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Damian G.

Never mind that it was African tribal leaders who sold members of their own race to the Europeans...

Abraham Exorcist

"Never mind that it was African tribal leaders who sold members of their own race to the Europeans"--Damian G.

That's part of the story, but slaves were simply stolen as well as purchased from African tribal leaders. Of little concern to the person being sold or stole. It was shit city for the rest of their lives either way.

It was a horrible practice but a big part of the history of most developed countries and certainly included melanin-challenged Europeans as well.

In America, the worst result of this practice is that Ray Nagin, Kawayzee Mfume, Julian Bond, Sharpton, Jackson, Spike Lee and any other black democrats somehow survived.

The best result of this practice is that Thomas Sowell, Condi Rice, Walter Williams, Janice Rogers Brown, Michael Steele and Larry Elder somehow survived. Then there's that part where black Americans have a much higher standard of living than black Africans.

Which begs the question. Why the hell anyone would want to hyphenate themselves to a country they wouldn't last 10 minutes in before realizing how good they had it back in America? I think the answer to that question starts with the word "Democrat" and ends with the word "Party". But that's another exorcism for another day.


I'm weeping hot, salty tears at your attempt to pay the ransom on our collective guilt, Lar. I realize nothing can every salve the wounds my whiteness have caused.

I propose that we set aside a certain percentage of government jobs for the oppressed and pay the oppressed as you did, regardless of how much work actually gets done, but I'm sure the racist pigs in the Bu$hitler regime would oppose it. I also propose the government fund non-governmental agencies whose sole purpose is to incite white guilt and black rage.

PONC MurthaFan

Sing it load and sing it proud, Brother Lar.

I was once so ashamed of my whiteness that I did what any right thinking anglo/lib would do.

I vowed to make the world a better place for our oppressed bros and sistas, by insisting that the goverment do something soon.

It's a brave stand, but someone had to take it. Why not me?


have you considered selling a kidney? You have an extra one and you could then give more money to those who deserve it.

Speaks Truth to Chimps

I can't believe how brazen Der Chimpenfuhrer is! One year to the day after he unleashed Hurricane Katrina on the Chocolate City to commit genocide against African-Americans, he's whipped up Hurricane John to attack milk chocolate cities in Mexico, committing genocide against undocumented workers.


lar, u tell me what i have 2 do in such a clear manner that i can never understand why i didnt see it b 4
i 2 took all mi money out of my mattress and gave it 2 the local beggers because it is my fault they are there.


My mind slips back to the images of KKKatrina as well. Who will forget the images...

Of hunger-crazed, proud, noble african-americans with no other choice but to eat the dead remians of other proud, noble, afican-americans.

In the senate the dems sent a bill for the chimp to sign giving $100,000,000,000,000, to help the NO area and then in 3am session, the rethugs changing it to funding for Israel to buy more napalm and cluster bombs to drop on arab kids.

The sight of dems walking on the water to help the victims of der chimps illegal,immoral war on the poor.

The sight of coast guard helicopters machinegunning helpless, african-american women as they swam to saftey, trying to find their baby's daddy.

The sight of of the NO police dept making sure that no one was hurt in the looting of wal-mart, also giving them armed protection as they carried TV's, DVD players, Beer, and other necessities back to their public housing.

The dems in a hard fought race to see who could make the best use of the words " new african-american holocaust" in a sentence denouncing Bu$h

I have my fingers crossed in hope that another high tide water-logged black corpses will come in 2008 so we can ride them into the people's house and get back our rightful place in power.


"diddly squat"
Did he change his name AGAIN? My LyfePartner said that s/he gets SOOOOO confused by it all.

Fist of Etiquette

It still amazes me that no white folk died in New Orleans.


Why not figure out a solution everyone can live with. Make te richest 1% of Amerikkkans pay reparations. (Except the Kennedys and Heinz-Kerrys, actors, athletes or musicians. You know, make those who won life's lottery pay.)

Fist of Etiquette

As the worst hurricane season to hit the United States since last year is upon us, and we reflect on the devastation we have wrought again and again with our globe-warming industriousness, destruction not only to ourselves but the entire world's population, we cannot help but think that the true victims in all of this are those whose votes we can get by telling them that they are the true victims in all of this.

The buses may not have been there to carry them from Katrina and her waves, but as God as my witness, those buses will be there to carry them to polls on Election Day!


We can lash the the corpses of the poor together with the ropes of hate, envy, class-warfare and white guilt and build a raft that we can ride for years! Perhaps all the way to the white house! Gaia be praised!


I think whites should just paint themselves black, and blacks paint themselves white, then we would all be totally confused and everything would be hunky-dory. Then we would put a tax on all people who stand in water and sell more nuclear armaments to Iran.

ponytailed guy

Lar, Don't feel guilty. You're absolved. Just the act of being liberal is the greatest thing that one can do for humynkind and mother Earth.


Larry is enslaved to Kwazee Emfeelme. Where are you registered, dear? And when will you two be jumping the broom? I'm all of a dither! So much to do in getting you ready to meet your competition, Oliver Willis.

How exciting!


While we were all distracted by the "Walking On Sunshine" anniversary, Bu-shaitan finally knocked off the real target of his murderous November 1963 rampage in Dallas -- Mrs. Connally.


I just heard from a friend in Florida who suffered through the latest HitlerBurton-Created Killer Hurricane, Ernesto. She sent me a picture of a branch that had fallen from a tree onto her lawn and a plastic chair that had been knocked over by the wind on her back deck...AND WHERE WAS DER CHIMPENREICHSFUHRER WHEN THIS WANTON DESTRUCTION WAS TAKING PLACE?!?! WHEN WILL FEMA CUT HER A CHECK TO COVER THE EMOTIONAL DAMAGE?!?


Chimpy doesn't care! Don't you understand? He would rather read 'My Pet Goat' to Little Eichmans in training that give a flying fart about an ill wind that blew her life to hell. You people here are self centered boobs. Instead of being proactyve progressyves and going out on the streets like Larry did,
and empowering marginalized and traumatized vyctyms of hys oprresyveness, you come here, take a few hits on the bong and whine. Hit the streets people! That is real suffering!

You aren't gone yet?


"’s time for white Americans to look into the mirror and ask themselves what they have done to make life easier for the millions of impoverished Blacks they allowed to drown in New Orleans."

I'm ¼ Native American, but the rest of me still can't figure out how to make life easier for millions of drowning victims...of any hue.


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.

Talking Toaster

I am with Dodger. We should just surrender.


Coffee is black and so is Koffi. That equals surrender in the UN.


If DicKKK Cheney's Lesbian daughter, Mary, who likes other Lesbians, had been in charge of FEMA instead of some white, male HitlerBurton paid-under-the-table Reichsmarshall, then the 10,000 dead Black people who died in New Orleans from KKKatrina would still be alive today.


And if Kerry had only been patrolling the Pontchartrain Floodwaters instead of Sean Penn, none of the chocolate people would have eaten the other chocolate people.


Kerry was patrolling Sean Penn instead of Pontchartrain?

These crazy progressives! Now I have to figure out what homo-erotic euphemism "patrolling" means.

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