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I had no idea Frankie Valley wrote those songs about Chimpy McfistingRove Bushatan.

Talking Toaster

Did Frankie Valli sing the song:

"When the moon hits your eye...
"like a big baklava pie..
"that's Amora

He made millions off of that great song - or was that someone else - whatever.

[Splatter... Oh my aching eye! Bush Baklava'd my eye! Dam that Bush!]


Frankie Valli is an android.
You want proof?
His hair never moves just like those other androids, Wayne Newton & Jack Lord.

I rest my case.


I hate you Gary. I mean Larry.


More than your celebration of the ruining of your mother's life, congratulations on smashing the patriarchy's hetero-normative decrees against polyamory. I'm sure Peachblossom would applaud your bold stance too, assuming hyr pilgrimage to the frigid and frostbitten wonderland of ANWR has not transfigured hyr hands into a progressyve sacrifice to the earth mother.


"Saturday marked the 30-ish year since my teenaged mother was forced by her right-wing fascist parents to carry her unwanted pregnancy to term."

There are some people who feel so strongly about the right to get rid of a lump of inconvenient flesh that they consider carrying out a retroactive abortion. I think it would be wonderful if some of our Congresspersyns would set an example.


I had a similar experience with my 4-yr old neice. We were watching "Mary Poppins" together and I was pointing out all of the anti-Bush messages in the movie: the tuppance that the kids wanted to use to feed the birds and support the old homeless lady vs. the greedy whores who worked at the bank trying to encourage them to invest in their capitalist whore of Babylon of a bank, the honorable Bert who went from job to job to job to job - no one was going to strap him down to the man - and the vague reference to the benefits of good ole marijuana - when they go visit the uncle and wind up on the ceiling. All good lessons about fighting the power that be.


Happy(regretfull) birthday lar.

If you thought frankie was great live, you should see a Jump, Little Eichmanns, Jump! Show.

ali ali ali

*sniff* what a beautiful mother evening that must have been... if only my husbyn and i could have byn there, with our rainbow leis


Happy Retro-Abortion, Post Natal Expulsion Day, Larry.

Wilderness Fox

A very similar thing happened to me at a George Strait concert. Except instead of using a donkey draped with an American flag, he used a Chevy Nova filled with Undocumented Workers that sprayed KY on the audience.

Good times.


Do you mean that the Franki Vali I saw in the play "Jersey Boys" was an imposter? My Franki Vali didn't do anything like Larry's.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness, Hear me ROAR!

"Omat"The Tentmaker,
So did you legally change your name cuz you now not only make tents but magic carpets, too?

If you do make said carpets, I want one, Omat! And of course I don't expect any money to be exchanged , per some caPIGalistic transaction, anymore than I expected Frankie Vali to NOT have a mosh pit at his TRUTH TO denture POWdER concert.

The Bu$hReich musta illegally and immorally had the blessed St. Harry Luther Belafonte, Jr. incarcerated, otherwise he'd have fronted Frankie Vali in this political axis shifting show.
(*pouty lipped*)Larry gets to have all the fun! *sniff*


How could you insult Neil Young when he gladly gave up his song "Rockin' in the Free World" for should-be-President Moore's latest Revelation of All Truth?


Yeah, Neil Young's got his gnarly-looking teeth on my LAST nerve.


I mean ...

That Neil Young is such a paragon of Progressyve values! Praise Gaia for Neil Young!

No really! He's GREAT! Teaming up with Michael Hardbody Mooooore to speak truth to power! That's just the greatest!


You believe me, don't you?

No, really -- I want to suck his d!@#


He's a smashin' bloke. Buys 'is mother flowers and that.

I love Neil Young. Especially that two hour stage show of his ridiculous "Our Town" revisited. That was genius! Having that instead of the actual "concert" that was "advertised." I was SO entertained, I can't tell you.


I'm OmarTheTentMaker again!!! I'm beginning to feel like "P" Diddy or whatever the hell his name is. T.U.R.M.L.

speak urmind

i can see your visions reflect our enemie' agenda. You need to support , not dislike.


A typical non-patriotic friend....


And now Da Chimpmeister Bu$h is saying he'll defend Israel if those lousy Joooos are attacked!

Time to write yet another sign:

"No Yamaka's for oil!"


Next time, check the expiration date on the cake mix.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

"Next time, check the expiration date on the cake mix."---aelfheld

It's bad enough, aelfheld, that someone left the cake out in the rain. And I don't think that I can take it. Cuz it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again..Oh NOOOO!....The NSA intercepted it. BAM! them!!!. MacArthur Park's not even safe from the Bu$hRice Reich anymore. I sure hope Frankie Vali doesn't take his TRUTH TO denture POWdER tour for a stop there. Because of The Shrubs illegal and immoral war, MacArthur Park's melting AND glowing in the dark!!


After the concert, Myranda and I stood in the parking lot, soaking in the afterglow.

Lar, we don't want to hear about your peculiar sexual habits ... but in a parking...lot after a Frankie Valli concert...with Robert a menage a trois!? I feel a disturbance in Gaia's force.

spd rdr

Toatally sick, but damned near perfect.
Larry, we gotta gets you an agent.
Give me a call, boyo.


musical talent or flatulence to express...Truth to power again! I am just sobbing over the intensity of my reaction to your Post Natal Expulsion Day Experiences.
Omat, I need you to make me a magic carpet...we need a family size model, seats 12.


Please tell me he dedicated "Beauty School Dropout" to all those trailer park, redneck, Luanne Platter-type rethuglikkkans.

Happy Spared from the Surgical Sink Day!

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