chimps

Larry, the only problem with Air America was that they failed to get their message out. None of the ReichKKK-WingKKK MediaKKK you cited above printed not even one story (not one!) about Air America, before during or after they launched. Instead, they were too busy licking RushKKK LimbaughKKK's and the BushKKK KKKrimeKKK RegimeKKK's boots!

If the media would focus ONLY on Gay Republicans, and exhibit completely justified hatred of ALL Republicans and AmeriKKKa (like Air America has done), we could establish the DPRUSA, and force people to listen to it.

I'll bet then, their ratings would go up!


What's gonna happen to Randi Rhodes? I'm sure going to miss that guy.

Speaks Truth to Chimps

"The Abortion Channel"

Ooh, I'm such a big fan of that. I can hardly even sleep for fear I'll miss an episode (I TIVO, then FF through it). Thank Evolution I'm on the Welfare or else I'd never be able to keep up. Abortions 24/7 like Evolution meant it to be!


Thats a rather short list!

Fist of Etiquette

I always suspected Highlights was an exercise in rightwing propaganda. (I'm pretty sure my childhood dentist was a post-war Nazi transplant to the US.)

I am surprised that Telemundo isn't on the list. I didn't think Bush's border wall was high enough to block the signal.

Menstrual Rainbow

I always flew on Air Anerica, and now thanks to Dumbya, I will never get that chance again.


Bu-shaitan's Body Count grows! Former progryssyve Rep. Gerry Studds, who was ahed of his time for Congressmen having consensual sex with teenage male pages, "died" today. He was clearly going to spill the beans on the whole malAdministration!


I just noticed that the article I linked to above is titled (at least for now) "Former U.S.-Rep. Studds dies at 69". At least he died doing what he loved... although it must have been somewhat traumatic for whoever he was 69'ing with.


I see the dark hand of zionism behind this. Jews control the ameriKKKan media and the sense of irony of this once great nation.

may gaia help us.


"What's gonna happen to Randi Rhodes?"

Didn't he die in a plane crash on tour with Ozzy in the 80s?

UN Doctor

In light of this, we need to surrender in Iraq, gayer than hell Paree and here.

Mrs. Studds


Former U.S.-Rep. Studds Dies at 69

Oct 14, 10:21 AM (ET)


BOSTON (AP) - Former U.S. Rep. Gerry Studds, the first openly gay person elected to Congress, died early Saturday at Boston Medical Center, several days after he collapsed while walking his dog, his husband said.


You listed High Times twice, what are you high?

Damian G.

How many Left-wing bastions of freedom did you just cite?!

Speaks Truth to Chimps

We've finally found a way to sieze back power. Fabio for President!

RWing Nut

As hate-monger Rush pointed out yesterday, AA failed because they didn't understand the competitive marketplace; just like progryssive economics when exposed to rapacious KKKapitalism everywhere. As the great scholar Kayne West might say "in the capitalist contextual context" Air America's bankrupcy validates the progryssive message. (The use of the three words beginning with hard "c" pronounced "k" is designed to trigger an autonomic compliance reflex in the reptilian neoKKKon brain.)

Like the Katrina geneocide victims, AA is a victim of the KKKorporatist hegemony that rules the media. Justice demands they be given the same government funding as their sister network NPR at least until a Democrat can be elected to the presidency.

Son of the South ©

'Don't forget my blog'?

Don't forget my bong!


Menstrual Rainbow

"AA failed because they didn't understand the competitive marketplace"

No AA didn't fail, the marketplace did. It's time that (non) listeners took responsibility for their crime.


You forgot The San Antonio Express&News


The Utica Observer-Dispatch has only printed three articles on favor of Hillary *this* month. If that isn't right wing bias I don't know what is.


Lar, you forgot MSNBC.

It's disgusting how the reich-wing Rethuglikkkan kkkonservatives have attempted to influence the media through FOX News. If it wasn't for the other news entities Larry identified, Rethugs would be riding roughshod over us. Why we might have been rounded up by Bu$Hilter's SS black helicopter stormtroopers and sent to GITMO to be forced fed until our arteries clogged up and we died!

RWing Nut

MR Rainbow wrote "AA didn't fail, the marketplace did" Exactly my point. The marketplace is rigged so that only a KKKapitalist can succeed. In the unlikely event that AA had shown a profit outside the generous contribution of the NY Boys and Girls Club, the Bush crime family would have recognized them as fellow criminals and coopted them with tax cuts, just like they did the wealthest 1%. We progryssves are all about praising the failures of those who agree with us and compensating them as victims, that's why AA must be saved with government grants.

But chin up little buckeroos, if AA is replaced by something people listen to, the off-air workers won't loose pension or medical benefits.


What the Hell is "The Weekly Standard" doing on that list? I sometimes read an article before I steal all their issues and burn them.

Sometimes they say really mean things about us progressyves.

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