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Friend of USA

Mary McCarthy obviously has a better understanding than Heyden of what is the real purpose of the CIA.
And that is;
Sharing classified information with communist organizatons such as the New York Times and leaking sensitive information to hurt your own President and hurt your own country.

The job belongs to leaky-Mary!


I Love you Larry.

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

Nice morphing of the That 70s show dad and KKKarl Rove. That smirk is none other than the cloned smirk of McChimperor in Cheat!

Is Hayden the love child of a menage a trois of misogynistic myn? *shudder*

After all, H=Hitler (aka: Bush); There's an "A" in kkkArl; and "D" is for deserter, which HAyDen obviously did whilst DEMANDING he get all those medals.

I'll just betcha he got his medals by simply being in the right place at the right time---ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WHITEHOUSE FENCE---when rightful highly decorated President Kerry threw his..err...someone elses medals over said fence and Haydenstein caught them and called them his own!

Either that or it's just a faux medal mosaic on his uniform that his "wife" made after a trip to Hobby Lobby!--and you know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

I'm not THAT easily fooled!

Thanks Lar, for once again, boldly speaking TRUTH to POWDER!!


Is that (bottom pic, left side) that guy who was the heroic British soldier who followed the order to burn the church, bringing much needed Death With Dignity to a village of right-wing fundamentalists, in The Patriot, that disgusting warmongers' movie which also featured the Christianist wacko Mel Gibson?

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

"...Is that (bottom pic, left side) that guy who was the heroic British soldier"===John

Oops!..I was under the impression that's the jockey-winner of the anti-PETA Kentucky Derby!


I was in the military for 21 years, but didn't get any medals to give back, and I really support public lesbianism. Does that make my military service "good" or "bad"?

spd rdr

I threw my "Crossing Guard" pin back over the fence at St. Aiden's and haven't worn a uniform since.


What a stupid, stupid man!! You all know that Rightful President, Jean Francois Kerry, unlike Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer, Bu$Hitler, is an honest-to-Gaia National War Hero!! That's right! For those of you who have never heard this before, John Kerry was in VietNam for THREE WHOLE MONTHS!! He got 3 well-deserved Purple Hearts from being wounded so badly that, to this day, he can only do things like water ski, mountain bike, snowboard, snow ski, ride a motorcycle and ride as a passenger in his family's SUVs. And he never threw those medals away. The ones he threw over the White House fence were someone else's although he's never ratted that person out.


"I was in the military for 21 years, but didn't get any medals to give back, and I really support public lesbianism. Does that make my military service "good" or "bad"?"

If they're Lipstick Lesbians that would be "good". BTW, congratulations for being as stupid as me. I spent 20 years in the military. What were we thinking?


Resume of Hayden:

30 years in the military, zero Purple Hearts. Zero.

Before portraying child-abusing father in that 70's show, starred in biographic documentary under his alias Clarence Boddicker - leader of a violent, bank-robbbing death squad who worked as freelance assassins for Haliburton. Escaped conviction because of Robocop's flagrant disregard for civil rights.

This is not the persyn the nation needs undermining Chimp's plans and leaking 'secrets' to The Nation, NYTimes, and Daily Worker.


Great post, Larry. Somebody has to tell all those dimwits out there that the security of our country is far too important to trust to some bemedaled general with 37 years of public service. We need people who donate thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party and are also humble and selfless enough not to try and win medals for themselves but instead help struggling Washington Post journalists win the Pulitzer Prize.


Only 8 years, so I'm more qualified than you. Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!

The point you're missing here is that, before his nomination even went through, Bush already blew Hayden's cover. Can anyone say "Valerie Plame-Hayden?"


BTW: John,

"Is that (bottom pic, left side) that guy who was the heroic British soldier ..."

Yes, it is. I think the guy on the right is his evil mutated descendant who shot John Kerry in the buttocks which earned John Kerry his eighteenth purple heart and fifth Silver Star plus an autographed picture of Joan Baez.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

I have it on good authority that one of the medals he got was for expertise in "controlled demolition". If you get my drift. Someone was in charge of blowing up the pentagon and with all of the leaks I am really surprised that they have any secrets left but apparently they have been able to keep the real truth away from Leakey Mary.

You have to wonder how she doesn't know how they blew up the Twin Towers but knows all about prisoner rendition and domestic wiretaps.

Well it's something we will all have to ponder.

On a positive note when "our Friends" win back the house and the Senate Smirky Mc BushChimpenfurer will be impeached so fast he will wish he had never been born into a family so closely tied with Saudi Arabia and Big Oil.

I hope we still have enough money left after all that has been spent on this war of lies that there will still be the billions need to carry out all of the investigations that Russ Feingold and Nancy Pelosi will start on day one of the New age of Truth.

