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Shaped like the face? Or shaped like the whole Chimpenfuhrer?

I've got $20 in food stamps and a half ounce of some wicked red-haired glaucoma medicine.

Oh! And a signed picture of Hillary Clinton that I've photoshopped onto a nude body of Kate Moss.

I don't think she looked very closely at what she was signing.


Sadly, just his face, although I can make out most of his evil body with the rest of my anus...

So far it's Neo-Con Pincher! Any more takers?


I've got a Michael Moore swimsuit calendar and a "Seattle Seahawks, SuperBowl XL Champions" t-shirt.


THE Michael Moore!? I hope you're not joshing me Che, 'cause I know for a fact that his calendars are extremely rare due to immense custom sized paper required..

I'm eating a LOT of bran hoping to squeeze out another one! I'm praying to Gaia that it will look like Dick Cheney (with a bonus lump that looks like his daughter Mary, who is by all accounts a devout lesbian).

Last call! I'm literally bleeding for more offers!


Now that's la vision de jour for sure!

Tell me about it!

There's something about shaving your buttcheeks that ... well ... it DAMN sure doesn't make you feel like John Wayne.


I can offer up the Cindy Sheehan swimsuit calender and "Houston Astros, World Series Champions 2005", t-shirt.


So many wonderful offers!! I just stained my drawers thinking about Cindy Sheehan in a swimsuit, with Michal Moore carressing himself while Hillary Clinton's head with Kate Moss's body licks her fingers! All the while cheering my beloved Astros/Seahawks for winning the championship! Ohmygoddess! I need a cigarette!


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to put on my buttboy chaps and let JannyMae stand on my testicles for an hour as part of my ongoing quest for absolution. -- NeoconPincher

Yes, NP, aren't you just ever so grateful that my son and I wear the same size, and I can now fit into his baseball shoes?

Hmm, I can see that the left one is turning awfully blue, though. Maybe I should shift my weight a little bit?

h57 hoodia

I don't understand what all the fuss is about. A far bigger invasion of privacy is our current income tax system. Think of all the info the government get's from that!

Furthermore whenever you "step out of line" politically, get ready for the IRS to crawl up your ass with a microscope.


JannyMae: It doesn't matter. After I throw up for the fifth or sixth time, they kind of go numb.

Only 22 more sessions of this and I will have paid for the sin of being born male.

Then it's off to prison to be a bitch for the Crips, so I can pay for the sin of being born white.

Then my soul will be pure, and Gaia will welcome me unto her bossom.

The Exorcist

I just got off the phone with God. He agrees with me that this is Liberal Larry's finest work of art thus far.

In fact, I have been compelled to hand Larry the Crimson Crucifix Award. This is no ordinary Crimson Crucifix like you'd find being flung off the stage of a Madonna concert; this is the ACTUAL one used in that scene that none of us ever quite drank off our minds from the movie about my life and death, The Exorcist. Not only was that little beeyoch who gave me a heart attack a Republican, but she was even named after The Gipper. Even worse, it turns out that in real life she's the baby sister of another fascist, Tony Blair.

All that became irrelevant when I saw her going ape-shi'ite with that cross in a performance that Madonna could only dream of. The sight of that mercifully killed me instantly, but it took a fall from the window, and grace, to kill my ambiguously gay assistant, Father Damian.

Well, kind of like that gold-watch from Pulp Fiction, I present to you, Liberal Larry, The Crimson Crucifix Award for Outstanding Blogorcism.

Truth to Power

When my local grocery store started sending coupons for items similar to the ones I buy for nutrition's sake, dammit, I knew that NSA's data-mining had gone too far in controlling my choices of junk food. When will the the days of this Bush Nanny State end?

Wilderness Fox

Dick Cheney (with a bonus lump that looks like his daughter Mary, who is by all accounts a devout lesbian)

Either I'm coming down from a magic brownie high or someone just said that Mary Cheney is a lesbian...

Truth to Power

If only I could crack the DaVinci Code, maybe the NSA would consider invading my privates. It's been a while...


I can see it now, If bush did listen to the phones

"I can't believe that you think you're so important that you can listen to our telephone calls you blah blah blah. More Blah. ."


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