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Damian G.

DAMMIT! We need more Wilt Chamberlains like you, Larry!


If we had just surrendered in Iraq, which I think I may have suggested one time, none of this would be a problem.


Professym Chomstein, you are really on a roll! Are the rumours true that you are seeking Democrat nomination for 2008? Or are you going to put your whole weight behind Hillary or John? The liberal - I mean Progressyve - world needs to know!

And I agree with Dodger, we should surrender in Iraq right now. I pass the bong.

Friend of USA

When MaDmood AhmaGonnaDoDeJihad around page 15 goes on about liberal/democratic organizations failing, I agree; The UN never succeeded in bringing down the USA, and that is a shame!


Semi-Off Topic;
I read somewhere ( ok it was on radio blogger, it was an interview with Mark Steyn - who is a Canadian by the way ) that today, Noam Chomsky visited with Hezbollah and declared America a terrorist state....What else is new? DUH!

Kiki B.

Oh for crying out loud!! Stoopid Bush made me post this on the wrong thread!

I have figured out a very Progressyve Presidential ticket for '08, that should appeal to all people:

Bush/Dick in '08

Try not backing that ticket!!

What? You think it's my fault it was posted in the wrong place? Do you honestly think that I'm going to take personal responsibility for it? No way, Baby. I'm a Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, remember?

Red Loser

Lar, one of your very best.

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

If only there were audio of Mahmoud at The Met to accompany that pic! At first site, I thought Lucciano had maxed out on Dexatrim!! I hear prince of peas: Ahmadinejad doubles for a post GTMO Pavarotti (claiming several months prior, his feeding tube was removed)

Looks like the Shrub is about to BITE that hand that feeds him (peas..err..peace!)
"Islam, he explained, strictly forbids acts of violence against innocent human beings and, in some circumstances, against Jews as well."

Yeah, nothing for the Joooos to really lose their heads over!! Geez, paranoia will destroy ya!

"Well, sir, we have a plan,“ Vice peeResident Dick Cheney offered"

Unoriginal, Lawyer hunting, PLAGARIZING PUTZ!!! Those words are owned by RIGHTFUL President and Decorated Vietnam Veteran Jean Fraud Kerry, dammit!

Yeah, when he was wrongful Peeeresident, old Shrub Daddy said he didn't like broccolli, and now just like a "like father-like son" spoilt brat, Jr. slaps away the hand of peas! A travesty!

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

Professym, do you think you could attach the audio that goes with that pic? I would LOVE to hear Mahmoud singing the National Anthem in Arabic. Maybe PBS will air his concert!! I wonder if that's a pic of when he was singing it at one of Mother Sheehans anti-Bus..err...anti-War/ Pro-Progressyve~Palenstinian~Freedom Fighter Consortiums....


If I were a bysexual lesbyan, Ahmadinejad would make me feel all squooshy in my nether regions. The way he's got the George Michael beard thing going on is just dreamy; plus, he's open-minded about things like "did the Holocaust really happen" and "are joooooos evil or just plain bad". We should immediately open an embassy in Teheran, where I'm sure our diplomats will enjoy the wonderful hospitality of that cosmopolitan city just like our embassy staff did before Ray-gun pulled them out in his first act as pResident.

Menstrual Rainbow

{If we had just surrendered in Iraq, which I think I may have suggested one time}

Sadly next year we will be calling for a surrender in Iran :~(

Typically the right wing hate media try and portray Amadinnerjacket as being some kind of 'threat' just because he is developing nuclear weapons with the intention of wiping another country off the map.

Talking Toaster

Why must Bush be so stubborn?

One can tell by his picture that Saddinnerjacket is just reaching out for global warming and his pet goat.


If we would just let the UN rus the USA, all problems would disappear overnight.


Nice reporting, Lar. Inside access to a future Nobel Laureate and an alcoholic yo-yo champion is a rare thing outside of a U2 concert.


I think we should all give the President of Iran, what's his name, Gary Ammaneedahandjob? And we Enlyghtened Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, should all, with one voice, SURRENDER!!! It's what Rightful President Jean Francois Kerry would have done.


That just goes to show you the difference between a smirking chimp who flunked out of college (He even flunked out of the Electoral College), and a visionary leader. Aneedforjihad not only invented the concept of zero (Specifically so the NY Times could accurately track Dumbya's approval rating), but also differential equations, Gaussian distributions, those little plastic things on the tips of shoe laces, and he wrote four episodes of The West Wing last season.

