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'Gator food...

The Phantom

Ever notice that all this " hurricane " activity happened near a large concentration of oil industry activity? Halliburton is behind all of this. You see they wanted to build a pipeline, you see...


My first thoughts were Halliburton. They could easily get rid of those bodies. Why do you think the Mayor wanted to evacuate AFTER the hurricane? BushCo threatened him and he had to comply the truth will come out.


Here are the various scenarios I've come up with:

1) It's not 10,000 corpses but rather 10,000 black citizens who were herded on slave ships disguised as Carnival Cruise Line Ships and listed as deceased, bloated corpses

2) 9,700 bodies have been buried in mass graves by the Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/Cheney/RoveHimmler kkkabal.

3) 10,000 dead Democrats will magically appear on election day 2008 to vote for Hillary Clinton...thank Gaia.

4) We simply haven't found them yet like the WMD in Iraq.

5) Mayor Nagin and the progressyve media actually said 300 died in New Orleans but Rovian Mind Control Rays made everyone believe they said 10,000 in order to embarass them before the whole world. Dirty rotten Rethugs.

6) Space Aliens abducted 10,000 dead New Orleans residences using hurricane Katrina as cover. Like #3 they will come back on election day 2008 to vote for Hillary.

I dare any Rethuglikkkan to DISPROVE any of these scenarios. Come on, I double-dare ya you stinkin' Shrub worshipping warmongers.

Red Loser

Actually, libmeister, those mysterious vanishing 10,000 bodies were sent back in time to vote in the 2004 election in Wisconsin.


Tens of thousands died. I can't believe I'm the only one to see how Bush is keeping the count so low. The answer is staring you right in the face!

John Roberts is a constructionist! He believes the Constitution is some kind of literal framework or something weird and contorted like that instead of the living, breathing, happy-go-lucky guideline we see it as.

As such, he reads the following passage:

Section 2, Clause 3: ... according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.

and applies it to the enumeration of HurriKKKane victims.

Three fifths of 10,000 dead descendants of slaves equals 279! It's simple math. Even Roberts' five year-old son could (and probably did) do it.

And here's the diabolical piece de resistance: Shrubya was able to erradicate ward Churchill's entire tribe without having to add a single person to his death toll because they were Native American!


Unless, of course, Randall Robinson was onto something with that cannibalism theory...

Talking Toaster

I bet they are in the sand bags!


Liberal Larry:

" Now, with the number of casualties significantly lower than the 10,000 we had counted on, many of us are left wondering where it all went right"

The evacuees haven't returned to NOLA yet, have they?

If we stick postage stamps on them and mail them first-class to various addresses, there's a very good chance that they'll never be seen or heard from again.



"Actually, libmeister, those mysterious vanishing 10,000 bodies were sent back in time to vote in the 2004 election in Wisconsin"

Unlike KKKonservatives who want to disenfranchise black people, especially dead ones?

Republicans don't care about dead people at all!

And they still don't think they're racist?

kajun news

Was it a coincidence that Busch and The Cannibal Cruise Ship both arrived in New Orleans on Sunday? I feel not!!

The missing 9,800 bodies were loaded onto the Cannibal ship overnight, and by Monday, they had magically convenient!

Kevin W

Maybe they all floated upriver.

If they start to vote in Chicago elections in 2006, we'll know.

spd rdr

Obviously, we'll need to demand a recount. Every one of those missing undead could have voted for Al Gore and John Kerry and we will not be satisfied until every vote is counted and every bloat accounted for!

Menstrual Rainbow

I can't top Bubblehead's explanation so I won't even try. But I wonder if these poor black people whom Dubya drowned are the mysterious floating voters I kept hearing about in the 2004 (S)election.


I'm frightened that Lar has fallen for Rove's propaganda. Moderate estimates from Randall Robinson calculate that 50,000 to 100,000 people were turned into Soylent Green by other noble citizens during the mass hysteria Bush created in New Orleans. Bush has denied these numbers, and it proves how restrained Kanye West was when he said that 'Bush doesn't care about black people'. On the contrary Sir Kanye, Bush is genocidal towards black people, and anyone who denies that 250,000 blacks were murdered in New Orleans is also genocidal towards black people.

That Bush would use the straight-faced, stonewalling lies, in the manner of noble Leftists throughout the 20th Century, to cover the fact that he's killed more black people than Reagan and Idi Amin combined doesn't surprise me. The Left has always been the source of genius and progress in communcation technique, but it saddens me to see Lenin's, Stalin's, and Pol Pot's legacy of communication and clarity used in such an ugly way.


AND...he managed to black out part of L.A. because they laughed at the terrorist warning. Whatta guy our Bu$Hitler is!!!

John Roberts Oppresses Cross-Dressing Toads

I can't believe none of you see the truth here.

Those people aren't dead.

The Shrub has rounded them up and shipped them off to Iraq to fight his illegal and immoral war-for-oil. Hurricane Katrina was exactly what John Kerry predicted: just another backdoor draft.

I am the ponytailed guy

Being a loyal devotee of that great Liberal pundit Dan Rather I say so what if the 10K death figure that was bandied about by the Democrats and the Media turns out to be fake it still is an accurate demonstation of the this administration's inhumane, callous, and genocidal policies towards Democratic voters. You will notice that nobody has even denied the charge of genocide.


I see a new rock band forming based on this so called body disappearing act.

I think they went down the memory hole.

Starhawk fan

I think your all barking up the wrong tree. Don't forget who W's brother is; Jebidiah Aldolph Bush who has had years of experience of getting rid of the corpses of "hurricane victims." Note how easily W won Florida in the last election after several hurricanes blew through, and though the everglades were devestated by the storms the gators out there seemed extraordinarily fat and healthy. As a Floridian myself, I have personally known people that have gone to "shelters" and have never been heard from again. When I heard that "emergency personel" had left Florida to "assist" with "clean up" in New Orleans that those bodies were long gone. This is why when Mary Landreu left her suite at the Hilton and flew over New Orleans with her camera crew she only saw "One little crane." The others were quite busy.


I've been trying to warn you, but the jews are behind it.

The Therapist

Actually, the jews had over 6,000,000 of themselves killed back in the 1940's so that they would have infinite cover to realize their clever plan: The exponential expansion of Islam.


Snark Princess

Ted Kennedy is advising him. Seems that he and large bodies of water and drowning go hand in hand.


Gators and them cannibals, that's what got em.

Bush Ate My Soul...

By Goddess that Therapist feller is clever. I do believe he is onto something. The Jooooos are allus behind everything bad that happens.

Just ask Jesse Jack-sun.

And what about Pelicans?

I've heard it said that their bills can hold more than their bellies can???

Very suspicious....

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