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I've always admired the utopianism of William Golding in that pig book; I'm not surprised Bu-shaitan put a stop to it...

RWing Nut

Lar forgot to mention the neocons criminally pumping the NO dry so they can get the troops in there to protect their property from redistribution to the public. Good progryssives everywhere need to send bottled water to refloat utopia. Those TV's and electronics were begging to be taken anyway. That is why Bush and his crony capitalist buddies made them so light weight. In happier days when fair trade TVs and radios were made by Democrat controlled union employees using tubes, TV's weighted a ton. Anyone trying to float one out of a flooded store would drown in a flash. But now Bu$h and pals make them so light it's more than anyone could ask to expect a welfare receipient not to carry one away.


Lib Larry:

"black street gangs."

Wrongspeak Chom-steen! The correct term is "economic freedom fighters".

From each according to his ability,(to run from the fuzz)

To each according to his need,(Basketball hoop or color teevee)


John Kerry

Again, the neoconservative Karl Rove and President Dick Cheney have invaded another country, Louisiana, with no clear exit strategy, and with no weapons of mass destruction.

Where are they, Mr. President? Are they in the Baskin Robbins freezer, looted, err, liberated by a woman of African-American persuasion hellbent on remedying 300 years of oppression? Were the WMD's in the Superdome? Are we really to believe that a poor, impoverished area that can't even afford an effective levee system, was building ballistic missiles capable of reaching American shores?

Still PO'd at Ohio,
Senator John Kerry

Damian G.

Damned Negro-hating neo cons!!!




(Cries self to sleep.)


"for what it really is: Cat Poop. Pandora's Litter Box has been opened,"

Yo, Larry---you say that as though it's a bad thing...PUNK!! Next time I'll make your pillow my loo!! Oh, and be careful for unwrapped "Tootsie Rolls" scattered amongst the under the sink cleaning products, too!
I was sobbing uncontrollably when on CNN & CBS I saw the jackbooted white man thugs (aka: Nat'l Guardespots) lassooing that statue of Louis FaraChakaKahn in the heart of NO and bringing it down. And did you see them strap those explosives on the statue of Kanye West and blow it up, too?? It was HORRIBLE. Whitey is the REAL terrorist in town!
John Kerry,
Sir...why the long face? prematurely. Dan Rather is still awaiting the voting results from Ohio, so don't give up yet!

Socks Clinton

"Pandora's Litter Box has been opened..."

I did NOT have relations with that woman.....Ms.Pandora!!

To accuse me otherwise would be defecation of character!

John Kerry

My long face is genetic.

By the way, has anyone noticed how HOT Melinda Gates is?

Rosie O' Donnell...E-I-E-I-O

"By the way, has anyone noticed how HOT Melinda Gates is?"

OHHHH yeah, She's one cutie patootie!! YUM!


This really surprised you people? You didn't know that once government and society broke down, things would revert to a 'state of grace'?

My 'Jean-Jacques Rousseau' quote of the day toilet paper covered it very succinctly: "There is a period of life when we go back as we advance." The Big Easy had reverted to the land of the Rousseau's Noble Savage. People were happy and free for this first time.

But, the chimp and his cronies couldn't let it last; if people saw utopia for too long, 'civilization' would've disappeared like a vapor in the wind; we would've lost our vanity, desire for comfort, and blind servility to our corporate and government masters. So, the revolution was crushed and ground under the heel of jack-booted oppressors and their thirst for One Hour Martinizing.


"...when a pupil named Ray Barrett says, ''Hey, Mistah Sharp, them white boys is getting obstreperous.''"

Our own Nostradamus??


CKC and Progessyves:

I lost it. Totally. After reading the 'Battle of NO'
by the professym, and then all your comments, I am prostate on the floor with hysteria.

Especially the toppling of the Farrakhan statue.

Who will the economic freedom workers look up to now that their role model is gone? I know that the Jesse Jackson statue won't be installed for another couple of weeks, but that they wait that long?


Damn, and the Rethuglikkkan administration even invaded Louisiana without a UN Resolution. What is this world coming too?

Now my head is starting to hurt under my tinfoil hat. Larry, is there room under that sink of yours?


We progressyves are as much to blame for this catastrophe as Walmart. Before Iraq we were humyn shields; Meaty ballistic receptacles who guarded hospitals, schools, and other Republican Guard hangouts from Amerikkkan aggressors. Even Larry joined in this righteous endeavor, exposing his testicles to Saddam's electric shock in the name of social justice.

Where were we this time? When the NWS issued a warning telling everyone with a desire to live to evacuate N.O., did any of us go stand in KKKatrina's path and say "Not on my watch!"? Did any of us offer ourselves up to protect the people of color there? Nobody who has posted in the past week or so volunteered to throw their body across the levy, let alone stick their finger in a dyke in the name of multiculturalism.

I couldn't go because I had a picnic to attend. The rest of you make me sick!

Bill Clinton

Did somebody need me to stick my finger in a dyke?

Liberal Larry

Looks like the fascist cons are finally starting to wake-up to the truth!

I am the ponytailed guy

...You forgot to add: "... in a fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan." - Posted by: DW | September 08, 2005

What are you, some kind of GOP Hill Billy Plutocrat? The erudite, urbane, and progressive manner of saying that name is Jenn-Jiss Khan.

Son of the South (c)

But at least they had a few fun-filled days of Utopia!!


I saw some racist-hate-filled -white-jock-pretty-boys helping to "rescue" poor-noble-wise-roof dwellers via chopper. they most likely took them out miles in the gulf of mexico to give them a "swiming lesson".....from 500 feet up.

I think from now on we must have fairness in the death tolls. for every black that dies we would kill the same amount of whiteys!

I hope that the UN will move to save us soon.....

Liberal Larry

What makes them think people "up on the roof" WANT to be "rescued"? Haven't they ever heard that old Drifters tune? It's racist to automatically assume that they're "refugees" just because they're black and camping on the top of their house.

TONY ORLANDO & nat'l guarDAWN patrol

"What makes them think people "up on the roof" WANT to be "rescued"?"

If they're still trapped in their attics, they can just knock 3 times on the ceiling if they want to be.....


Cr'Q'T, do you mean you're hyperplasic?

John Kerry


After flirting dangerously close to the Cambodian border, which brought back fond memories of Christmas past, we turned back upriver and engaged several heavy-rifle bearing refugees. I dispatched them with my 50-cal, burned their houses down, received a Silver Star for heroism, threw it over the White House wall, and was back home in time for pate du foie gras, pheasant, and baked Alaska.

Proud to report (again) for Duty,

John F. Kerry


the only problem is, some people actually believe the offal you're dishing up...

I think you know there's a better way--and shame on you for not taking it!

peter m

let us take our cue from her royal highness the privileged princess Celine Deon as she pronounces her edicts from Versalles, Nevada" Oh, they never touched anything in their lives, let them just this one time take 20 pair of jeans, Plasma T.V's, DVD's, ect."

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