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Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Do what I do, Larry...get yourself on a party line. Between that and a few really good bong hits, it might assuage your feelings of rejection by the elitist, Imperialist uppity, anti-common man, oppressor, average joe bigot Peeresident that's only (present) interest is in whoring the '08 vote from our cinnamon skinned friends trying to flee to freedom North of their Border.

Its not like The Shrub can't get a good Falafel recipe, either, from an average AmeriKKKan. I doubt Mr. bin Hidin even knows how to cook very well. The Shrubinator has that precious..err...poor man forever on the run.

Talking Toaster

Dog gone it!

Bush will not even listen to a Talking Toaster! That's a corn dog down home J. F. Kerry shame!

Menstrual Rainbow

I've been feeling so starved for attention that I've been slipping key words into my converstaions, allah akbar, so the FBI will start, kill the infidels, listening to me.

Sometimes the people I'm, dirty bomb, phoning think that, zionist pigdogs, it is a little, martyrdom operation, strange.

Mumblix Grumph

So Jughead von Hitlerburton only wants to hear the conversations of brown-skinned Arabs?

Why does Satan W. BushZion hate white people?


Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer may not be interested in me...but those guys in the silent, black, hovering helicopters? They are VERY interested. I think I see KKKarl Rove in one of the pilot seats.


Dear Ail-Kboom
all is ready.

The nerve gas will kill many infidels. then with the dirty bomb, we shall strike at the heart of zoin/america.

Then the pigdog reporters in the jewsmedia will screech that bu$hitlerisrael/lover did'nt connect the dots. at the same time they will be screaming from rooftops that he's doing to much and going to far. we win both ways!

Sometimes I wonder what we have to do to get the left to hate us.....

RWing Nut

Want more attention? All you have to do is shop at Amazon. Everytime I select a book they suggest other books I might like based on what "other" people who bought this book liked. They claim, like the NSA, they use data mining to come up with these suggestions. Sure they do. They are data mining in my head, just like Rove and the Chimperor. We are all lab rats to these thugs!

Friend of USA

If only Bush had intruded into every American's private life and listened to every American's private phone conversation before 9/11 he would have been able to stop the terrorists and now today he would not have to intrude into every American's private life by listening to every American's private phone conversation to prevent the next 9/11.

Bush could have avoided this whole illegal spying thing if only he had thought of doing a little illegal spying!

Bush is so dumb!


I called my friends to tell them how Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer, Bu$Hitler, could care less about ordinary AmeriKKKans. Angelina Jolie just pursed her lips and said that he was a doo-doo head. Babs Streisand said she would have her husband, James Brolin, fix his muffler. Little Stevie Spileberg said he was going to make a movie about a chimpanzee that gets elected President.
Thank Gaia that ordinary AmeriKKKans like these have their acts together.

Gotta go. The limo is here...

Menstrual Rainbow

Has anyone seen the latest work from the satirical genius Kos, the man who runs a site parodying progressyve weblogs like this, well he's only gone and done a spoof campaign video for someone-



That is incredibly imaginative and creative!! It doesn't remind me at all of the commercial for a national tax preparation company where the actor talks to the audience about how fast they can get a refund by using the company's services and a customer comes in and asks for help because he happened to see that exact commercial on TV!!

I've been banned by DailyKos for my incredibly imaginative and creative replies to the SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER posts on that site.

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

"I've been banned by DailyKos for my incredibly imaginative and creative replies to the SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER posts on that site."

I find that a bit disconcerting! I can't help but feel DK must be a RepuKKKe plant, based on that behavior. We true progressyves are champions of free speech and opinion---well, as long as it's not dissenting. After all, we squelch those voices for the children. I've had to do that many times in defense of my systern trying to go into Planned Parenthood to plan their larvae free families. After all those systern are SOMEBODY's children, are they not.

"Free speech for me,
But not for thee,
If thee does not agree
With progressyve me.
For ONLY is it WE
Who liberally Truth To Power speak,
You see!!"


I find this post confusing. I thought Bush cared (worried?) so much about us that he was watching us through our TV's. I even placed tin foil over the section of my hampster's cage that faced the television.

Now, Larry is saying that Bush doesn't care about us enough to listen to our phone calls!
Damn that KKKarl Rove. He's so confusing.

Larry, move over, I need to go back under the sink for awhile...