I light of this imminent victory by the Democrats shouldn't we bring our troops home right away. I mean it's going to happen anyway. Why fight it. The war is not over till Dick Chaney (who's daughter is dating a known carpet muncher) says so.

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

"Chaney (who's daughter is dating a known carpet muncher)"

Wild! I have a picture of a lesbian chipmunk!!!! NO kidding. I was up in the OOOOLD mining town of St. Elmo (Colorado) about 10 years ago and got a few snapshots of this chipmunk sitting between the slats of a picket fence. It..err...SHE kept running back and forth munching on this old roll of carpet laying outside of this building. Who knew that I was photographing one of Gaia's progressyve creatures!


I can finally admit I have a terrible black sheep (being a life long PETA member, can I use this term?) in my family. My brother served in the Marine Corps. He is actually really proud of his service to our country.

Please, my enlyghtened brothers and systers, have pity for me having such a horrible baby burner as a brother. I've been protesting recruiting centers and spitting on vets as pennance for years!

Please also know that I support our troops!

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

"My brother served in the Marine Corps. He is actually really proud of his service to our country."

EVERYBODY!!!!GROUP HUG ALERT!!!**.[for Arbiter]

1st of all, Arbiter..I think that's a type-o, right? His DISservice to our (horrible) country.

tsk tsk tsk, Arbiter. You poor, sweet, inferiorly gendered persyn! What a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE burden for him to load you down with. HE MUST go to GTMO!!
Ho Ho Hey Hey!
Send him to GTMO TODAY!!

Not until he admits to being a lesbian should you forgive him his warmongrelling, baby killing trespasses....OR until he has an abortion.

Now if this family/societal Theoconvict scourage of yours DOES proudly admit to his lesbianism and he doesn't have a life partner, or has a life partner he wants to amicably dump, I might be willing to forgive him and hook up with him, but the lesbian thing is NON-NEGOTIABLE!

**KikiB...Janny can put the leather and chains's just a group hug! Geez Louise you're whip happy! Your respective hard drives has been corrupted by NP, ay?


Once again lar, you screech truth to power! it's about time we had a guide to the right kind of miliatary people and the wrong kind. I already know about good and bad leaks from the CIA.

We have bu$hitlerhaiburton anyway he goes. If he pulls out of Iraq we can yell/scream/rant that he's a coward and he cut and ran. If he stays, we can say all he wants to do is kill more of our great troops. we win either way!

I was told that he was behind the 9/11 coup( ted rall let me in on that). He helped to guide the airplanes by R/C that you think hit the twin towers of capitalism/hate.They were NO arabs on board the planes! No plane hit the pentagon!Moosad blew up the towers! It was a video trick that made you think a jet hit the towers! The jets shot a missile 1/10 of a second before they "hit" the towers! the facts are in a film on called LOOSE CHANGE!


That is the last time post while drinking a bottle of Nyquill and jamming to white zombies "thunderkiss 65"


the security of our country is far too important to trust to some bemedaled general with 37 years of public service

nk: That is so true. Thank you for stating the matter so eloquently.

To all of you enlyghtened liberal ... I mean Progressyve souls. Keep the home fires burning while I'm out (just don't actually burn anything and add CO2 to the atmosphere). My Snugglebumps™ is coming into town this afternoon and I intend to be incommunicado for the rest of the week.

Unfortunately, we will be engaging in heterosexual activity. However, I intend to try and take the curse off of it by giving part of our communion a bit of "Brokeback" feel.

I'm going to say "I wish I knew how to quit you" and she will palm my package, then I'll f*#% her in the ass. So at least that part will be Progressyve.

Until I rejoin you, be brave and continue to speak truth to power!

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

"Your respective hard drive HAVE been corrupted...."

Sheesh! I'm ain't a elliterate likes them sheeple of the stoopid eevil genieus Dumbya.

Friend of USA

"...According to the latest Monthly Treasury Statement, in the month of April, the Federal Government ran a surplus of 118,851,000,000 dollars. That's nearly 119 billion dollars of surplus. In one month..."

Every time I read the above I feel dizzy...

It is hard for me to watch Bush destroy the US economy.

No wonder Bush is replacing everyone with military personel, he is desperate!


been corrupted by NP

Why would anyone say that about Progressyve little moi?


That is the last time post while drinking a bottle of Nyquill and jamming to white zombies "thunderkiss 65"

I know what you mean. I'm polishing off the heal of a bottle of narcotic cough supressant, listing to the jump little eichmans jump CD.


I have two other things that are right and wrong..

Religious Nutcases:

IRANIAN PRESIDENT MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD ( Try spelling that after a pint of nyquill)

George Bu$h


Thank you so much RML... did you know my creepy brother won't even let me use my San Francisco licensed "doctor's" medically prescribed marijuana in his home... I can't tell you how many times I've told that jerk how I'm a chronic sufferer of hemmorhoids...


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