While Duh-bya was struggling to suppress the votes of tens of millions of ballots because of hanging chads, Mahmoud won 62% of the electorate, hung the other 48%, and reinvented democracy as only a third world revolutionary can.

Bu$h is content to pound his chest in the international community, thus dragging out the war in Iraq and the Palestinian conflicts. Aneedlejock, by being the quiet voice of reason, has come up with a final solution.

Allahspeed, Mahmoud!


RML, I believe you've sensed a pattern. Broccoli, Peas?

Yes, I know what you're thinking..and you're right. The entire Bush Dynasty has an evil hatred for vegans. And we all know that most liberals..I mean progressyves..are vegans, or at least vegetarians.

(Except for my daughter and I who suffer a hereditary ailment which forces us to eat what may seem to some an extravagant diet--on another side note, MANY restaurants take food stamps!)

Those horrible people would rather see some beautiful creature of Mother Earth die and Undignified Death, be stripped of its skin and charred to a crisp to feed their hunger. Instead of lovingly and easily growing a renewable source of food.

I'm sorry I have to go, I'm hungry.


PS. The 110% sum comes from the Revolutionary Guard website. They invented LaPlace transforms, but they still struggle with decimals. They figure that if you want to make an omelette, you have to break a few egg producers.


Off topic, but I just figured out that the reason Rove leaked the story about the phone call database was to make all of us progryssyves scared to use the phones so we won't call each other to speak Truth to Power! Combined with their seizures of our E-mails (so now they know that a lot of people want me to have a bigger penis) and spying on my organizations, they want me to be so scared that I don't have contact with anyone. Worst of all, their risky spy scheme is working, since I'm boycotting phones, cell meetings, and semaphore-flag-using.


When Der Chimp flies on a Carrier proclaiming Mission Accomplished-we better make sure there are no I.E.D's left over.


so now they know that a lot of people want me to have a bigger penis

I think you're fine just the way you are. No, wait, that's JannyMae. Those Colorado surgeons are good!

BTW, isn't it hard to use semaphores on a sub? Your shipmates may have been screwing with you.


"Mission Accomplished"

Some Hateful Angry Spiteful Evil Shrieking Screaming Hate-Filled Evil Reich-Winger who works with me tried to explain to me that accomplishing a "mission" is not the same as winning a whole war. I just held my hands over my ears and said: "La la la la la la la, I can't hear you." It worked he went away after he realized that he was wrong.


I would like to take the time to thank you Lar, for making me pee my pants three days in a row.

That being said, if Al Gore, (peace be upon him) John Kerry(who fought in vietnam) or Hillary Clinton(who let's just say she spent some time in the "bush" as well and you know what I'm talking about)were our rightful leaders, they would fly hat in hand, to him and beg for forgiveness like all good US leaders should.

We might get them on our side if we offer to nuke Israel for them! That way we could kill two birds with one 25 megaton stone......

Ditzy Chick

"Gaussian distributions, those little plastic things on the tips of shoe laces"

Wow...the names longer than the little plastic thingies themselves. I never knew they had a name!!

hmmm...... "Gaussian Distributions", huh? When I'm lacing up my cross trainers I think I'll just call them "Gaussies". *giggle*
I just luuuuv smart men like Ch.....Oh!...uhm.. Oops! supervisor here in the M&M proofreading plant was just looking over my shoulder (caught me goofing on the net) and pointed out the comet (,). Never mind.

I'm going to send Larry a whole jar full of the W's. I find so MANY every single day here! It's better than waisting them....OR trying to fix them with my nail polish!

Kiki B.

"(so now they know that a lot of people want me to have a bigger penis)"

Hey, NP, you're having a run for your money. It looks like Bubbleheads trying to get in on the act.

Psssssttt! RML, JannyMae, heads up! It looks like we have a contest going. How much are you going to bid? I've got, like, a quarter.


Since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thinks the holocaust never happened, he simply wants nukes to give the Jooooosss what they're clamouring for. I don't think we're in a position to judge someone elses beliefs. We're only supposed to judge evil white Christians, not enlyghtened oppressed MooseLums!!

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