Mean Spirited Poopyheaded TROLL

Senator Clinton was attending a party when she noticed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
She walked over to him and, in a quiet voice said, "If you were my husband, I would poison
your drink."
Schwarzenegger smiled, leaned forward, and whispered in her ear, "And if you were my wife,
I would drink it."


"Schwarzenegger smiled, leaned forward, and whispered in her ear, "And if you were my wife,
I would drink it.""

Oh no he di'n't!!!

I love hearing young people say "Oh no you di'n't" "Oh no she di'n't". It makes me proud to hear such creative use of the language from children educated in public schools.


Dude I think he was trying to say that he isnt violating your privacy not because your not important enough but they dont want to violate american peoples privacy unless really needed.


"Dude I think he was trying to say that he isnt violating your privacy not because your not important enough but they dont want to violate american peoples privacy unless really needed."

Bush Lied!!
Larry Cried!!

All of us Enlyghtened Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, ARE important enough to have our phones tapped but they shouldn't be tapped because we are too important to be spied on by Reich-Wing KKKonservative KKKhristians!!!

Mr. Baldo. He's Bald. Ohhhhhhhh.....

Many people perform the 3 S's in the morning. Baldmen perform four S's. The fourth S stands for SHINE. Our Balds. With my wax. If you're not Bald it makes you Bald.
Now with Phlogiston®‼
Baldo's Shiny Wax™ for Balds. Available at your friendly neighborhood drugstore.

Menstrual Rainbow

Does anyone have any information on good scalp shining products?

Wooah, as if by magic Mr Baldo appears!


The mere thought of the Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/Cheney/RoveHimmler kkkabal listening in when I'm ordering deep pan pizza with olives, anchovies, and extra cheese gives me the heebee jeebees. What's to stop reich-wing stormtroopes from kicking my door in because they thought I was speaking in code:

deep pan pizza - one Typhoon class Russian submarine
olives - 12 MIRVed nuclear missiles
anchovies - fully crewed
extra cheese - capable of hitting any point in AmeriKKKa

I think I hear the black helicopters coming even now.....


That's right, lib. One coded call to my mistress and next thing you know I'm having my genitals mocked. Oh wait, that's what usually happens anyways.

Never mind.


You're wrong, Larry. I was on the phone with mothyr Sheehan this weekend, and I caught the NSA listening in.

Mother Sheehan: My new agent is really great. He got me a place on Letterman and a book deal, and you didn't #@&! hear it from me, but "Who Got Snot on the Bong" may be opening up on *&@# Broadway next season with David Spade in the leading role.

Che: Wow. That's good news... What are you wearing right now?

MS: Oh, a tie-dyed dashiki and bell bottoms. Anyway, my agent says we'll try the whole Ebay thing again next month. That &*%$# Jooo is so *&%$ good. Positively makes money in his &*%$ sleep.

Che: Mmmm. Dashiki. That's really naughty. Does it have patchouli stains? Would you like it if I...

<click> <sound of touch tones>

MS: Holy @*&# *#@%! *$! with tofu and *&#$@# and *&%@#! It's the NSA wiretapping me again!

Che: Damn that Zionist Nazi!

MS: Well George W can @@#!* suck my *#&^% *&#$ and *&(@ with oregano and &*#$. I gotta go!

Che: No! Cin! Give me another 30 seconds! You can't leave me like this! It hurts! I could rupt...


Che: Damn you Shrub! Harshing my private life with your...

NSA Agent: Hello? Is that you Che? Sorry sweetie, I didn't know you were on the line. I thought you were in the bathroom. Were you going to mow the lawn...


SEE?! They do spy on our private lives! I can only assume they know my deepest, darkest secrets.


Well, Che, it is only fair that the Mother Goddess Sheehan left you pumped and thumping. You are, after all, a repressive male and deserve every insult and disservice. Obviously you've outgrown that and become liberal ... I mean, Progressyve. However, your core will always be stained by your gender.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to put on my buttboy chaps and let JannyMae stand on my testicles for an hour as part of my ongoing quest for absolution.


"buttboy chaps"!!??

Now that's la vision de jour for sure!


In other news, I've discovered a new hemmorhoid (of which I'm a chronic sufferer). This one is different. It's shaped like, you guessed it, Bu@Hitler!!

I'm having it lanced and putting it up on Ebay. But I wanted to give my progressyve frynds here first dibbs. Let's start the bidding! (Note: bartering is okay!)

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