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Damian G.

Do you think they urinated on the Qur'an like at Gitmo?

Mother of all Blog Pimps

Larry I stand before my computer screen today in total solidarity with you and your courageous stand. We all know that the founding Persons told us all in the Pentagon papers that the constitution was in reality a suicide pact. I rather be bitten by the fleas of a thousand camels while channeling Karnac the Magnificent than see a Koran mishanndled by a Crusader or a Zionist.

What's more we must demand the humane treatment of the tragic human disaster that is Gitmo. Those poor men are so depressed they are killing them selves at tax payer expense. How do you think their mothers feel, when they find out that if, their sons were not given the anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs they so desperately needed. They have not been convicted of anything. Can't we at least give them the medication and Gestalt therapy they so desperately need? Between the Thrash Metal they are forced to listen to and the water boarding it is no wonder they wanted to lay the burden down and do themselves in. If they would let them smoke they would eat more too.

When they heard about the Zarkman it was more than they could take.

Menstrual Rainbow

Was there any genital mocking involved in all this?


As we can all relate, the thought of offending a Mooselimb is scary. Those guys dont f*ck around when it comes to blowback. I suggest that all Americons (my word for those that are not enlightened like us) take Korrann 101 history classes. Civilians and baby killers alike. I am sooo tired of the red staters making the mooselimbs cry (and behead people). Can't we all just get along? I blame Boosh and the Jooos. Chase them all into the sea and we're all happy campers!

Hugs everyone!


In my last post, I referred to our military members as "baby killers" and I stand by that. However, I do support the troops!


Has anyone started selling ZarCowie t-shirts on CafePress yet? I think they would go well with my Che t-shirt collection.


Good morning Bush4Ever,
I was beginning to think that "you people" had jobs or something and needed sleep. Glad you proved me wrong!

So, do ya think those tees will come in xxxxxxlarge. I like my clothes ah loose fitting.


Woe is me.
The Rove is free.


There are no questions about the legality and justification for what amounts to a typical day in Chimp's house of senseless slaughter. The script is all too familiar: Chimp kills, innocent survivors pray for mercy, Chimp bombs innocent survivors and defiles their sacred places of worship and scriptures, peace-loving patriots ask reasonable questions, Chimp wiretaps peace-loving patriots.


What depressed me the most about the whole fiasco was why the AmeriKKKan thugs needed to beat Zarqawi to death when he actually never existed, and had been killed and kept "on ice" to be brought out when needed, and was invented by the AmeriKKKans. It's just soooo thoughtless.


Lar, this is one of your best news releases. I'm still waiting for Great Satan America to apologize for not following Islamic law in respectfully handling the body of a martyred freedom fighter and burying it within 24 hours. **crickets chirping**

DAMN THAT ROVEHIMMLER! Someone must have gotten to special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. As all progressyves know, a person is innocent until proven guilty...except if they are KKKonservatives. I still want to see KKKarl Rove frogged marched out of the White House. I guess our kangaroo courts don't have the influence they used to. **sob**

RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

"apologize for not following Islamic law in respectfully handling the body of a martyred freedom fighter"

And, of course, the heavy Imperialist jackbooted hand of the Bu$hitler regime once again blocked justice for our freedom fighter friend Zaq by not forcing those warmongrel baby killers to do blood, urine, saliva, hair analysis and finger prints to make SURE none of them had just eaten bacon,pork chops, pork rinds or Twinkies prior to touching Mr. ZarQowards abused body!!!

I support the troops!

["the", not necessarily "ours"...OOPS! Did I say that out loud?]


but when they kept saying his name..Zarqawi....Zarqawi...over and over, and talking about body parts...and using words like "blood" and "fractures" it seemed to me to be very disrespectful. I was eating my breakfast.

and watching the big Alberto thingy..


It's about time the warpigs in our military learn how to properly treat the Islamic holy book!

They're too busy killing babies and mocking genitals to take a few hours and learn the intricacies of Islame!

But I support the troops!

Babykillers though they may be.

[of course "the"]


Let's look at the big picture shall we....

First we have a "evildoer" being murdered by AmeriKKKa's luftwaffe while tring to bring peace to Iraq.(this means nothing. he was a small fish) I have heard the autopsy was preformed while he was STILL alive!

Then we have innocent people being murdered by the einsatzguppen(look it up rethugs) down at ameriKKKa's gulag, gitmo.

All of this to get the sheeple's mind off KKKarl Rove's shooting his way out of custody this morning while being held for questioning about his whereabouts during the Hayditha massaKKKre.

Keep your mind on the big prize folks!


"I was beginning to think that "you people" had jobs or something and needed sleep. Glad you proved me wrong!"

If you think that making trips to emergency rooms for free drugs and food isn't work, then you have never really lived. Ooops, gotta go. The guy whose laptop I'm using is coming back from the bathroom...


Larry! How can you forget to mention Al Zarqawi's many goats who were killed as well! The autopsy on those poor creatures showed tremendous damage done to their anal cavities (which was very strange because they were no where near the blast). The few surviving traumatized goats spat on the face of Al Zarqawi's corpse, (I speculate that these goats were brainwashed by the allied forces). To further humilate the Freedon Fighter, huge traces of goat dung were found all over Al Zarqawi's penis (obviously planted there by the troops)


Arby: Well, I for one can sympathize with his plight.

I have built houses, but no one calls me "house builder."

I have written books, but no one calls me "book writer."

But let me tell you something. You fuck just ONE goat ...

Libby Gone™

I hope precident Busch doesn't further humiliate the Freedom Fighter by flicking a booger on his corpse or dropping a duece in his oral cavity..........well maybe.....


Neo-Con Pincher, great post. :-)

So THAT'S why they called me "Richard Gere" in High School. I thought they were complimenting my good looks! I never thought they suspected me when Fannie, our classroom gerbil, went missing...

Curse that janitor for finding that gerbil in the toilet after lunch and ratting me out!! (no pun intended).

Ali Ali Ali

Praise Allah for the understanding and support posted here. I’ve just about reached the end of my primer cord. This morning at the NAMBLA spa, I was reprimanded for wearing sweaters in the pool- what sweater, I ask? I only wear Thobe?? Then I discover Al-Zarq’s spark has been snuffed. What next, I’m told, Rove has been exonerated!! Now I find, Bush's luftwafte has removed a copy of the quran from insurgent property with two 500 pound LGB's!!!!11 By Allah, what next??!!111


The goats flirted with ZarCowie. The batted their eyelashes and teased him into doing what he did. He cannot be held responsible.

RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

As a 72 Virgin Olive Branch gesture and reparations to our the Freedom Fighters, each one of those illegally and immorally detained at GIZMO should be given a copy of Ann KKKoulters new hate-filled buttwipe book to flush down their toilets...after use.


Well, first of all I'd like to point out--and I only bring this up as it strikes me as relevant to the discussion at hand--that Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian.

Second, nuts, I always seem to lose my train of thought after my first point in every political discussion...


"Well, first of all I'd like to point out--and I only bring this up as it strikes me as relevant to the discussion at hand--that Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian."

In light of this new and exciting information, I would then like to suggest that we immediately surrender in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea & Phrance.

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